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03: Gravy

"Eddy, I accept the fact that, when we had first set the terms of our 'agreement', I did promise a full thirty days of Edwina Marie," as he spoke, the teacher droned tirelessly in the front of the class, barely paying the twenty-five or so drowsy students any mind, and Edd had no need to whisper to the boy next to him; talking in class was something he would never dream of doing on a regular basis, oh no, but Double D felt this matter could be avoided no longer, "but…but I realize now that I had made a hasty decision, and I—I beg you—"

Eddy gnawed the bottom of his pencil, "Lower the days?" he finished.

"Yes!" Eddward bobbed his head vigorously, immediately lowering his voice as heads turned and the wig nearly went lopsided, "…I mean, if it's not too much…"

The teacher turned, shooting a glare Double D's way and he flashed his teeth and batted his eyelashes, coating the action with artificial girlishness; it satisfied the man, however, and the nasty look dropped with the unsaid reprimand. He flipped back to the board, scribbling down a math problem with pasty chalk, and Double D turned back to Eddy.

The teenager made sure the teacher had begun rambling once again, before he leaned over, closer to Double D, "Let you off the hook, or let you suffer for another month…let you off the hook…let you suffer…hook…suffer…"

Eddward groaned softly, "Eddy—"

"Sorry, sockhead," his companion reached over, ruffling the wig atop Double D's hatless head until Eddward pulled back, swatting the hand away, "you just look so cute in drag. And you've been doing good so far; hell, the month is almost up."

"It's been one day."

"And only twenty-nine days left!" Eddy grinned mischievously, stifling a snicker at the pout on Double D's face; the conversation came to an abrupt end as the teacher whirled around in an attempt to catch the pair in the midst of their conversation, but Edd had turned back to the lecture and Eddy's laughter had been subdued seconds ago.

Eddward sighed, propping his elbows on the desk and allowing his head to fall into his palms. The algebra, usually so familiar and simple to solve, became almost foreign to him, and the variables and numbers blurred into unrecognizable squiggles as his mind drifted far away from the classroom.

'And only twenty-nine days left—'

The words replayed in his mind almost endlessly. Twenty nine more days. Twenty nine more days.

'Twenty nine more days isn't an eternity,'Double D, in an attempt to look at the situation with an optimistic twist, rationed with himself, 'yesterday wasn't that terrible. Just a few looks and whispers, nothing too terrible, nothing I can't handle—"

And for the first time in twenty-four hours, Eddward allowed the tease of a smile to appear at his glossed lips. Peach Creek High school was a mostly uneventful place anyway; aside from the high probability of being asked out or going out on a date, he predicted this would pass easy. Nothing to worry about; nothing to upset himself over.

He turned toward Eddy, and as the formation of a taunt began, the door burst open.

"Sorry we're a little late, Mister Rappaport!" he could recognize that accented voice and the frizzed mop of red hair anywhere, and Double D felt his veins run cold. They hadn't been at school for the past week; during those days, he completely overlooked them.

"Oh no…" he mouthed. Eustace Rappaport eyed the trio in distaste marking something on his notepad surely for their lack of passes and interrupting of the class, but failed to say anything. He went back to the lesson, blabbering away as the three found their way to their seats, all three desks directly next to each other, and right behind Double D and Eddy.

His companion groaned, sneaking a glance Eddward's way; he mumbled a swear as the leader of the trio, and Eddy's biggest admirer, sent a crumpled piece of paper flying towards the back of Eddy's head, yet the boy did not bother turning back. His rage marinated quietly, and Eddward prayed everything would go smoothly after that miniscule incident.

Well, someone must've not been too happy with him on that day, because things were progressively going to be plummeting downhill for Eddward after that moment.

"Psst! Psst!" the whispering was directed at him, no doubt, but Double D kept his back ridged and his eyes on the lesson, until a little paper ball was shot directly towards his head; Eddy whirled around at the action, mouth wide open and ready to give the trio a piece of his mind, but Edd stopped him calmly, slowly turning around to face the second oldest of the Kanker sisters; Marie Kanker.

"Hey, you ain't Double D," Lee's face drooped for a second, only to be replaced by a look of irritation, "who the hell are you and where's my boo-boo bear?"

'I am most certainly not your boo-boo bear.' He grit his teeth in anger, but managed to keep the greeting cordial, sticking out a manicured hand and pulling back teeth into a smile.

