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His phone rings and he falls out of bed. The dark-haired boy hits his head on the ground and groans, muttering a string of curses under his breath. He swears when he finds that he's fallen asleep while he was doing work again and he must have rolled over some of the papers. The blueprints are creased and the reference books he had been using have closed shut. He's forgotten which page he needed and feels a stab of more than just annoyance. Outside the sun has already risen high in the sky and he gives a start when he realises this.

He flips open his phone and reads the text message quickly. He reads it before flinging the phone to his bed and rushing to take a shower.

The message reads from someone named Nai.

whr r u?


The boy called Nai sits, waiting at the bus stop with an older man. The older man is scribbling in a notebook on his lap. The two of them are having a conversation.

"Are you sure he's coming,Nai?"

"Yes,I'm sure,Karoku."

"...you're going to be late if you miss this bus, you know."

Nai isn't sure what to say to that but when he looks off into the distance and squints, he sees a familiar figure. When the other boy sees him see him, he starts making some sort of sound.

It appears to be screaming. Nai wonders to himself what on earth is going on when he feels Karoku tug on his shirt. He turns around to question but realises why he was tugging on his shirt. The bus is coming around the bend. And they might not make it.

The bus shudders to a stop in front of Nai, the person he's been waiting for still has a good 500 metres to go.

"Wait," he tells the driver and the driver nods.

Finally, finally, the dark-haired boy arrives and he jumps on the bus, ignoring the man named Karoku's indignant shout of "Where's my greeting, you bastard!" and shoves Nai in. The doors close and the two collapse together on the seat in the middle row. The bus is mostly empty now because it's already late. Most of the students have already gone to school.

"I thought you might not make it,Gareki." The younger boy smiles. "I'm glad you did." He moves closer, angling his head.

"I thought I might not too." He cups the other's chin and brings them together for a slow, lingering kiss.

Gareki remembers his dream of a white-haired boy as he kisses this white-haired boy.

When they part, Gareki smiles at Nai, his eyes crinkling at the sides.

"I'm glad I made it."