Yoshi's Perfect Kart Race

It's a beautiful, warm, sunny day in Mario Circuit where Yoshi is at the starting line, preparing for today's go-kart race. A perfect day like this is a great way to have a beautiful go-kart race.

Then his friends Luigi, Wario, Daisy, Toad, Mario, Toadette and Waluigi came to the starting line for today's competition around the track. Yoshi finished his go-kart and said, "I call it the Yoshi Racer, this go-kart has a green shade of paint, comfortable seating, a Yoshi Egg logo on the front of the kart and a nice engine."

His friends love Yoshi's go-kart and clapped for his beautiful work.

Then Lakitu appeared from the clouds with his start signal on the pole and said, "Okay racers, today's race is going to be a nice one. Watch out for the Chain Chomp along the way as you drive around this circuit. Three laps for all of you and have fun out there."

So everyone got in their karts and started their engines. The sun is shining on this beautiful day with a few clouds in the sky.

Lakitu smiled to everyone and said, "All right everyone, 3 laps. Are you ready?"

They nodded yes and he pushed the button on the signal which starts the 3-second time limit to the start of the race.

Yoshi thought and said, "This is it! Time to show this go-kart how it's done"





When the green light flashed, all of the racers flew out of the starting line, leaving Lakitu in a cloud of dust.

He smiled to Yoshi and said, "Have fun, Yoshi!"

The race began and Yoshi is doing an amazing job thanks to his rocket start. And so begins another perfect day for Yoshi.