"My name is Edwina Marian. I just transferred from the neighboring school, Cherry River Regional; I'm afraid I haven't the slightest idea who this 'boo-boo bear' you're referring to is, however," smile, bat eyelashes, be open, "I apologize, Miss-?'

The blue-haired girl snorted, "Marie Kanker. These are my sisters, Lee Kanker," she stuck her thumb out at the redhead, who nodded, "and May Kanker," the blonde giggle-snorted, and Marie leaned in closer to Edd, "she ain't the brightest bulb in the pack."

"How…unfortunate," Edd muttered, watching in feigned interest as May pulled Marie's blue hair roughly, nearly sending her headfirst into the desk until Marie pushed her away. After a quick bout of hair pulling and slaps, it was obvious the blue-head was the victor, and she put her heel on May's head, unwilling to let her sister up from the ground as she spoke to Double D.

"Whatever. Eddy," she fixated toward the silent student, who groaned disgustedly as he heard his name spewed from the dirty mouth of trailer park trash, "you wouldn't happen to know where my little nerd cutie went, do you?"

The teenager snuck a smirk Edd's way, and the boy had a bit of trouble keeping his mouth straight at that look; his friend turned back to the Kankers, not a hint or tease of playfulness in his features, and shrugged his shoulders.

"Haven't seen him. Probably out sick, I guess." Double D looked at Eddy incredulously, shocked that that was the only lie he could conjure up. Eddy caught that look, and counteracted it with a wink.

"Out sick, baby boy?" Lee repeated, smoothing her fingers over Eddy's shoulders, and the boy recoiled.

"Don't call me baby boy."

"Well then, don't make up shitty lies." Marie retorted, and Double D turned around, acting like he didn't catch that glare or look of disgust on the girl's face; the bell for lunch rang, a blessing from the gods finally, and Eddward wasted no time gathering his books and nearly bolting out of the door, cautious when the Kanker trio passed by. Eyes attentive to only the task of stuffing the hefty binders in the black costume purse, Double D nearly dropped his books in alarm when he felt hot breath on his ear.

"I don't know who the hell you are," he could tell it was Marie, though his face was plastered in one direction, too terrified to turn around, "but I don't like you talking to any of our men."

Double D nearly scoffed; he wasn't, and would never be interested in men, much less his best friends. He opened his mouth to retort, and then mulled the fact over that if he were to say the wrong thing to the girl, there was a good chance he could end up getting punched right in the nose.

Edd closed his mouth. Marie smiled.

"Good. You keep off my man, and we won't have any problems. You got me?"

The side of his mouth twitched. Softly, he nodded.

"I understand."

"Good." And with that, the final of the trio took her leave, leaving in her wake an oblivious Eddy and a somewhat put-off Double D.

"Eddy," he looked up, where his best friend stood throwing his books into the backpack, obviously eager to depart, "I don't think the Kankers like me much in drag. They seemed a bit…hostile."

"Chill, sockhead," Eddy slung the knapsack over his shoulder, pulling Double D out of the classroom and into the fray, where the mass of kids departing their classrooms for lunchtime was mild-calamity and he could barely get two feet without being pushed by a harried student, "you know women get all defensive when there's new competition."

Edd grimaced, careful to stay behind Eddy as they parted the crowd like the Red Sea, "New competition? You mean they actually think—"

"That you're out to steal me," they reached the cafeteria, where the pair dropped their stuff at the end of the table and leisurely walked towards the lunch line; slinging an arm over Double D's shoulder, Eddy leaned in close, "I'm quite the catch, sockhead."

The brunette scoffed, shaking off the comment with a roll of the eyes and a snort, "Calm down, Romeo."

"Deny thy father and refuse thy name, and I'll think about it."

Edd smiled; from the end of the line came a wave, and Double D couldn't keep the grin off his lips as Ed's flat face came into view, chin already dripping with a gooey grey substance.

"Hey Eddy and Edna," in an attempt (well, Ed's attempt) at subtly, the loveable lug jarred his elbow into Edd's midsection, knocking the breath out of him at the unexpected hit, "Do you know what they're making for lunch today? I almost jumped out of my pants when I heard!"

"It's Edwina, Ed. And judging by the thick, gooey liquid on your face, Ed," sending a glare Eddy's way as the teenager laughed, the trio moved further into the line where the initial meal was being served, "and by what they just threw on my tray, I'm deducing it as some sort of gravy dish?"

Ed beamed, "Even better! It's gravy…but with little turkey bits inside." He whispered. Edd and Eddy snuck a glance at each other, grimacing at the almost disgusting look of the meal, yet Ed's happy disposition remained undaunted. With the three trays in their hands (in Edd's case, three trays to himself in his hands) the trio finally escaped the din of the lunch line.

