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"Like this?" I asked, chewing my lip nervously. I was almost positive I wasn't doing this right.

"Yeah you're doing great. Now; gently." My boyfriend said calmly. I looked to him hesitantly before moving my hand downward. The china clanked to the table loudly and several small chips of porcelain scattered onto the table. Marshall winced.

"Not like that! Geez, Fi. You're trying to put down the cup, not smash it like the Hulk." Marshall smirked. He, Sun, and I were sitting at the kitchen table having a mock tea party. It wasn't going very well.

"I have no idea what that means."

"Listen, babe. It's not that hard. You just have to be gentle."

"This is stupid." I grumbled and shifted in my chair as best as I could. Marshall had tied me to the chair with some rope so I "wouldn't slouch", but being tied down was making it exceedingly difficult to reach my silverware. I would have tried to move my chair forward, but last time I did that Sun scolded me saying that I was scuffing the floorboards. I swear this is some kind of weird, vampiric torture.

"You're the one who asked me for etiquette lessons." Marshall gently reminded me as he put his tea cup onto the table. Sun sat at the other end of the table and mimicked Marshall perfectly. He even had his pinky finger sticking out like some sort of formal salute. Despite the fact that he had been living underground for glob-knows how long, Sun was a surprisingly quick learner.

"It helps if you cushion the landing with your pinky; like this." Sun said. He began putting his cup down with the same speed that I had used but at last second his pinky stuck out and touched the table and his cup landed without a thud.

Yesterday's events with FP had thankfully gone off better than expected. He was very forgiving of me yelling at him and apologized profusely, though I was definitely the one at fault. It felt good that my actions were forgiven, but for some reason I was uncomfortable. He was probably just apologizing because he had a giant crush on me. Or was it because he knew it would keep him on my side?

"Do you think we can stop for the day? I think Cake would have a fit if I chipped any more teacups."

"She's right. Can I go play with Gunther now?" Sun asked excitedly. Though he was very eager to make Marshall proud, he was even more eager to have fun outside. Marshall sighed and raked his hand through his hair.

"Yeah, go on kiddo." Sun stood up and bolted out the door just as soon as Marshall stood up to untie me. "You know, strength is good, but it isn't any good when you can't control it." He said.

"I know." I said. Marshall could be such a nag at times. I knew he meant well, but it was frustrating not being fantastic at everything. "Maybe I could learn meditation or something."

"That could be something. Or just anything that helps you focus." He said as he picked up his bass which was leaning against the fridge and began to strum. He began to rise into the air and slowly floated into the living room. I followed suit. "It's different for everyone. I mean, it took me centuries to find mine."

"I guess." I was still distraught. Why couldn't everything be simple? It used to be, but I was still hung up on tier fifteen. It was a constant bug in my brain, burrowing into every thought that threatened to form. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. Now was as perfect a moment as any. "Hey Marshall…"

"Marshall Lee Abadeer!" Marshall's mother burst through the front door, her eyes flaming with rage. I glimpsed out the door and saw Sun and Gunther standing in the front yard looking inside, unsure if they wanted to come and watch the show. In an instant she was in front of Marshall and she snatched the bass from his hands, tossing it to the side.

"Hey! Be careful with that!" he yelled, but his mother did not seemed fazed.

"I can't believe you would leave the Nightosphere after I specifically told you not to. Actually, you know what? I can! You are so irresponsible and juvenile. You cannot simply abandon me and the Nightosphere when we need you. You aren't six hundred years old anymore, mister!" Finishing her rant, Marshall's mom finally took notice that her son was not alone and her demeanor changed entirely. A wide smile spread across her face, her fangs gleaming. "Fionna, darling. How are you?"

"Wait. I'm confused. You abandoned your mom?" I said.

"Well kind of. She encouraged me to stay… indefinitely." He said. I didn't know that last word, but the way he said it made it sound like he was never supposed to come back. Ever.

"Oh." I said, barely above a whisper.

"So what're you going to do, mom? Drag me back with you?" Marshall folded his arms and raised an eyebrow, curious to see what his mother would do.

"No. I have all my men patrolling all corners of the Nightosphere twenty-four seven. All the beings have been informed that if they are to kill her on sight, if she's still there that is. I just wanted to scold you for your reckless behavior."

"Figures." Marshall whispered and rolled his eyes.

"Don't mumble under your breath, boy." Marshall's mother said, her eyes tearing into his very soul. "It's rude." The two glared at each other and all I could do was stand awkwardly in the middle.

"Do you want some food? We have some strawberries in the fridge." I asked finally. Ms. Abadeer opened her mouth to respond, but stopped when there came a thumping down the stairs.

"Fionna! Marshall! I heard screaming and I came as quickly as I could. But you know how difficult waddling down the stairs can— who the hell are you?" Cake had stopped at the last step and looked at Marshall's mom with a combination of annoyance and uncertainty. Despite all the time spent with a vampire, she was still very hesitant of them.

"I'm Hilda Abadeer, Lady of Evil, ruler of the Nightosphere, and, I suppose most relevant to the situation, Marshall's mother. And you are?" Ms. Abadeer's hands were folded neatly at her waist as she inspected my sister.


"You're pregnant."

"Uh… yeah." Cake said. Marshall's mom turned to me, no longer interested in the conversation being held, and spoke quickly.

"Strawberries would be lovely, Fionna. Thank you."

"No no no," Marshall said. "You are not staying for a visit after you've scolded me like a child."

"Well you were acting like one. I only thought it appropriate."

I quickly retreated into the kitchen and pulled the fridge open. Stacks upon stacks of strawberries filled all the drawers and I grabbed a large bowl from one of the cabinets. I scooped handfuls into the bowl and I heard footsteps from behind me. First tier fifteen and now Marshall's mom. Is anything else going to interrupt my life today?

"Sorry about that. I was going to tell you about my mom asking me to stay sooner, but I didn't really think it would matter since I was going to come back no matter what." Marshall scratched his head. I looked at him and closed the fridge door, sighing.

"It's fine." My voice sounded weird. Clearly I was distracted and there was no point in hiding it from him.

"Then why are you acting weird?"

"I was going to ask you something before you're mom came, but perhaps now isn't the best time." I popped a strawberry into my mouth and tried to think of what I should say next.

"Tell me. If it's been bothering you I need to know."

"Should we have sex?" It had come out more awkwardly than I intended, but at least it was finally said. The concept intrigued me and I wanted to at least try it. Besides, Cake said that people who were in love did it and Marshall and I loved each other. It only made sense. Oh glob. What if I'm bad at it?

"What?" The look on Marshall's face clearly meant that I had caught him off-guard. This probably seems like it's coming out of left field.

"Fionna? Where are those strawberries?" I was surprised to hear that my sister was asking for the fruit and not Marshall's mother. Must have been another one of her cravings.

"One sec," I called out to the living room before looking to Marshall again. "Should we?"

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