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"I can't think of any other solution." Robin had his head in his hands. His gloves lay discarded on the floor, and bare fingers pulled at unruly black hair. A cup of coffee, cold as ice, sat dangerously close to the edge of the desk.

Raven, sitting in a chair nearby with her similarly chilled cup of tea, thought he looked like an artist, a deep and unexpressed soul struggling to harness his own complexity and put it on canvas. But to be artistic was to be selfish, and Robin was doing what he did best; sacrificing his own health for the benefit of others. Despite this, she firmly believed that this time he had come to the wrong conclusion, and had to be firmly told as such.

"Try harder."

"This is me trying harder." Robin rarely grew impatient with his research, but this time he truly was coming up with an infuriating amount of nothing.

"Everything else is too dangerous. We can't do anything else until we know exactly what, if anything is going on. All of their lives are at stake, Raven."

"There are so many ways it could go wrong."

"Isn't it better that we take the risk now, before it's too late?"

Raven was silent. Robin, despite the late hour and the nature of their quest, smiled wanly. "You hate it when I'm right, don't you?"

"I don't think you're right." Raven was irked. "I think you're exhausted, and your brain is concocting irrational schemes."

"I have had some of my greatest breakthroughs at three in the morning."

"I can assure you, this is not one of them."

He did look exhausted; even his hair wasn't sticking up with its usual enthusiasm. She knew firsthand the amount of time he had spent on this project; she'd been there for most of it. She figured the guy had snatched her back from the grips of Hell, the least she could do was wait up with him while he worked.

While she was at it, she might as well be there to tell him his plan was a pile of horsesh-

"I consider my work here finished." Robin stood. "If you want to stay up and think of a better plan, be my guest. Otherwise, I'm filling the team in tomorrow."

He left her sitting there, glaring at him. When she thought he was gone, she narrowed here eyes at his desk. With a small contained pop, his mug burst into a few neat pieces. What little coffee that was left stained a few pages of notes.

Robin paused in the doorway, smirking a little when he heard her lose her temper. He knew she hated undercover stints, but it truly was his best option. He left the room completely, headed for a joyful reunion with his pillow.

Besides, he thought, peeling off his shirt. It might be good for her.