Chapter One

Belikov and Mazur

'Rosemarie Anne Mazur get your Ass down here before I drag you out of that bed and down the stairs myself' The yells echoed through our huge mansion. My father's voice was laced with anger as he called my name. I stumbled out of my bed and down the stairs towards the source of my annoyance.

'Yes Father?' He watched me move slowly towards the fridge. I reached in and grabbed my morning dose of donuts. I smiled as my hand brang the chocolate covered donut towards my mouth. My hand seemed to be moving to slow because my stomach growled in protest. I quickly shoved the donut in my mouth. I looked at my father. He was still watching me.

'I need talk to you about some old acquaintances that will be coming to live with us for a while' He studied me as I took in the news.

'They have to be more than acquaintances for you be letting them live with us' I told him. He nodded in agreement. He sat opposite me on a kitchen stool and waiting until for a few minutes before talking.

'It's the Belikov family they are moving here from not even a four hours drive away. I went to school with the Olena. She has three daughters and a Son. Karolina is the oldest and six years older than you-' I nodded.

'So she is 24' My dad gave me a small nod and continued.

'There's Viktoria she is a year younger than you and Sonya who is four years older than you. Dimitri is five years older than you. They will all be coming to live with us as well as Karoline's son Paul who is three years old and Babushka who is Olena's mother' He looked at me obviously waiting for a reaction. I just stood there opposite him leaning on the bench. People coming to live with us? The last person that lived with us was a nanny but even before that it has always been just me and dad since my first memory. I try to ask him about my mother but all I get is a sour look upon his face so I have now learned I will not ask him. Besides I am happy with my life like this. I have Lissa and My dad. They are all I need.

'Great. Which wing will we set them up in? Could Vika be in my wing?' He smiled at my words. His smile quickly turned into a grin. I watched him as his smile grew bigger and bigger.

'What?' He looked at me for a few minutes before replying.

'Nothing it's just that you already have given Viktoria a nickname as if you have known her for a long time.' I smiled and nodded. 'What time do they come?' I looked at him. He slipped from his seat and on to his feet. He was at the kitchen door before he replied.

'Tomorrow' He smiled before disappearing up to his level of our home. Most probably to his study. I went up the stairs and into my bathroom for a long and steamy shower.

They come today. They will have left their home at lunch time and will arrive here by late afternoon. Viktoria will live in my wing with me. Dimitri, Karoline, Olena and Babushka will sleep in the guest wing that would now be their home now. Known as the Belikov wing.

'Dad!' I yelled from the kitchen. He emerged a few moments later. He looked at me with a puzzled look.

'What Rose?' I smiled at him and watched him smile back. I looked at his outfit. He was fresh out of the shower. His Brown hair combed back a few grey hairs near his ears. He had shaved his 9 o'clock shadow into neatness instead of a blob. He wore a suit just like any other day.

'How long until they get here?' I rushed. He looked at me then at his watch. I stood there for a few minutes before I huffed and gave up on waiting for his reply. He did this to annoy me.

'They will be here in the next hour or so.' Realization hit. I need a shower. I slept in late and went straight to shopping with Lissa she wouldn't let me have a shower. I ran up the stairs and into my room. I grabbed a clean towel out of my wardrobe and ran across the hall with it. I quickly got in the shower. I shaved my legs then washed my hair. I quickly wrapped the towel around my body then ran back across the hall. I had slipped on my matching silk red underwear just before I heard the intake of breath. I turned towards my door and saw him standing there. His brown eyes boring into mine as I stood there in my underwear. My long wet hair framed my face. He arms filled with bags. We were like animals caught in head lights. We were frozen, we were to over whelmed to move.

'I'm sorry I didn't mean to I just. I thought this was Viktoria's room. Abe said it was down here on the left so I have tried every door.' He stood there in jeans and a loose white t-shirt. His hair ruffled obviously from him sleeping on the way here. I nodded at him. I grabbed my silk dressing gown off the bed and slid it on. I walked over to him and grabbed one of the bags.

'Come on Vika's room is this way Dimitri' I smiled at him and led him to Victoria's door. Only three down from mine. He placed all the bags he held at the end of the king bed and I put the one I held with them. I felt his eyes boring into the back of me. I turned around and he just kept staring as if I were some weird freak.

'Dimitri? Why are you staring?' He quickly shot me a look of shock and looked down at his feet.

'I-I-' I let out a small sigh before continuing to walk to Vika's room.

'I'm gonna go get dressed –' He shot me a small smile and nodded. I made sure to shut and lock my door behind me. I slid on some jeans. With a leopard print singlet and a set of black pumps .The leopard print singlet has a low back, showing off my tan shoulder blades. My hair had already started to dry with its natural waves.

I unlocked my door and opened it. Dimitri still stood near my door. I looked at him and met his eyes. We held each others gaze for a few minutes, before my fathers voice broke the stare.

'Rose, Are you going to come down soon?' I sighed and started to walk towards the stairs.

'Coming' I turned around to see Dimitri following me. I stood at the bottom of the stairs and saw the small family standing with large smiles of their faces.

I was instantly in someone's arms and when they pulled back I stared into her deep brown eyes. Her eyes matched Dimitri's. I smiled at the embrace I was having with Vika.

'Vika' a huge grin covered my face and I laughed at her small squeal, as she squeezed me tighter. She let me go and I was pulled into another hug from Olena. She gave me a warm smile and I gave her one back.

After standing in the lobby of the house introducing ourselves, we finally went our separate ways. I went to my room while everyone else went to pack; I slid off my shoes and fell into a nap.

My eyes woke to the sun shining on my face. I took a deep breath before sliding off the slide of my king side bed and on to the floor. I let my feet settle on to the floor before standing, I opened my door before walking down the hall to the bathroom. I stepped in and started to wash my face. I looked into the mirror and saw my fuzzy hair. I picked up my brush and my hair went back into its neat wave. I turned to leave. I got to the door before slipping on some water. I was expecting to hit the floor but I hit what felt like a brick wall. I heard a humph as I opened my eyes. His deep brown orbs bored into mine as my breathing hitched.

'Are you okay?' His voice came out with worry. I smiled at him and let out a small nod. I tried to think rationally as I watched him watching me, my heart started to beat faster and faster. He leaned in closer and so did I my breath hitched once again as he got closer. Our lips were about to touch when-

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