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Chapter 1: K-Konata-san!

I can't believe the dentist appointment is so soon…I can't do it…I can't do it…so scary, so creepy… It was February 14th, a Friday. Miyuki walked the halls towards the school doors, paying no attention to the environment around her. Miyuki had to stay behind and speak with Ms. Kuroi shortly, so the other three girls went on ahead. Eventually she looked up and took in her surroundings. Oh no, it appears I've gone the wrong way. She turned around and walked in the direction of the doors again, head down in worry. Finally getting there, she looked around the front yard of the school for her friends. She saw Konata, Tsukasa, and Kagami standing close by. For some reason, just seeing the three puts a smile on her face and gets the dentist out of her mind, despite how long she's known them.

She hurried over, but along the way was met by an almost violent glomp from Konata-san. "Yuki-chan!" the short blunette cried. Miyuki's books flew to the ground.

She blushed and stuttered in response, "K-Konata-san…so nice to see you…." Konata let go and led Miyuki to the others by the hand. Konata-san's hand is...soft. Warm. The Hiragi sisters were waiting patiently.

Konata smiled widely with a glint in her eye. "Alright, see you guys later to sleep over at my house, right?"

Kagami nodded. "Yup. Got nothin' else tonight, so we'll be there." Tsukasa nodded in agreement with a "Uh-huh".

"I'm really looking forward to going over to your home, Konata-san," said Miyuki. "I haven't been there in a while. I'm going to be a little late, though. I have a dentist appointment." Worry flashed in her eyes as the reminder came back.

Konata saw the worry in her eyes. "The dentist on Valentine's day?" Oh yes, Miyuki thought, it is Valentine's Day. "That really sucks, Miyuki." Seeming to get an idea, Konat-san grinned. "I know how much you hate it and all. Maybe this time you'll be able to bite the bullet and live through it."

Miyuki smiled politely. "I highly doubt that, Konata-san. But thank you for worrying about me." Seems like Izumi-san has something in mind…what could she be planning? I think should be worried.

Lucky Star!

Fidgeting her thumbs, Miyuki shifted nervously. She was riding in her mom's car on the way to the dreaded dentist. I can't do it…I can't do it… "Don't worry, Miyuki," her mom said, smiling, "you'll be just fine. You only need a little filling this time."

Miyuki continued to look down and fidget her thumbs. Beads sweat even began to roll down her face. There's no way… Before she knew it, she was in the waiting room. The people around her were either dozing off or reading, but Miyuki forgot her book at home, so she was stuck in the seat, worrying. Time slowed to a crawl. Giving off an occasional whimper, Miyuki sat in agony for what seemed like forever. Soon, the dreaded moment came. "Takara? Takara Miyuki?" the attendant called. Miyuki got up and slowly made her way to the chair. She was trembling.

The dentist saw her. "Ah, miss Takara. Please, have a seat." She whimpered, but sat in the dentist chair anyway. Taking a long look into Miyuki's mouth, the dentist shook his head. "I understand you came here for a filling. That should be a quick and painless process. But it appears one of your other teeth are near needing a filling as well." He poked the other tooth with the scraper, and Miyuki twitched. "Now, I'll get the Novocain and we'll begin immediately."

At those painful words, Miyuki panicked. She began to tremble more, and whimper louder. "No! Please!" she begged. Suddenly, the image of Konata-san appeared in the doorway of the small dentistry room in all her short glory. Miyuki looked at her desperately. "K-Konata?"

The dentist tried to shoo the flat-chested blunette out. "No worries doc, I got this," she said in response. Grinning, she walked up to Miyuki, who gazed in confusion as Konata leaned her face in close to Miyuki's, whose mind was racing with a mix of mainly confusion, hope, doubt, and joy. When their eyes met, Konata's grin turned into a genuine smile, and there was a glint in her beautiful green eyes. Miyuki's mind was moving indistinguishably fast, if it was speech it would just be garbled gibberish. Konata leaned in and planted a soft kiss on Miyuki's mouth. As their sweet lips met, Miyuki's mind went completely blank. They closed their eyes and held for a few seconds. When Konata-san leaned out and began to walk away smiling, she stopped in the doorway and spoke to the dentist, "Alrigtht, she should be pretty calmed down," and left. Miyuki sat stunned, thinking about nothing but Konata and that surprise kiss.

Lucky Star!

"…He also said I was very calm and a fantastic patient," Miyuki was explaining to her mother, who had asked about how her appointment. "He elaborated on how calm I was, even when he gave me the numbing shot – oh, what was it called? Ah, yes – the Novocain." She was playing it surprisingly cool, considering her clumsy nature and what had happened at the beginning of the appointment. Despite her outward appearance, Miyuki's mind was buzzing with thoughts – mostly about Konata. Her blue hair, her soft lips, her flat chest (which Miyuki actually found cute), her low height, decisions, confusion, even doubts (maybe she just imagined it…). Konata invaded her thoughts, her actions, and her words, just barely concealed. But these thoughts weren't all good. Although she thoroughly enjoyed the event, and something like this should help her make up her mind, she actually couldn't. She hadn't even considered Konata thoroughly before then.. This never happened to her before.

"That's great, Miyuki!" he mother responded. "I'm happy you were so calm. I have to be honest, I didn't expect you to be like that. Last time, you ran away." She giggled, and Miyuki giggled along with her. "How'd you come to relax yourself like that?" Miyuki's mother asked.

Miyuki looked down into her lap. She knew the question was coming, but didn't think of a response yet. Smiling a little, she turned her head to conceal it and said, "I'm not sure, mother. I think I might simply be maturing more."

"Well, you sure are, Miyuki. You're almost taller than me nowadays!" Mother…I am taller than you… "We're at Konata-san's home. Do you have your phone with you like I asked?"

Miyuki nodded. "Yes I do, mother."

"Have fun, sweetie!"

"Thank you mother, I'll see you tomorrow." When the car pulled up in front of the Izumi residence, Miyuki hurried out of the car, bowed to her mom, turned around and walked to the door. No, it was more like running, almost. She rang the bell and waited patiently.

As she waited she heard an odd sound coming from inside the house, but it was too muffled to be distinguished. Miyuki got a little worried immediately. Soon footsteps were heard and the door was opened, but to Miyuki's surprise it was Kagami who answered the door. "Ah, Kagami-san, is Konata-san busy?" Miyuki then noticed that her shirt was wet in a few spots.

Saying nothing, Kagami-san led Miyuki into the Izumi's living room. Konata was not in sight, but Tsukasa was. The sight that met Miyuki's eyes was terrifying.

Tsukasa was sitting on the floor weeping. Tsukasa heard Miyuki walk in and turned her head to face her. Tears covered her face, and her eyes were puffy and red, as well as her cheeks and nose.


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