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Rory was relieved when he heard the sound of the TARDIS brakes in his cell. He looked up to see the blue box and the door opened, revealing the Doctor's gangly frame.

"Doctor! Thank God you're here!," he shouted.

"Shh!," said the Doctor, putting a finger over his mouth. "Quiet! We finally got Zara to sleep!"

"Fine, whatever," said Rory, rushing into the TARDIS.

Donna looked at him quizzically. "What have you done to your hair? Wait, was that the packet of hair coloring I bought?" She looked at the Doctor. "You said it got sucked into the vortex!"

"You don't need it. Besides," the Doctor said motioning at Rory's head, "it's the wrong shade of ginger. You would look ridiculous. Not that you could ever look ridiculous, even with the wrong shade of hair color, you would still be gorgeous, not that you would ever buy the wrong-"

"Okay, you can shut up now," said Donna.

"Okay," said the Doctor.

"How do we stop the war from starting?," asked Amy.

"Right, how do we stop the insane redheads from killing everyone?," asked Rory.

Amy shot him a look. "What do you mean 'insane redheads'? It was the others that sent them out here."

"Not helping," said the Doctor.

"They called me brown scalp!," Rory protested.

"Can't we just explain to them about the experiment?," asked Donna.

The Doctor shook his head. "I don't know if that would work. You saw the way the ginger reacted with the mountain. I bet it's the same in the other settlement. These two peoples have spent so long hating each other, you told me they even hand over their own children if they don't have the right hair color."

"What's with the goggles?," asked Amy.

"What?," asked the Doctor.

"Back at the other settlement," said Amy. "Everyone had those goggles on. Nobody wore them here. Why do they all have to have goggles?"

"It's not the sun," said Donna. "It's so weak here. No sandstorms or anything."

"Amy, you're brilliant!," shouted the Doctor.

"Doctor!," Donna hissed. "Noise level. Zara?"

"Oh, right," he said, "Amy, you're brilliant, that's just it. The woman back at the other town didn't think I could see the gingers without the lenses."

"So, they don't think they can see gingers without the goggles?," asked Amy.

"That's the barmiest thing I've ever heard," said Donna.

"Societies often make up ridiculous myths to support their propaganda," said the Doctor.

"But if we can get them to take off the goggles, they'll realize they can see gingers without them," said Amy.

"So what? You set your sonic for glass breaking and the lenses all shatter?"

"You want broken glass by people's eyes?," asked Rory. "That's incredibly unsafe."

"Yeah, so's a war. At least I'm pitching ideas. You've hardly contributed," said Donna.

Rory looked around helplessly. "I got captured!"

"Okay, stop bickering. We need to think! How do we get the others to take off their goggles and get the gingers to not kill them?"

"What if it was dark out?," asked Rory. "Those things had some kind of shading."

"They still wore them at night," said Amy.

"A total eclipse of the sun!," shouted the Doctor. "Like the one I saw in Nova Scotia with Carly Simon!"

"One, that song is not about you. Two, you wake Zara and I'm stabbing you in at least one of your hearts. Three, I thought you weren't supposed to look at a solar eclipse."

"You're not," said the Doctor. "We'll have to modify it a bit, we'll just block out the sun."

"Won't that kill all life on the planet?," asked Rory.

"Well, I don't mean to do it forever!"

"That's it!," shouted Amy.

"Zara..." Donna hissed.

"What? Killing everyone?," asked the Doctor.

"No, it's in the storybook I got at the shop." She took it off the TARDIS console and flipped towards the back, " If the Ginger cause be wrong, then out will go the sun."

"That doesn't even rhyme," said Rory.

"That's not the point! The point is they believe this stuff! They teach it to their children!"

"They're crazy for this stuff," said Donna. "I spent hours watching a film that basically listed every mildly interesting ginger in history."

The Doctor took the book. "This is it. Amy, you're brilliant."

Donna raised an eyebrow.

"And I mean that in the most platonic way possible, just so we're clear," said the Doctor with wide eyes.

"Why does the TARDIS have a sun-blocking mode?," asked Amy.

They had landed the TARDIS back at the brown and yellow scalp settlement. Amy had borrowed a floppy brown hat from the TARDIS wardrobe and tucked her hair as best she could. Rory's hair was still reddish and had been stuck with a black stovepipe hat.

"Why do you even have a stovepipe hat?," asked Rory.

"What's wrong with it?," asked the Doctor, seeming offended.

"How are you even going to block out the sun?"

"Do you want me to ruin everything and take all the fun out of life by telling you?," asked the Doctor.

"No," said Amy with a smile, "I just figured you would want to tell us to prove how smart you are."

The Doctor was doing something with the sonic screwdriver that was somehow going to block out the sun. The people of the town were going about their business, totally unaware that a ginger army was approaching.

"Doctor," said Donna, poking her knit beret clad head out of the TARDIS, "all your ginger dots are coming."

The Doctor, Amy and Rory looked. The ginger armies were standing outside the settlement gate, starting another cheer for the Planet of the Gingers. Some of the people on the inside had started to notice and were screaming/panicking accordingly.

