Okay, so this isn't really much to go by, but here's an introduction to my character. I just needed to at least get her in the picture. I won't be doing every episode, but I'm just gonna randomly choose a few and I'll take requests also.


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"So, how's the car?" Red addressed his son as he sat down at the table with his plate.

"Real good." Eric replied.

"By 'real good' you mean you rotated those tires like I asked you to?"

"Dad, don't they rotate every time I drive?" Eric had a smirk on his face and a tone of sarcasm, but when his father simply stared at him he could feel himself shrink back into a corner. That was obviously a bad move and Red obviously didn't think it to be very funny.

"You being a smart mouth?"

"Yes." He answered nervously, "And I'm sorry." He looked away as his mother put out a pot of food in the middle of the table and sat down to eat with them.

"Tuna casserole again?" Red complained.

Kitty looked as if she wanted to punch him where the sun don't shine, "Well, okay. How about we don't pay the car insurance, and we'll all have steak?"

Red backed down and Kitty laughed it off with her nervous laugh, changing the subject, "Well, just imagine. President Ford is coming here. Eric, honey, by the way I'm gonna need you to take a pie across the street to the new neighbors."

"To who?" Eric scooped out some of the casserole onto his plate.

"To the new neighbors. They just moved in yesterday morning so I want you to bring them a pie to welcome them to the neighborhood."

The rest of the meal was spent discussing the President's visit and other political things before Kitty sent Eric over to the new neighbor's house across the street. He walked up the front door and rang the doorbell, pie in hand and a woman with dark black hair and grey eyes answered the door with a smile. She looked like a kind lady and there were boxes for days stacked up behind her.

"Hello, I live across the street. " Eric started, handing her the pie, "My mom sent this over as a welcome gift."

"Oh, that looks delicious!" the woman smiled, showing her straight, white teeth, "Please, come in!" she stepped aside so Eric could come through and he looked around. It was obvious they had only been there the one night, there wasn't even anything hung on the walls yet, but Eric saw where they had dug out the pots and pans and some food in grocery bags sat on the counter, probably for dinner the night before and breakfast that morning. The furniture wasn't quite in place either but he could tell that had been working at it. All in all he thought they were settling in quite nicely.

"I'm sorry, what was your name?" the lady asked, placing the pie on the countertop and bringing Eric away from his thoughts.

"Eric. Eric Foreman." He held out his hand and she shook it, the smile stuck on her face.

"Julia Huntsman." She replied.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Huntsman."

She nodded her head and called out around the house, "John, Kimmy, we have a visitor!"

Eric turned and around the corner came your average sized man and a girl about his age. She was small, but your average sized teenager from the looks of it. She looked to be about the same size as Jackie in almost every way from were Eric stood, but she had a more natural and pleasant smile with long auburn hair and she had the deepest, darkest brown eyes Eric had ever seen. She smiled at him and he smiled back, holding out his hand to her father.

"Honey, this is Eric Foreman." Mrs. Huntsman put her hands on his shoulders, "He lives across the street."

"The name's John Huntsman, nice to meet you." The man smiled, putting an arm around the girl, "This is our daughter, Kimberly."

"Nice to meet you." She said with the kindest smile.

After a few minutes of idle chatter about school and the town and similar things Eric looked at his watch and gestured to the door, "Well, I need to be heading back but Kim, if you like, a bunch of us like to hang out in my basement. There's a TV and couches and it's loads of fun," he chuckled when she laughed, "stop by any time."

"Thanks, I will." She smiled and they said their goodbyes as he walked out the door. Kimberly just stood there with the biggest smile on her face.

"See?" her mother said, returning to the dishes, "What did I tell you? We haven't been here forty-eight hours and you've already made a friend."

"Oh, shut up, mom." She rolled her eyes with a smile and grabbed an apple from one of the grocery bags sitting on the table, "I'm gonna go work on my room."

"Okay, dear." She kissed her daughters head, "We'll go pick out paint this weekend."

"Okay mom." She smiled and walked upstairs. She stepped into her plain white room and maneuvered her way through the maze of boxes and furniture that had been unceremoniously tossed into the room. She laughed at the not so distant memory of her father carrying most of it by himself. She closed the door and leaned on the back with a smile, staring at the apple she'd taken from the kitchen. Maybe this place wouldn't be so bad after all.