I ran through the house looking for rose- the ass kicking she gave Tasha was entertaining although it did worry my mother- Rose had strut off the minute she realised that Tasha was out. I think that this is what Tasha has needed for along time, to make someone realise she cant live the rest of her years on a high horse looking down on everyone.

I stepped into the bathroom and came into a slightly stunning scene. Rose stood there in her matching black lace underwear set leaning over the bath turning the shower tap on. I swear my heart almost skipped a beat as a small sigh escaped my lips and instantly rose whipped her head around.

"Trying to sneak a peek huh comrade?" I let out a hearty chuckle and shook my head. Even in the strangest times she has a strange sense of humour.

"I'm sorry Roza, I will come back later" she just rolled her eyes and quickly closed the gap in-between us. All had been forgotten, everything just drifted away at the electric shock ran through my body and in that instant I knew that I was falling in love with Rose Hathaway.


I slowly detached myself from dimitri and gave him a cheeky wink. Then his eyes fashed to my knucles and the worry ran through his eyes.

"Don't worry comrade im fine" I gave him a small smile and began to turn around but his hand caught in mine and pulled me back.

"Let me see those Roza" he please his hands on my waist and picked me up and on to the bench. His hands went to the cabinet as he began to clean my hands. A small smile crept to my face as I watched him intently study my hand to clean each and every split and crack. He seemed so at peace just standing there, like he had no worries anymore, the frown lines that used to faintly always cover his face have disappeared. I think even though he hoped he had out run her that he knew that it was only a matter of time before she found him again. But even though he knew tasha would begin to keep her distance he still had fear in his eyes and not knowing what was causing it was tearing my heart up.