Rosarium: (n.) A rose garden.

Characters: Sam, Danny

Genre: Friendship/ Fluff

Rating: K

Summary: He enjoyed the smile on her face more than the surroundings that caused it.

The breeze was warm, smelling of freshly cut grass and the tang of various different flowers. For such overpowering scents, the garden was small. She smiled softly at her companion, walking down the gravel pathways, boots crunching on the rocks. Her hands caressed the petals, feeling the silky smoothness against her fingertips.

It was exquisite; utterly enchanting.

"Danny, this place is beautiful," Sam breathed, glancing around in delight. Letting every feeling wash over in complete awe. He smiled at her.

"I thought you'd like it," Danny murmured, pleased at the happiness he was able to illicit from her.