"This looks so gross," Eddy poked the liquid-y, chunky slop with a spoon, mock gagging as Ed lifted the entire plate to his lips and slurped it down, "damn, monobrow, you think you could wait until we get to the table."

Ed paused, lowering the plate, "Nope."

Double D laughed, patiently holding the tray in between his fingers as he waited for Eddy to douse the dish with a handful of salt, and off they went, "I don't know, Eddy. Maybe it tastes better with your eyes closed."

"So I have to eat this shit blind?"

"That wasn't really what I—"

Edd stopped. Though the faces and voices of the cafeteria bustle blurred together until they were simply moving blobs of colors until they got close enough to identify, Double D could definitely recognize the brick red of Lee Kanker's hair; though her eyes were covered by that mass of hair, her face was turned in their direction. The dead giveaway sat right next to her, however, as he locked eyes with May.

"Do you see that?" he muttered to his companion, and the duo turned Double D's way.

Ed was the first to speak. "See what, Edna?"

Double D glanced that way one wore time; the two had disappeared into the crowd, and for a moment, he thought about checking himself. Maybe Double D was just being a little paranoid.

"Nothing," he shrugged it off, laughing at his actions, "It's nothi—"

He didn't even have time to finish as a hand forced his tray upwards, nor did he have time to close his eyes and cover his face as the gravy hit him dead on. Edd gasped, and the taste of rancid gravy filled his mouth.

"Marie, what the hell?" he heard Eddy scream, but it sounded distant; in fact, the din of the cafeteria had subsided, and a ringing had replaced it. Wiping the gravy residue from his eyes, Double D didn't stay long enough to see the outcome of the event; the first chance he got, Edd stumbled out of the large room, the regret of this bet eating away at him like a parasite.

Unaware that someone had followed him out.

"How disgusting," he lamented; unable to even mull the idea of going into the correct bathroom with the wig and silicone lumps for breasts, Double D charged into the women's washroom, wiping off the main quantity of the gravy, "how filthy, how dirty, how demeaning."

His breaths came out shallow. Careful to avoid smearing the makeup even more, he wiped along the crevices of his face and neck delicately; even attempting to wash the gravy out of the blue sweater and black leggings ensemble (all courtesy of Eddy, and Double D was reluctant to even question where he had scavenged these clothes) would prove futile. Though the clothes themselves weren't ruined beyond recognition, he was mortified to go back outside with the large brown stain trailing down the sweater and the thick scent of gravy following him.

Double D sighed. At least his face was clean.

Oh, how he wished he would've thought twice about stuffing his gym clothes into the locker, at the time oblivious to their importance in a situation such as this. Then again, he didn't exactly count on already making an enemy on, her, third day of school.

And to think, only twenty-nine more days.

Leaning against the sink, he allowed his head to fall into his open hands, moaning softly as he ran his fingers through his hair. Double D had never handled any type of conflict well, especially conflict directed towards himself, and the stress already well-frayed his nerves. He certainly didn't want to go back out there.

A knock on the bathroom door left his hands empty as he sat up in alarm, and expecting it to come swinging open at any moment, he righted himself.

"I saw what happened out there."

No wonder the door hadn't moved; the speaker was very masculine. Something about that voice though, the matter-of-fact undertone made the gears in his head begin to whir. Silence overtook the bathroom, and it took Edd a good minute to realize whoever was on the other side was waiting for him to respond back.

"I think everybody did," he rushed, stumbling over the words, "I was standing right in the middle of the cafeteria. It would be more surprising if someone missed it."

"It wasn't that big of a deal, y'know," Double D looked at the door, wondering if the person outside had understood his embarrassment about the whole situation, "you handled it pretty well. It probably would've been easier to scream at her, or throw a punch and make a big deal out of nothing. It's just gravy."

Double D sighed. He gave it a good effort, but the guy just didn't get it.

"I guess," he began, "but that doesn't exclude the fact that the entire situation was absolutely mortifying. I mean, I had the type of food they could only afford to serve in prison dumped on me. My clothes are ruined."

"Clothes?" he heard rustling on the other side, like the sound of a plastic bag being opened, "clothes aren't a problem, if that's all you're worried about. Here."

Briefly, the door opened, wide enough only so the boy could stick an oversized shirt and sweatpants through the crack, and at the receiving of the clothes the hand was immediately pulled back out.

