Chapter Song: Boston - Augustana

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They didn't know her. Not her parents, teachers, or her so-called friends. She was stuck in the same cycle. Eat, sleep, school, repeat. She wasn't aware of anything that went on around her; instead of living she only did what she had to in order to survive.

That is, until she met him. He opened her eyes to a life that she was missing.

Their story wasn't original or exciting. It was boring and cliché – at least to any ordinary person. To her, meeting him was the best thing that happened in her life. He was the popular high school jock and she was the quiet artist who everyone overlooked. Until the day that he walked by the music room and heard her singing.

She felt that empty sort of loneliness deep in her soul and sang the one song that made her feel a little better. She sang about being lonely, about leaving, about starting over where no one knew her. Putting more emphasis on two specific lines, she sang louder.

You don't know me and you don't even care.

You don't know me and you don't wear my chains.

Half way through the second chorus, she felt another presence in the room. Abruptly she stopped playing and singing and turned to see the school's most popular guy. Jace Wayland. He just stood there, not quite in the doorway but not quite in the middle of room either, and stared at her. Staring back at him, she could see his perfectly lean body and beautiful angular face. His physique wasn't what caught her eye, however. It was the way that he seemed to shine. Of course his liquid gold eyes and golden blonde hair added to the effect, as did the sun shining through the window and coincidently casting rays in his direction. But all that aside, he seemed to have an aura of his own. This boy just radiated gold.

And that was it. Just one look and she knew she had fallen, just like every other girl in her stupid school, for the perfect boy that stood in front of her. Oh, she knew the rumors alright. She may have been a freshman but that doesn't mean she didn't know of Jace Wayland's reputation. He was arrogant, a player, and not worth her time, they had told her. Translation: She didn't have a shot in hell with him. And she knew it.

Forcing herself to stop staring, Clary turned back around on the piano bench and stared at the keys while she spoke. "I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone needed this room. It was empty and I just wanted to play…" She trailed off. "I'll just go." She grabbed her messenger bag off the floor, didn't make eye contact with Jace – in fact she kept her eyes glued to the floor, and walked out of the music room.

"Hey, wait!" He called after her. She stopped, but didn't turn around. "Your voice, it's beautiful." At that, she turned around.

"Thanks," she said, sounding a little shocked.

"I'm Jace Wayland," he extended his hand.

"Clary Fray," she shook it lightly. A wave of nervousness overcame her and she pulled her hand out of Jace's and walked quickly out the school doors without so much of a 'bye' over her shoulder.

That was a little over a year ago.

Now, Jace and Clary were what could be called the 'It' couple.

Jace was the senior all-star basketball player with grades that could get him into any college he wanted, even without his athletic achievements. Clary, a junior, was the artist that everyone turned to when they needed help with an art project. She even did the mural on the wall opposite the auditorium. And of course, both were the best musicians in the school. They both sang and played the guitar and piano.

As far as popularity status was concerned, the couple was practically famous. It seemed that they had the ultimate high school life.

Except that Clary was still as shy as ever, only overcoming her insecurities when she was playing the piano or her guitar. She didn't mind being known as Jace's girlfriend, it kept her out of the spotlight somewhat. Jace loved it, she knew, but that was okay. He was born to be in the limelight.

He was everything to her. He showed her that she could be happy. He made her feel safe. With him, she could forget her problems, she could believe for a little while that everything was okay, she could pretend that nothing else in the world existed but them.

She gave him everything. He was her first kiss, her first boyfriend. On their first anniversary she happily gave him her virginity along with her heart while he whispered in her ear. "I love you, Clary. You have my heart. Forever."

She felt the same and she whispered right back, "I love you too, Jace. My heart belongs to you. Forever."



His alarm was blaring at a glorious 6:30am. School had just started and Jace was still trying to adjust from his summer sleep schedule – which usually consisted of him sleeping until noon or so before going out with Clary.

He thought of Clary for a moment. His adorable, beautiful girlfriend of just over one year. Looking over at the vacant side of his bed, Jace wished that he could have woken up beside her. That, in itself, would have made his day. But of course, last night her brother demanded that she come home. He missed her so much, and it was only a few hours ago that he saw her last.

I am so whipped, he thought to himself, a small smile on his face, as he began getting ready for the day.

When he got to school, he opened his locker and a folded piece of paper fell out. He caught it and smiled to himself when he read the message: Turn around. Doing as he was told, Jace turned around and was met with full, beautiful lips on his. The smile never left his lips as he felt himself being pushed back against the wall of lockers behind him. His hands twisted into the fiery red hair of his girlfriend. She gently bit his bottom lip and their mouths granted entrance for each other.

"I missed you," he mumbled into her mouth.

"Mmmm. I missed you too." She let out a little giggle but the connection didn't break.

All too soon, Jace heard someone clear their throat next to them. He felt Clary move away but kept his arms around her so she wouldn't go too far.

"Um, sorry guys but you're kind of in front of my locker." Jace turned to see another guy with black hair who actually looked like he was sorry for interrupting them.

Before he got a chance to say anything Clary giggled and said, "Sorry, we can get…carried away sometimes I guess." She was, easily, the sweetest and friendliest girl in their school. "We always thought that locker was empty," she motioned to the locker next to Jace's. It was only the second week of school, but they figured if no one claimed by now, it would remain empty. Guess they were wrong.

The new guy shrugged. "Well I'm new so I guess they gave me this one to try to keep things somewhat alphabetical."

"What's your last name?" Jace extended his right hand.

"Verlac," he shook Jace's hand.

"Wayland. Jace Wayland. This is my girlfriend, Clary Fray." Jace knew he sounded a bit protective – a little possessive even - but he didn't really care.

Clary, on the other hand, sounded polite as ever. "So what's your first name?"

Jace noticed that this Verlac guy was looking right at Clary and narrowed his eyes. Just as he opened his mouth another voice answered.

"Sebastian," it was a female voice. Both Jace and Clary turned their heads at the same time to see a girl, about Clary's height, with brown hair and slightly almond shaped eyes walk towards them. "I can't find my locker."

"Aline, Jace and Clary. Jace and Clary, Aline Penhallow." Jace relaxed a little knowing that Verlac had a girlfriend of his own but that didn't last long. "Aline is my cousin."

He didn't miss the look Aline gave him, and he would bet his life that Clary didn't either.

He knew he was right when Clary spoke. "What's your locker number?" Maybe they didn't realize it, but Jace could hear guarded tone that was laced in with forced friendliness.

"1477," Aline smiled and forced a laugh. "I got a little lost."

"Oh, well if you walk straight down this hallway you'll eventually reach the 1400's section. It shouldn't be that hard to find." Clary smiled like an angel right back.

Jace reluctantly let go of Clary and turned quickly to get his books out of his locker. When he turned back around he met Clary's gaze. But not before noticing Verlac checking her out. He slid a protective arm around her waist and said, "Come on, we still need to go to your locker."

Clary nodded, "Nice meeting you guys."

Aline only smiled back and Verlac said, "I'm sure we'll be seeing each other around."

Clary nodded again and they walked down the hall, away from the awkward encounter.

"Jace," she whispered.

"I know," his voice was tense and low.

Even without words they both knew what the other was thinking: already neither of them liked the newcomers.

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