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Bella's pov

I was finally home. After five hours of shopping with Alice, I could use a distraction from the boredom that clouded me. I was happy that Edward had returned from his hunting trip, I hadn't seen him in three days.

"Hello, love," he called when I walked in. I didn't answer, just walked up to him and kissed his perfect lips. Alice cleared her throat.

"What. Alice?" asked an annoyed Edward.

"Oh nothing just thought you would be interested in our visitors" she answered.

"But it seems like you're not interested, so you can get back to your things."

Edward sat still for a minute, and then smiled.

"Humans, probably one of Nessie's friends or something,"

"What are they thinking?" I asked. He thought for another minute.

"It is strange what they are thinking," he answered, confused, "Their excited to see Bella, and can't wait to meet her family." Everyone was listening now. "But they're not human as I thought. But I can't hear them much it's like Bella but softer and they are like the werewolves too, it's weird." There was silence.

"Bella doesn't know any werewolves other than Jake and the pack from the Volturi attack last winter. Why would they be excited to meet her and her new family?" Carlisle asked himself, though I wasn't really paying much attention.

This was unusual.

"How much longer till they arrive, Alice?" I asked.

"Five seconds" she whispered. She was right, of course. Five seconds later there was a soft knock at the door.

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