Hello and sorry for the wait! Haven't had much motivation to write but I felt bad I haven't updated in awhile so here is chapter two. It is pretty short and basically leading up to a bit more action so I hope you all like it just fine. Reviews are always welcomed if you want. Enjoy!

The city streets wreaked of horrid smells, causing the bunny to wiggle his nose in displeasure. "Sensitive?" the tiger purred with mock amusement, flashing his white teeth to the blonde in a grin. Banabi sent a slight glare of annoyance in the darker-skinned male's direction, receiving a laugh soon after. "Now who is being pissy, huh? You whined to come up and play yet can't handle just the simple smell of the city." Oketsu had to admit that this was entertaining. He couldn't help but enjoy the bunny's mild torture of just being up there. He could be such a contradicting brat. It could be funny or annoying as fuck depending on the time and place.

"Just shut up and give me the rules of the game." Banabi demanded, removing his glasses from his face to clean them, soon sighing, grumbling to himself, and just shoving them into his pocket. The stink and grime in the air made him feel filthy, causing a severe amount of disgust to arise inside of him until it gleamed in his eyes. Oketsu didn't want to be stuck dealing with pretty boy having his panties all bunched up so kept leading them along, deciding to humor him and tell him what the rules of the game were.

"The rules are simple." the beast began to explain, his tone smooth with just a spice of excitement lacing it. "Find bait, draw the fucks in, and give them a show they'll never forget." Now that caught the blonde's attention, a questioning golden brow arching. It sounded as if he already had something in mind - a plan that he was grudgingly keeping from him. It made a tick start in his jaw, Banabi's steps soon falling silent behind the dick-of-all-trades. It didn't take long for the tiger to notice and stop himself, glancing over his shoulder, growling, and turning to face him. "What? Don't like it?" he snapped at him. The bunny simply shrugged, pissing Oketsu off even more, until he was given a reason for the sudden halt. "You are keeping shit from me you fucking ass. Give me details or I make my own rules."

The brat always seemed to try and steer these games to his favor with petty threats. They were becoming bothersome bordering on irritating. Fuck. They always were. What was he kidding? Taking three hefty steps in blonde's direction he grabbed him by the collar, slamming him against a brick wall with force intended to hurt him, ruby hues narrowing. He growled low in his throat, the sound feral. "You asked for the rules. I gave them to you. Any ulterior motives I might have is none of your fucking concern, got it? Don't forget which of us is in charge here. Just because you share a face with your original doesn't make you have the biggest dick between us." In fact their roles were switched. Unlike the Heroes the one with the leadership wasn't Banabi but himself, shifting balance in their so-called relationship unlike their human counterparts.

With one last back slam against the rough surface to make it clear who held the cards, the predator finally let go of his not-so-cuddly bunny who was glaring icy daggers at him through narrowed slits. Just to be a prick he smiled at him like Kotetsu might with pure innocence to the situation, visibly making Banabi bristle before he turned his back to the angry fag in a harsh fashion. "Get your ass moving, pretty boy. We have work to do." Oketsu ordered over his shoulder, hearing reluctant steps eventually falling back into rhythm behind him. He was going to enjoy this game a lot more then the brat was going to. That was without a doubt…considering what he had in mind to reveal themselves for what they were once they had the Heroes' attention.