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"Hey guys, what's goin' on?" Kimberly closed the door to the basement behind her and zig-zaged her way to her seat next to Hyde, sitting down with her legs crossed, "Where's Eric?"

"He's working." Said Donna.

"Oh, did he get the job at Fatso Burger?" she picked up a magazine from the table in front of her and began flipping through it.

"Yep. Poor thing." She flipped the channel on the T.V.

"But I thought he wanted this job? You know, extra cash?" Kimberly laid the magazine in her lap and rubbed her fingers together.

"Yeah, but now he never has time to hang out, ya know?" She looked at her and Kimberly gave her a knowing look. Fez glanced between them with a slight look of confusion but said nothing, probably thinking American girls were super weird.

"Hey! Why don't we go visit him?" Kimberly smiled, getting to her feet and looking straight at Donna. They stared each other down a moment before everyone agreed and headed down to the restarant. Donna caught up with Kimberly on the way there. She didn't say anything but she nudged her with a smile. Kimberly looked up at her and all she could do was laugh. When they arrived Hyde was the first to go in.

"Hear hear, my minimum waged friend!" Hyde pushed both doors open with a booming voice, Jackie, Fez, Kimberly, and Kelso behind him. He walked acorss the room and slapped his hands on the counter in front of a very bored looking Eric, "I demand service!"

"Welcome to Fatso Burger, how may I serve you?" Eric had the cheesiest and most fake smile Kimberly had ever seen and she held back a snicker at Hyde's side.

"That is so sad, Burger Boy." Hyde smiled.

"Oh, Hyde, be nice." Kimberly nudged him and he smirked down at her, backing off as she pulled some money from her jeans pocket, "Get me some fries and a coke, Burger Boy."

Eric took the money, "Comin' right up."

"You excited about Donna's party tonight?" Kimberly leaned on the counter to wait for her order.

"Yeah, it's gonna be cool. Are you?" Hyde answered, chuckling at Fez, Kelso, and Jackie across the room.

"Yeah, I think it's gonna be fun."

"Here, Kimmy." Eric returned with her food and she turned around with a smile. She thanked him, taking her food as she and Hyde joined the rest of the crew at a table and Eric returned to helping customers and cleaning up things around the building every now and again. After a few hours the gang headed out to get ready for the party at Donna's. Donna trailed behind the group with Kimberly in front of her. She stopped and looked back at an oblivious Eric and Kimberly waited for her, knowing the feeling all too well. Donna looked back at her and they smiled at each other.

"Hey Redheads! Are you comin' or not?" Hyde called from down the street a ways and the two rolled their eyes before running to catch up.

"Guys, heads up. Kelso's on his way wearing nothing but a sheet." Kimberly approached Donna and Hyde sitting on some of the furniture on the Pinciotti's patio. True to her word, Kelso came running at them with three beers in his hands, screaming 'toga' at the top of his lungs with a sheet wrapped around his otherwise naked body, Jackie in tow. Kimberly shook her head.

"Hey man, nice dress." Said Hyde, "You brought three beers, meathead?"

"We'll share." Kelso said as if it was the obvious answer. They all sighed but Donna and Hyde each took a can and opened them.

"Hears to our wasted youth." Hyde commented. They took a sip of their drinks and Jakie and Kelso disappeared to the couch when Fez walked over to Donna, Hyde, and Kimberly.

"Hey Fez." Kimberly smiled.

"Good evening Kimberly." He smiled then immideately turned to Donna, "Donna, which one of these ladies are easy?"

They all stared at him in awed silence until Donna's sister, Tina waltzed out into the backyeard and placed a hand on her hip. "Donna, some of your creepy friends are usuing dad's stereo."

"You guys, no one's allowed in the house!" Donna said. Fez stepped in front of her.

"Well hello pretty lady." He said.

"Hi." Tina giggled.

"She's not a pretty lady, she's my sister and she's fourteen." Donna glared at her sibling.

"You know in my country-"

"It's illegal here." Hyde cut him off, taking a sip of his drink.

"Oh I see."

