Title: To Forgive is Not Easy

Rating: T

Pairings: One Sided!Inugami/Tamazuki, hinted at Tamazuki/Inugami

Summary: He knew that because of his love for him his loyalty was guarenteed. But will he forgive him in the long run? Drabble.

He was just another pawn in his plan of taking over the Nura clans territory. That's all he was. From the moment he tested the other and invoked his power that's all Inugami was to him.

A pawn…

Inugami, of course knew that. But he had followed him anyway. He was the man that had awoken him as a yokai, he would always have that some what hero worship of the other. And Tamazuki knew as weeks and then moths and then a couple years pasted from awakening the inu yokai that even though Inugami hated him, and he knew that he did, he had started to fall in love Tamazuki. And he used this to his advantage.

After all, his loyalty to him was guaranteed.

He could still see the others pained look his mild gasp of "Wha..?" as Tamazuki lay his hand upon him and then the frightened look that came onto his face as he realized he was disappearing.

Why though? He was loyal, he was very loyal. After all he was a dog he stayed true and loyal to his master so why would he do this!

He wanted to cry, was about to. But he was gone before he got the chance.

I have one condition. I want you to make sure you hold a memorial… for those who became sacrifices

Tamazuki looked down at the grave titled with Inugami. The wind blew softly as leaves flew past his scarred face. He heard a bark.

A stray dog…?

Standing up quickly he started to walk away, but another bark alerted him to the closeness of the stray. Looking back he gave a sigh. "What do you want…? Are you going to follow me?" He chuckled as a some what uncharacteristic soft smile came onto his face. "Ha what idle curiosity. I… wont be spoiling you, you know…"

Once again starting to walk away when he felt long arms wrap around his shoulders and the soft warm breath upon his neck.

"Liar… I wouldn't expect it any other way Tamazuki-sama…"

Tamazuki chuckled.

A/N: My first Nuramago fic. I don't know why but i find these twos pasts really tragic. Is that just me or..? I don't know, these two as a pairing would be sad. This is based off the manga (as I just finished reading the Shikoku arc right now). Please review, criticize? I don't mind. o u o