Ok, just a very short epilogue as I kinda left it unclear as to whether it was finished or not. Thanks for all the lovely reviews again. I love you guys! GROUP HUG! :D


"Benji, what are you doing?" Brandt rushed to his friend's side after noticing that he was trying to stand up without the aid of his crutches.

"It's ok, Brandt, I got this." Benji tried to wave his hands away.

"Benji, I really don't think that this is a good idea." It had been several months since the pair were released from the hospital; Brandt's leg was now fully healed, yet his stomach still didn't feel quite right. Benji, on the other hand, was out of his wheelchair and had been on crutches for a while, now that he was beginning to get full mobility back in his legs. A few times, Brandt had noticed Benji trying to do things without them, but he would stop his friend before he caused himself any damage. This time, however, Benji was more than determined.

"Just let me try, ok? I'm never gonna get used to walking again if I don't practice." Brandt held up his hands in defeat, yet kept them close by as he saw Benji wobble a bit on his feet. With a smile created from a mixture of shock and pride, he watched as his friend lifted his left foot and placed it on the floor in front of him. The right one went next, causing a grin to resonate from Benji's face. "Told ya!" he exclaimed before the smiled disappeared. "Alright… helper… be helper, 'k?" his hands searched the air for purchase as he began to fall, but Brandt was there in a heartbeat and caught him before he hit the floor.

"That was fantastic, Benji, but I think that's enough superhero antics for one day, ok?" he placed Benji back into his chair and the technician landed with a huff.

"I just feel so useless. I should be out there doing all the fun stuff. You're meant to be the helper, not me." He sulked slightly, leaving Brandt to bite back a laugh. He was right though, now that Brandt was virtually healed, he was able to go back in the field, but Benji was relegated to being, quite literally, the helper. He hadn't been too pleased about it.

"You've not got that much longer left though. I mean, rehab's going well, isn't it?" Brandt knelt down next to Benji's chair as he spoke.

"Well, yeah, but it's just that, you know, you guys are off having a blast on missions and I'm stuck here. Like a prisoner in my own home."

"Oh, Benji stop being so melodramatic." Brandt scoffed standing back up to walk into Benji's kitchen. The three other agents took turns in checking on Benji, but Brandt – feeling more responsible for the younger man – opted to take more 'shifts'. Reaching the fridge, he grabbed a beer for himself and a cranberry juice for Benji. He saw Benji's face drop even more when he handed him the beverage.

"Man, this is so unfair, I can't even have a bloody beer." He took a sip from the drink and sighed.

"Ok, how does this sound? I promise you that the first day you can have a beer again, I'll take you to a pub and buy all the rounds."

"Oh yes please-"

"If…"Brandt interrupted Benji's celebrations. "And only if, you promise not to whine about lack of alcohol in the meantime." He could practically see Benji's brain ticking over as he weighed up his options.

"Fine." When he replied, Brandt held up his beer and Benji tapped his glass against it. "I'm holding you to that."