Favourite Element

~Sheldon asked everyone what their favourite element was…~

"Everyone. I'm curious to ask you… What is your favourite element?" he said with his goofy grin.

"Mine is xenon," Raj replied. "It reminds me of Xena: Warrior Princess," he stated gleefully, giggling slightly.

"Of course it does." Sheldon sighed. "Howard? Leonard?"

"Mine has to be chromium. I just like the way it rolls off my tongue, you know?" Howard declared. "It's also very beautiful and rare!"

"Ununoctium," Leonard simply stated. "I just think it's cool."

"But it's not stable yet!" Sheldon objected.

"So what? That's what makes it cool. I like how it sounds."

"That's beside the point! Why not –"

"Forget it." Leonard sighed. "It's not worth arguing with you. You're right. My favourite element is platinum."

"Thank you. That is much better." Sheldon wrote everyone's answers on a piece of paper. Everyone watched him in curiosity. It must have been another one of Sheldon's silly experiments with Amy, they all thought unanimously. It would make sense, since the two had done that memetic experiment. "Done. I have interviewed as many people as possible."

"So, what's the most frequent element?" Leonard asked.

"Helium and then gold."

"Too bad methane isn't an element," Howard whispered in Raj's ear. Raj chuckled. Sheldon heard them and rolled his eyes. He appeared to be very satisfied, with an evil smirk on his face.

A/N: I was doing a puzzle with the Table of Elements and this silly idea was stuck in my head. I know – it probably sucked.