Chapter 1

Years had past since Eragon and Saphira had left Alagaesia with the twenty Elves. To be exact it had been twenty years since they had last stepped foot on the place of their birth. A week into their journey they had found an island that was large enough to become the home of the new generation of Riders. With the okay of the Eldunari Eragon had named the island New Vroengard and the Islands capital had been given the title of Dras abr Shur'tugaler, or the City of Dragon Riders.

The island was slightly larger than Vroengard had been, almost half of it being filled with forests that had large white capped mountains rising far into the air the farther south you went. The mountains were taller than those found in the Spine, but they weren't as tall as the Boers either. It was the perfect place Eragon had thought that the wild Dragons could call home. The main dwellings of Dras abr Shur'tugaler were located on an open plain, just below where the Riders dwelled in a large expansive hall built into the face of a mountain that was large enough to house the hundreds of Riders and their dragons in the decades to come. To the right of the hall a majestic waterfall sat, its three tiers each differing in size that at the bottom created a small lake. Blodhgarm had named them Helgr Falls or the Hallowed Falls soon after landing on the island and his eyes had took in their majesty. It was behind these falls that Eragon had placed the Eldunari and their protector Cuaroc.

The riders hall had been carved out of the very face of the mountain that rested upon, and from it they could see for leagues. A landing platform had been placed on each level which could hold at least two dragons the size of Glaedr at anytime, and a larger one had been built at the main entrance of the hold that would one day have the ability to support five grown dragons. A large meeting hall had been built on the first level that would one day house council of Riders, though at the moment the council was only made up of six beings. The rooms of the riders mirrored those of what Eragon had possessed in Ellesmera, they were simple, but held an air of power about them that could not be found in any other city.

The ever expanding city below the hall was located on the flat plains adjacent to the falls and was by far one of the grandest that Eragon had ever set foot in. Each building and structure appeared as if it each and race that made up the riders had had a hand in building it. The main buildings such as the library, taverns, armory, and living quarters were enormous, some being able to hold two dragons the size of Shurikan and others at least three the size of Saphira. Each building was made of stone with intricate designs covering the sides, many of them telling a story, others only for decoration.

The Library was known as DuBreoal Hugin or The House of Knowledge, and it was by far the largest of the buildings which stood in the middle of the city. DuBreoal Hugin possessed four floors and hundreds of books that would one day be the treasure trove of the Riders. It possessed a great many artifacts of the riders of old that had been unearthed over the years, such as journals and paintings and other creations.

An armory had been built to the left of the library to house the many blades of the riders that had once been in the control of Galbatorix after the fall. The blades and their sheaths hung around the circular room waiting for the perspective Riders to come and once again find a purpose for them. In the years since new riders had been arriving other weapons had been placed in the large room, spears, axes and hammers also lined its walls, while more destructive and dangerous weapons, such as the Dauthdaert were hidden in a secret alcove.

Beside the armory the vast training grounds could be found where the Riders could improve their skills with the sword, bow and arrow, as well as improve upon their magic. The meditation gardens which had been created by the elf Min'Verna and named DuEdoc'sil Mor'ranr or The Unconquerable Peace stood to the right of the library and was by far one of the most breathtaking sites on the entirety of New Vroengard.

A walk was built from the pier that would allow vessels to dock on the island to the city. Two great statues of Dragons, one resembling Saphira and the other Eragon was told resembled the dragon that was bonded to his namesake guarded the island from those that meant it harm. They were both enchanted to alert the islands occupants to trouble and in times of need defend the island with enchanted flames.

One side of the island was the home of a great swamp that had been declared to be off limits, and on another side of the island was a majestic site that awed the dwarves that visited when Orik came on business. Thousands of spires made of stone that were so tall that they could almost break through the clouds. Eragon had given them the name DuRisang Stenrs or The Rising Stones, and was mostly used when the dragons were perfecting their flying.

In the twenty years since they had left Alagaesia twenty of the eggs had hatched wild dragons while only six eggs had hatched for Riders. One to a male Urgal, another to a male Dwarf from the Ingeitum, two eggs had hatched for a brother and sister Elf, while two other eggs had hatched for two female humans, one being his own niece Ismira.

It had been a major surprise when Eragon had answered his scrying mirror and Arya had told him that the ice blue egg had chosen hatched for Ismira. He remembered how Arya had smiled broadly has she exclaimed how much Ismira reminded her of him, of how she answered various amounts of questions and never seemed to grow tired of learning something new. Even now, thinking of the time that he had first seen her in almost fifteen years brought a smile to his face. She resembled her mother so much with her coppery hair and brown eyes. Though while she may hold her mother's features she acted much like Roran. Having her around was like having his cousin around.

Eragon was always in constant contact with Alagaesia's rulers, as well as with Roran and Katrina, and Murtagh who Eragon had made the Riders ambassador so that he could be closer to Nasuada. While it was nice to be able to speak with his friends and family, it was also hard as every time they would inquire as to whether he would return to visit. Arya was always both the easiest and the hardest to talk to. She seemed to understand what it was that he was feeling, as out of all the rulers she was the only one that was bonded to a dragon and knew what it meant to be a rider. But it was also hard because every time they ended a conversation the ache of missing her would only grow. He wished that he could return to be with her, to see his friends, to once again be in the land the for so long he had called his home. But he was far to busy here to do so, and it would only the most dire of circumstances that would cause him to return.

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