Jerry is walking to the garden to get some fresh air. He thinks about all this years, he made Spike a fool by hurting him and pinning the blame on Tom. Now it's time for him to go to the garden and have some relaxation.

Just then, Spike walks to him, but he's in an angry mood. Why is that?

"That cat never wanted to hurt me, did he, my little friend?" said the bulldog. Originally, he didn't know that Jerry has been hurting him all these years, not Tom. He's too blind stupid to see this.

Those words coming out of his mouth gets Jerry shock.

How did he know? he thought about it. Why is he telling me all about this now?

"All you did was hurt me with fireworks, took my bone, and hit me with a golf club." said Spike, reminding Jerry of all the things he did to him. "What else is that I've been so stupid not knowing it was you who did it, not that pussycat who did nothing to me." He added it all up.

Jerry is horrified by all this. He realized that Spike now knows he's responsible for hurting him all these years, not Tom.

Spike talks to him in a very angry way. "And what's worse is that you also hurt Tyke, my son. He trusted you with his life, I trusted you with my life. It's about time to be honest, my friend. Did you hurt me all these years and made me think that it was that cat who did it?"

Jerry looked at his very angry eyes, desperate to know the truth. He realized he can't talk his way out of this so he just gives him a nod, finally admitting the truth.

"Tell me, why? Why did you this to me?"

The little mouse doesn't answer. Deep down, Spike now knows the whole reason. "Because you used me to torment that cat, didn't you?"

A nod then appears as a reply from the mouse himself.

"Well, since now I know the truth, it's about time I teach you a lesson for all what you did!" Spike said in an angry voice and grabs Jerry. He then begins to beat him up off-screen.

In the house, Tom is about to have a snack in the refrigerator. Of course, his favourite snack is milk. Just as he is about to fill his stomach with it, a doorbell has rang, and so Tom runs to the front door.

He finds Jerry, who is bruised and battered from Spike's attacks on him. What else he finds a card from Spike, so he reads it saying "I'm sorry I hurt you for all this years. This mouse I beaten up is a sign that I now know that he's been hurting me for all these years and made me think it was you who did it. He finally got what he deserves and this is my gift to you. I'll say this one more time, I'm sorry."

Tom finally cheers in awesomeness, happy that Spike now knows Jerry is hurting him all this years.