The Doctor worked quickly, fingers flying across the panel. As the gate to the city fell, the sun began to disappear, resulting in more screams and confusion as the non-Gingers tried to run, forcing them to take off their goggles.

The ginger army stopped, puzzled at the sudden fulfillment of the prophecy.

The non-Gingers realized that they could see the Gingers.

There was a stalemate of confusion.

"We can see you."

The soldiers looked at each other. "They said the sun would shine on the Planet of the Gingers forever."

Neither side seemed to be getting it, the four worried.

"Don't you get it?," Amy shouted.

"Amy, don't," said Rory, quickly following her to the midst of the fray. The Doctor hurried to fix the sun blocker.

"It's brown scalp!," shouted one of the soldiers that Rory recognized.

"I have a name," said Rory.

"Where did you get that daft hat?," asked another of the soldiers.

"This whole thing! The Gingers and non-Gingers! It's a lie! It's just a hair color!"

"And pale skin!," added someone.

"Fine, yeah, and pale skin," said Amy. "Point is, you're all people. You've been lied to for so long, made to hate each other and you don't have to! You can share this planet, you don't have to hate each other! Look!"

Amy stunned them all by taking her hat off and kissing Rory.

"See? You can live together! Gingers! Brown scalps! Yellow scalps! You can all be one!"

"Hey, the sun's coming back!," shouted someone.

"Damn," said the Doctor, "signal's failing."

"Might have worked out," said Donna, motioning at the change in the crowd's attention.

All eyes were now on Amy.

"You brought back the sun!," someone shouted.

"What do we do now, great one?," asked another.

"Please tell us, ginger goddess!"

Amy looked at the Doctor who just shrugged.

"I think you have to say something," Rory whispered.


"Uh, anything."

Amy tried to shake off her anxiety. "Well, you know, you've got to learn to live together, you know, because love... is a temple. Love's a higher law. One love, one blood, one life, you got to do what you should. One life with each other, sisters, brothers," she said turning for dramatic effect as if she thought of it. "One life, but we're not the same, we get to carry each other, carry each other. One life... one."

Amy looked around at the expectant crowd as the sun was finally revealed. "Uh, sorry, that's the end of the song."

Everyone erupted in applause and tears.

"We should go," said Rory.

The Doctor went in the master bedroom, back to his own ginger. He found Donna in bed, covers pulled over her as music played.

"This song is about you," said Donna.

"What?," asked the Doctor as he changed into his pajamas. He realized that "You're So Vain" was playing. "Oh, yes. Carly Simon was brilliant. Mind you it is a composite and she didn't mention the TARDIS, frankly, the old girl's never gotten over it. What made you believe me?"

"It's in the lyrics," said Donna with a roll of her eyes. "It's about your fourth incarnation. I thought 'your hat strategically dipped beneath one eye' was a coincidence, then that bit about the scarf being apricot..."

The Doctor shrugged. "Carly said multi-colored didn't rhyme well."

"'You had me several years ago when I was still quite naive'?," asked Donna with a tilt of her head.

"Not like that," said the Doctor. "I took her to Nova Scotia to see a total eclipse of the sun, that other bit was Warren Beatty or Mick Jagger or... I don't know. I forget."

"The song said that was a Lear Jet."

"Carly said TARDIS didn't rhyme with anything."

The ship hummed bitterly. The Doctor smiled and laid down next to Donna. He rubbed his hand over her stomach. "How is miss?"

"She likes the music," Donna said with closed eyes. Then she started singing softly, "Dad's so vain, that's why Carly Simon wrote this song about him..."

Amy and Rory sat in the TARDIS kitchen eating some of the ramen from the Ginger City, while U2 played.

"I always knew it was a good idea to skip school and sneak off to Glastonbury to see U2 with my cousins. Never thought I'd save a planet with it," said Amy.

"Yeah," said Rory.

"The Doctor and Donna are lucky, don't you think?," asked Amy.


"They love each other so much and it's so easy for them and you know nothing could ever change that."

Rory noticed how Amy's face glowed as she spoke of them.

"The Doctor told me that they started out as friends," said Rory in a futile attempt to contribute to the conversation.

"Yeah, Donna told me the same thing," Amy said smiling. "Apparently, she was going to marry another man and the TARDIS kidnapped her."

"Well, he told me that Donna kissed him after he got cyanide poisoning and that's how it started." He cringed internally hoping that Amy hadn't noticed the similarities.

"Thanks for coming after me," said Amy.

"You're welcome."

"And for not being weird about the kiss. I was just trying to prove a point."

"Oh, no problem," said Rory forcing a smile on his face.

Amy grinned and slurped the last of her noodles. "Oh, I love this song. At Glastonbury, the crowd sang the whole first verse."

"With or Without You?," asked Rory.

"Yeah," said Amy. "Well, I'm off to bed. Night."

"Good night," said Rory.

Amy walked down the hall singing along. "And you give yourself away, and you give yourself away, and you give, and you give..."

Rory listened as her voice trailed off and finished his ramen.

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