A/N: Hello fans of the HON genre! This is my first fan fiction for HON! It's going to have some elements of a different book in here, but it's not necessarily a cross over. So bear with me here. I've co-written this with a friend of mine. This was her idea, and I contributed. So thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

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I walked slowly towards the big, wooden door, knowing that one sound from me, one mistake, can cost my life and that of my partner, Akira.

I raised my pair of Sai Blades ready for the attack if it was necessary. I can practically feel the striga hovering over the little boy inside the room. I can feel Akira's breath down my back as he steps up behind me. I press myself against the door, preparing myself for the attack.

A sudden scream echoes through the halls, the signal we needed to attack. I swung the door open, the door hitting the opposite side of the wall. We rushed inside, and raised our weapons.

Hovering over the boy was a thin, tall creature, draped in a black looking robe. It extended its long, bony hand, opening its wide, black mouth to begin feeding on the boy's life force.

"Rai! Get down!" Akira shouted. I ducked and rolled over to the side of the room. The gun shot echoed through my ears as I got back up and raised my blade towards the witch.

The striga looks up at Akira, distracted by his attack. I bring my arm back and let it swing towards the striga's neck. It shrieked as my blade connected with its neck. Its blood gushed out, spurting all over the place. The little boy screamed out in fear, and crawled under the bed.

I pulled out my blade, and the striga fell over, its horrified expression frozen on its face. Then its head rolled off its body, and rolled all the way to Akira's feet. He picked it up by its stringy, white hair and looked at it disgusted.

"It's too bad. I thought this one would at least give us a challenge." He said, and then the head turned into ash in his hands. I sighed, and wiped my blade clean as the rest of the body turned into ash as well.

I could hear little sobs and whimpering from under the bed. I looked at Akira, who nodded knowing what we would have to do to him.

I crouched down, and placed my Sai Blade away so I wouldn't frighten him. I held out my hand to him, knowing he would come forward. I felt his soft fingers brush against my palm, and I grasped his hand and helped him out from under the bed.

The little boy sniffled, using his other hand to wipe away the snot running down his nose. I wiped the tears away from his eyes as he looked over the room. His expression turned confused, and he looked up at me.

"Where's the monster?" he asked. Akira and I didn't need to look to see that the ashes had vanished; we weren't new to this after all.

"We got rid of it." I answered. The little boy looked around the room again, as if to make sure, and then nodded once he realized it wasn't there.

Akira ruffled the little boy's blond hair, and chuckled. An act of course, we Shadowhunters don't usually mingle with the Mundie, or humans. The little boy looked up at Akira and smiled.

"So what happens now?" the boys asked. Akira and I looked at each other. I nodded, and he looked back to the boy.

"Close your eyes." He said.

The boy arched an eye brow, but Akira smiled and nodded. The boy shrugged and closed his eyes as he was told. Akira took the boys head in between his hands, and mumbled a few words. A golden glow came between his hands. Suddenly the boy went limp, and fell on top of the bed, consumed by sleep.

"Nice work." I complemented. Akira nodded, as we both stared at the boy. "At least these people will be able to sleep soundly from now on." I added. Akira chuckled lightly, and ran his fingers through his shaggy brown hair. I sighed, feeling a bit sad that our mission was over now.

"We should get back to the Enclave and report about the striga." Akira said. I nodded and he picked up the boy, and carried him back home to his family.

Okay, short I know. But aren't all Prologues? I hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for the next chapter! More about the HON and what these guys have anything to do about it. Buh-bye!