A/N: I will post five entries at a time. I was tempted to have one per chapter, but then decided to be kind.

1. Introduction

On the rare occasions when Thor read, he would skip straight to chapter one, while Loki always read the introduction at least once.


2. Love

Even as Loki stood in Laufey's throne room, negotiating Asgard's demise, he could feel Thor's sturdy arm draped over his shoulders, and he felt nine years old again.


3. Light

In the dark and solitary Shield office, Loki opened the box containing the cube and squinted at the unexpected light, a wide grin spreading across his face as thin and jagged as the outline of blue on his ink black locks.


4. Dark

Loki was accustomed to his frost giant form by now, but even when he was sure he was in his Asgardian form, he still avoided looking at his reflection in water or glass whenever he went walking at night, in case those red eyes would glow back at him.


5. Seeking solace

Falling through the ear-splitting silence of empty space, Loki found himself tracing his own fingers, the way his mother used to.