Well, as per request, I have taken one of my ficlets from my 10 song drabble about Benji and tried to make it into a slightly more filled out story. I hope that it's ok.


So here they were. Hanging out in a hotel lobby, full of rich guests and numerous business types. Ethan and Jane were seated at a table, sharing a drink while keeping an eye out for trouble. Benji sat on a sofa in the centre of the room, sipping his whiskey while keeping tabs on things via his phone. Brandt, in the meantime, was standing at the bar seducing the rich guy.

Well, he wasn't really. He was posing as an entrepreneur looking to invest in their target's dirty schemes, but Benji voice in his ear was kindly reminding him that he was 'getting his wish'. So far, everything was going to plan. Brandt was getting the information they needed and the others remained incognito.

However they didn't expect that someone else was after their target. What they also didn't realise, was that this other person was not planning on being as subtle as they were.

Ethan and Jane had noticed two men exiting the building in a hurried manner and knew that something was up.

"Two men leaving the hotel." Ethan spoke quietly as the pair stood up. "Jane and I are gonna check it out, you two stay in position."

"Roger." Came Benji's reply; Brandt simply managed a nod from the other side of the room without their target seeing. The pair made their way out of the hotel, maintaining their 'couple' persona, and began to make their way across the car park, noticing that the men they were pursuing had begun to jog. Picking up the pace, they continued to follow them until the ground shuddered beneath their feet.

"What the hell is that?" Jane asked, spinning round just in time to see the hotel begin to collapse. "Oh my God!" she began to run towards it, however Ethan grabbed her arm, pulling her back to a safe distance. "What are you doing? Brandt and Benji are in there!" she struggled against his grip.

"I know! I know. But we're not gonna be any good to them if we're dead, are we?" Ethan looked from her to the building that was now merely a pile of rubble. He only hoped that their friends were ok.


Benji had been sitting on the sofa watching the world go by when he felt the floor shake. He glanced around at Brandt, who looked just as confused as Benji felt. He heard a noise above him and when he looked up, he saw a rather huge piece of ceiling heading straight towards him. Quickly flinging himself off the sofa, he felt an awful pain somewhere in his body before something hit his head and the lights went out.


Brandt saw the ripple in his drink and his immediate thoughts were to a scene from Jurassic Park. However, he soon realised that this was real life and something bad was about to happen. Glancing across at Benji, he saw the younger agent look at him before looking up. He watched as his friend dived out of the way of the falling debris and disappeared amongst the smoke and dust. He made to run to him, but as he did, his feet disappeared from underneath him and the last thing he remembered was flying through the air.


Well, there's chapter one. Hope you liked it!
Much love x