"They aren't dirty. It's my gym clothes, but I washed them."

The pants were huge. Holding them up in front of his eyes, Double D nearly gawked at the sight of them, but regardless shed the old pants and shirt in place of fresher, baggier clothes. For once in his life, he thanked the stars above for his slim frame.

"How'd they fit?"

That voice nearly startled him, but Edd stayed silent; after many minutes of cautious inspection to be positive everything was in order, he pulled the door back.

"I'd like to thank you personally for—"

"It's no big deal, beautiful," Kevin laughed, patting Double D-Edwina on the shoulder; he simply stared incredulously at the…very gentlemanly gesture on his part, "I felt really bad about what happened to you back there, and I figured your clothes were ruined so…" he trailed off, laughing.



Kevin, the boy who had made their lives torture many years ago. Kevin, who went out of his way each day to cut down their self-esteem one dork at a time. Kevin, the boy who…

Who was now getting all flustered by simply looking at Edwina.

"..Thank you." Unable to find the right words, Edd simply went with the easiest. For Kevin, however, it was more than enough; the redhead couldn't keep the grin off his lips, "you have dimples."

Kevin furrowed his brows, "What?"

"I..I, uh…" Double D stuttered, unaware he'd been thinking out loud until he'd been called out; but even remembering all the way back to early childhood, he had lived in the same neighborhood as Kevin, yet for the life of him, couldn't conjure an instance from his memories in which Kevin actually smiled. He could remember Kevin screaming or hitting or simply complaining, but he couldn't remember the last time he had seen his smile.

"S-sorry. I just doted on the small indents appearing on your cheeks every time you smile," it was almost comical, the lost look Kevin was sporting as Double D continued to ramble, so he slowed it down, and translated, "I like your dimples. I've always wanted dimples."

This time, he nodded his head. The duo looked up simultaneously as the bell signaling the end of lunch rang, and the din of refreshed students came like a flash mod through the hallways. Double D smiled at Kevin, sure to crinkle the corners of his eyes and show a quick flash of teeth for full effect.

"Thank you so much, Kevin. I'll be sure to bring them back by tomorrow."

"It's no problem…um…"

"Edwina," sticking out a sleeve-covered hand, he smiled as Kevin shook it heartily, "nice to meet you."

"Kevin. And don't freak about this," he motioned to the soiled clothes under Edwina's armpit, "first days are always tough. Especially if you manage to piss off the Kanker Clan…but they'll forget. Give it time."

"Hey, Edwina!" the pair looked around; Eddy and Ed, lugging his misplaced bag on Ed's free shoulder, neared them. Kevin raised a brow, and he shrugged it off with a wave of the hand.

"Well…" he stammered. Edward had never mastered the art of saying goodbye, "thanks again, Kevin. I mean if it wasn't for you—"

The redhead waved it off, "It's no big. And you can use the clothes as long as you want, they're just gym stuff."

He nodded. His friends lurked behind them, as Eddy watched the exchange with a mischievous grin on his lips and Ed clasped his hands together, making mock kissing sounds and laughing wholeheartedly with him. Double D smiled, elbowing Eddy in the ribs and laughing as he heard the swear that came afterwards.

"Thanks," he turned back, retrieving his belongings from an irritated looking Eddy, "I'll see you around?"

He nodded, hiking his backpack on his shoulders as the bell rang, "Of course. Next time it'll be, y'know…not outside the bathroom door."

The pair laughed, awkwardness radiating out of the sound, and Double D turned back jumping into the fray of students with his two best friends staring holes into his head. He turned, and with one final glance watched the orange-red of Kevin's hair lost to the crowd.

"Damn, sockhead," Eddy shook his shoulder, letting loose a low whistle afterwards, "we leave for what, two minutes, and you manage to grab the attention of one of the biggest douchebags in the school?"

"He's not a douchebag," Double D snapped, "he's…actually quite a gentleman."

"Our little girl is in love!" Ed exclaimed, and Edd stayed silent as the two laughed at his expense. It didn't even register to him; he was looking at the mass, where the blue and red and yellow colors of Kanker hair faded into the din of excited high school students.

The clothes in his hands were soaked. The smell of gravy followed him like a stink, and all over, he simply felt sticky. But he couldn't say he was really bothered by anything, nor was he mad at anybody. Double D would never, ever, admit to his friends, but his concern was stuck on how nice Kevin's clothes smelt, under the stench of gravy.

Edd sighed. Only twenty-nine more days to go.

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