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Nora's POV

It's been a while since Hank Millar died. I recently found out that he was my biological father. Who would have thought that I would kill Hank? At least there isn't any evidence showing it was me, I hope there wasn't.

"I know what you're thinking Angel."

Patch said with a frown.

We were lying on the couch watching a movie about a girl meets a guy and fall in love like always in every Romance movie. My head was resting against his chest, he was playing with my curls wrapping his finger around it and then letting it fall. I look up at his amazing brown eyes and ask,

"Do you believe in Karma?"

He looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

"Yes and no"

I looked at him with a confused look. He chuckled and said,

"Where are you going with this Angel?"

"Well I was just thinking since I did a bad thing-"

"Yeah, like what bad things" Patch cut in.

"Like murdering my real dad." I snapped

"You didn't do it on purpose"

"So you do believe in Karma?" Giving him the one eyebrow.

"No I don't because whatever happens in the future happens, why?" He asked.

"Because since I killed Hank, I thought something bad would happen to me too." I said looking down at my feet.

He lifted my head up so I was looking into his eyes and said,

"Like I said before whatever happens in the future happens and I'm pretty sure that if something goes wrong in our future, together we would get through it,".

He smiled reassuringly and bent his head down for a kiss. I meet him half way and gave a peck on the lips, but he had other ideas and pulled me closer to his chest. I wrapped my legs around his hips. While he run his long fingers down my back and our kiss turned more passionately. Until we heard the front door open.

We heard clacking heels down the hallway

"Nora is that you?"

Patch's POV

Nora makes an annoyed sound and pulls away from me so that she was standing once her mother came in. I chuckled.

"Can't get enough of me can you?" I winked.

She turns around and smiles. Nora comes close and gives a short kiss. Her mother finally reaches us with a relieved face

"Oh, thank goodness it's was just you Nora. Hello there Patch."

"Hi Blythe," sounding suddenly very cheery.

"Who else did you think it was mum?"

"Why aren't you at school Nora?" She frowned

"It's summer holidays mum remember?"

"Oh… Yes that's right. Have you kids eaten yet?" Nora looked frustrated with the sudden change of subject.

"Uhh… Yeah me and Nora made pizza, theirs some leftovers on the dinner table if you want some." I answered.

Blythe gave me a smile and walked off to the kitchen. I turn towards Nora and wrapped my arms around her waist resting my head on her shoulder.

She lets out a breath that she was holding in. I kissed he neck trailing up her jaw line 'til I meet her soft strawberry lips. Nora kissed me fiercely bringing her hand, and then letting her fingers get tangled in my hair. There was a small cough behind us, we turned around to meet Nora's mother and she wasn't looking too pleased on what we were just doing.

"Nora I think we need to have THE talk." Blythe said firmly.

Nora looked shocked and embarrassed on what her mother was going to say next. I was trying to hold my laughter but Nora elbowed my chest to stop me from laughing.

"That really hurt!" I said while rubbing the spot she hit. She giggled and kissed me on the cheek.

"So Patch had you and your parents had the talk yet?" Blythe asked with a concerned tone in her voice.

"Ummm… No." I replied shyly.

"Well then, we can have it now."

"Oh no." Nora sighed.

"Oh yes," Blythe said with a smug look. "So what do you kids know?"


"Okay okay I'll start." Taking a deep breath and continuing. "So you know how to use protection right?" she said raising her eyebrows. I blushed and Nora looked shocked at what her mother just said. "Well Patch? It's mostly the guys who need to carry them around if I am not mistaken."

"Y-yeah. I k-know how to use one." I said while trying to swallow the big lump in my throat.

"And Nora I expect you to have one just in case," Pulling one out of her bag and passing it over to her daughter. Nora's cheek's turned deep red feeling so embarrassed by her mother's actions. "Okay so…" Blythe continued, then moved to sit next to Nora and placed her hand on top of Nora's, which was placed on her lap. "Nora please tell me you're still a virgin." She said.

Nora couldn't form any words. She did try opening her mouth but nothing came out.

"Bylthe? Nora and I haven't gone that far in our relationship." I was trying to get this conversation over and done with because I could tell that it was getting awkward between all three of us.

"Okay that's good. Then I know that I won't be getting any grandchildren any time soon, I'm not saying I don't want any grandkids I'm just saying that… just be safe. You don't want to get STI's do you?" She was rambling on and on and now there was tension in the room. "Okay kids that's enough from me. I'm going to continue my pizza in the kitchen and give you two sometime to talk. Oh and if you need any information don't hesitate to talk to me." She smiled then stood up before patting Nora's hands and then walked towards the kitchen.

We kept quiet for about several minutes. There was so much pressure and awkwardness in the room. "I-" We both spoke at the same time and laughed.

"You go first." I offered, turning my body towards her with a small smile on my face. She was the most beautiful, smart and wonderful woman on earth. And someday I WILL get married and start a family with her I'll make sure of it. The way that she smiles and bits her bottom lip when she gets shy is so… adorable. It makes me just want to grab her and kiss her with everything I have until she's breathless.

Nora suddenly blushes and bits he bottom lip. Naww… that's so cute. Oh no, did she hear what I just said?

"Yes I did and I'm happy you think I'm beautiful and smart." She kissed my cheek sweetly. "But as I was saying… I'm so so sorry about my mother giving you that talk. You didn't have to stay, you could have gone home and then come back later Patch."

I smiled and pulled her to my chest and kissed her crown. "Hey at least I'm well educated about using protection and that no man has ever touched you." Thinking again that she didn't answer her mother's question when she asked. "You haven't done it have you?" I asked with an uncertain tone in my voice.

"Why are you concerned?" Nora lifts one eyebrow at me.

"Well one I don't like the thought of a guy touching you, two because I just lied to your mum and three because I'm YOUR BOYFRIEND!"

She laughed and kissed me then laughed again. "One you don't have to worry about other guys touching me because I am still a virgin sweetie."

"Oh thank goodness for that Angel." I sighed in relief.

"And two you always lie babe, to everyone." She gave me the eye saying 'you-know-it's-true.

"Okay yes I do lie but not to you. I will never lie to you my angel." I kissed her forehead and as I pulled back a huge smile was placed on her face.

"And as for three," she continued. "Yes, you are my one and only sexy boyfriend who I can't live without." Her voice was seductive and that made me want her all the more. I pull her to me and gave her a hot demanding kiss. She straddles my hips and reluctantly returns my kisses with as much demand as I've given her. I cup her face gently and we make out on the couch like two love struck teenagers.

Nora's POV

I loved how he kissed me, with so much love and lust. I pulled back and gave him a sexy smile then walked away with a wink moving to towards the kitchen to get some chocolate coated strawberries. I heard footsteps coming from the stairs.

It was my mum. She was dressed in a red lacy cocktail dress with beautiful matching blood red heels. Her make-up was just the right tone for her skin. She looked stunning it almost looked like she was going on a "date".

"Oh close your mouth you two, you guys are not the only one who can date people."

Once she said that the doorbell rang. Patch unwrapped his arm around me and went to go check who was at the door.

He opened the door with and a familiar voice from the outside said, "Hey Nora how's it going haven't seen you for a while."

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