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Vada noticed that Thomas J looked so peaceful. But those bee stings looked so painful. He didn't have his glasses on. He couldn't see without them.

Thomas Jay was looking from heaven and saw that Vada wasn't handling his death very well.

"Can I rise again," he asked the Heavenly Father.

"Well I need to know why you would want to," the Heavenly Father said, "I suppose it would be alright if you had a good reason"

"Vada needs me," Thomas J said.


"Rest in peace Thomas James," Harry ended the service.

"DAD," Vada said, "His eyes are opened."

"No honey," Harry said, "We closed them"

"No dad," Vada said, "Look"

Thomas J was slowly sitting up in his coffin.

"What in the world," everyone started talking at once.

"How did this happen," Shelley asked quickly lifting Thomas J out of his coffin.

"Vada needed me," Thomas J said, "I wasn't gonna let anything stop me from being there for her"