He and Tina ran off, as did Jackie and Kelso, leaving Kimberly with Hyde and Donna. She still didn't really know many people from the school and she didn't see anybody else she recognized from any of her classes so she decided to stay with people she knew in case something bad happened. She was still getting used to the town as well.

"I'm miserable, this party sucks!" said Donna.

"You know what'll make you feel better?" said Hyde, "Scrawny Little Neighbor Boy. Why don't you take off and go see him? I'll watch the kids."

"Yeah? Thanks Hyde." Donna looked at Kimberly who didn't seem to be paying a whole hell of a lot of attention. She punched her arm with a smile, "Yeah, look out for this one. She gets kinda crazy when she gets a few drinks in her."

"Oh, I'll look after her." He smirked.

"I'm not a child." Kimberly laughed.

"You're younger than me, so, yeah you are."

Donna rolled her eyes and took off into the house. She waved bye to Kimberly who was giving Hyde a look but couldn't help but smile. She stuck her toungue out at him and he took a seat in the chair next to him, she propped herself up on the edge of the couch with her feet on the cooler.

"How old are you anyway?" said Hyde.

"I'm sixteen."

"When do you turn seventeen?"

"Not till April. Why?"

"Just curious." He took another swig of his beer and they continued with idle chatter until the crowds began to disperse. It didn't take long for Hyde, Fez, Jackie, and Kelso to be sitting around the Pinciotti patio alone. Hyde and Fez finishing off the last of the beer and tossing them into the trashcan.

"What do you know, Kelso. We're out of beer." Said Hyde.

Kelso looked away towards the now empty house.

"You know what, Forman's old man's got a fridge in the garage and I know he's got beer in it." Hyde had a mischevious smirk on his face as Kimberly approached them with a yawn.

"Well, that's the last of them."

"Alright, let's go." Kelso stood, followed by Fez and Hyde, and a reluctant Jackie.

"Go? Go where?" Kimberly looked for someone to explain what had happened while she was shoving the last of the people out the door.

"Just walk this way." Hyde smirked and turned her around, leading her towards the Forman's house. When they got there Hyde turned to Kimberly and Jackie.

"Okay, you two keep watch while Fez, Kelso, and I go in for the goods."

"Oh, don't go dragging me into this." Jackie waved her finger and walked away in the obvious direction of her house. Hyde rolled his eyes.

"Okay, Kimmy, you got our backs?" He waited for her to answer and she hesitated, looking right into Hyde's eyes before agreeing to be the look-out.

"Yeah, just go before Red hears us." She started shoving them into the garage, looking around. The boys started towards the fridge and Kimberly began busying herself so as not to look suspicious, keeping an eye out for the kitchen door. She heard someone knock over a can and whipped around and saw Hyde shushing Kelso and they continued moving for the fridge. She rolled her eyes and turned back around with a smile that was quickly dropped when she spotted a figure stepping out of the car she was leaning on. She didn't have any time to warn the boys before Red led her beside him with a triumphant smile so he could turn on the car's headlights. Hyde, Kelso, and Fez jumped and called out in surprise, turning around to see Red have a gentle hold on Kimberly's arm. He stared at them as if he'd just spotted a fourteen point buck caught in a trap and Kimberly just gave them the biggest apologetic look she could muster.

"It was his idea!" Kelso pointed at Fez.

"Remind me to kick your ass." Fez didn't take his eyes off Red for fear he'd come after them when his guard was down.

"Uh, hey, Red," Hyde raised a hand in a friendly wave, "Um, uh, is Forman around?"

"Well," Red let go of Kimberly's arm and opened a can of beer, "He sure as hell isn't inside that fridge." He smiled. Kimberly looked to Hyde with a wide-eyed look of 'help me' in her deep brown eyes. Hyde subtly used his fore and middle fingers to signal her forward towards them. She looked at Red and ran for it and Hyde reached for the side of her arms, holding her in front of him. Red stared them all down until the couldn't take it anymore and they made a break for it out the back door of the garage, not stopping or looking back til they were back in their own homes.