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Chapter Five

Sam allowed a quiet sigh to pass over his lips as he dressed after returning to his human form. He wasn't particularly looking forward to the bonfire the elders were holding this evening, it would be the first time he'd have to be gathered with the pack and the four imprints as a whole. The very idea drove him crazy, he didn't understand. Imprinting was supposed to be a rare thing but four members of the pack had already done it, including his ex-girlfriend. It was rare enough that a girl be able to shift but for that girl to imprint? It was unheard of. As much as he wanted to, Sam knew he couldn't hold the fact that Leah had imprinted against her, it wasn't her fault after all. Alex was a good kid, he made Leah happy and he took care of her and got along with the rest of the pack so, he couldn't really complain but that didn't mean he had to like it. There were times when he wanted to knock Leah senseless because all she ever thought about was Alex and he didn't want to have romantic thoughts about a boy floating through his head, nor did the rest of the pack but they dealt with it and kept their mouths shut for the most part. He could hear the chatter of his pack mates and the elders from around the fire, he even caught the sound of Bella's voice. As he drew nearer to the edge of the brush he paused, a beautiful English accent met his ears and he closed his eyes, the voice was like heaven, but who did it belong to, when she stopped talking he reopened his eyes and kept walking. A few moments later he broke out of the brush.

"Hey Sam, everything okay?" Billy Black's voice was the first to greet him and he walked over to the older man's wheelchair. Billy's gaze kept flicking to someone on the other side of the fire.

"Yeah, everything was fine. I heard Bella? The leech let her out of his sight? That's surprising," he said as Billy nodded, the older male chuckled quietly and shook his head. Sam felt arms embrace him from the side and he turned to see Sue Clearwater. He smiled down at the woman who'd almost been his mother in-law. She was mother to Leah and Seth and she'd kind of been adopted as the pack mother. She was always making meals and helping keep the kids' grades up. "Hey Sue, how are things with Seth? Any better?"

"Yes, they've been better. He's not putting up as much of a fight about school, your talk must have set him straight," she laughed softly. The English accented voice cut through his senses again, caressing his ears with every word, and he couldn't keep his curiosity at bay any longer. He was dying to see the face the voice belonged to, he glanced around and cursed silently when he discovered that the owner must be on the other side, out of sight because of the high flames. He turned to look at Billy with his eyebrows raised in question.

"Remember that letter we got a few days ago, the one about the witch coming to stay with and study then Cullens and possibly us? Well, she's here. Why don't you go introduce yourself as the Alpha that way if she has questions they can be directed to you," the younger male nodded and he started to make his way around the fire, toward the voices of the rest of his pack and the witch. Leah and Alex were set a little ways off from the group, talking quietly amongst each other. Quil was sitting in the sand with little Claire, helping her make a sandcastle. Jacob was sitting facing his direction, beside his sister Rachel who also happened to be Paul's imprint, Paul was on her other side. There were six backs to him, Jared was on the far side, next to him was Kim, next to her was Embry and beside him sat a petite frame of a girl with caramel curls hanging down her back he knew immediately that it was the witch, Seth was on her other side and on the other side of Seth sat Bella. They all looked intrigued by whatever the English girl was saying but Jacob glanced up and saw him, a smile erupted on the younger male's face and he waved vigorously.

"Hey Sam!" He called out, everyone else turned to look at him but before he could say anything in return his world stopped. Fiery chocolate eyes met his own blue gaze and suddenly nothing else mattered except for the witch who owned those eyes. Leah's recent imprint didn't matter anymore, he didn't even notice how tired he was anymore, he didn't care that the rest of his pack was staring at him like he'd gone crazy, none of this trivial stuff mattered, in fact it seemed silly that it had ever mattered in the first place. He wanted nothing more than to make this strange female happy, to be there for her no matter what. She was his anchor to this world, the one thing that would forever keep him grounded. She dropped her gaze and a blush spread through her cheeks. He had never seen anyone more beautiful in his life. She was like an angel, He walked forward with a goofy grin on his face and he held out his hand to her.

"Hello. I'm Sam Uley, pack alpha, and who might you be?"

Hermione was led over to a few people who were older than the rest by an ecstatic Seth, Bella and Jacob were trailing behind her laughing softly. She looked over her shoulder and mouthed 'help me' to Bella which only caused their laughter to increase. Seth had stopped now and was talking a mile a minutes, the people before him all exchanging amused looks.

"Seth, slow down. Let her introduce herself," a man sitting in a wheel chair chuckled at the younger male. Seth snapped his mouth shut and stepped back, giving Hermione a light push so, she was forced to step forward in order not to fall. She turned around and narrowed her eyes at him, he was looking up toward the sky and whistling softly like he'd never done anything wrong in his life. Jacob and Bella's laughter filled the air, the petite witch shook her head and took a deep breath to steady her nerves before she turned back to the man in the wheelchair.

"I'm Hermione Granger, it's a pleasure to meet you Sir," she greeted, holding her hand out to him, he took it and shook, returning her smile warmly.

"Please, call me Billy. It's nice to meet you too," he introduced her to the other elders and a woman named Sue Clearwater. She found out this woman was mother to Seth and Leah, both members of the pack. After the introductions she looked around to see that Bella and Jake had disappeared but Seth brought her around to the other side of the fire to introduce her to the rest of the pack. She spotted Bella and smiled.

"This is Leah and her boyfriend Alex, she's my sister. This is Quil and the little girl is Claire, this is Jared and his girlfriend Kim, Paul and his girlfriend Rachel, she's also Jake's sister and this is Embry! You already know Jake and me so now you know everyone...Wait, where's Sam?" Seth turned to look at Jared who blinked a couple time, and shook his head lightly at the younger boy.

"How could you forget our Alpha, Seth? He's out finishing the last patrol," the older boy laughed and turned back to talk to Kim before he whipped around again and his eyes landed on Hermione, his brow furrowing. "Who are you?"

"Hermione Granger," she replied with a soft laugh and Jared tilted his head slightly to the side, as if trying to remember where he'd heard the name before.

"The witch! Oh man! We've all been excited to meet you! You can actually do real magic? Like with a wand?" Embry jumped up from his spot before Jared could remember, his face lit up like a little kid's on Christmas morning. Hermione nodded and the boy's eyes widened further. "Can you show us? Has Bella seen any?" The rest of the pack and their significant others had looked up by now and were watching the curly haired girl with interest.

"I can show you, what would you like to see? Yes, Bella has seen some, she didn't believe me when we first told her," the others turned to look at Bella with raised eyebrows before erupting into laughter and shaking their heads. The girl's cheeks flushed a bright red and she buried her face into her hands. Jacob was the first to recover and his brown eyes were sparkling with amusement.

"You're fine with vampires and werewolves but a witch can't possibly happen, right?" He teased and she swatted at his arm and rolled her eyes.

"Actually, you lot aren't werewolves," Hermione spoke quietly, the pack turned to look at her and Leah jumped to her feet. Her eyes narrowed but Hermione didn't back down from the much taller girl.

"What? What do you mean? Not werewolves?" She snarled at the petite girl, even more irritated that she didn't seem scared of her. Hermione rolled her eyes at the girl.

"Real werewolves can only transform at the full moon, though an alpha can change whenever he wants if he or she so chooses. It's a very painful process. They lose themselves to their wolf, there's no rational or human thoughts going through their minds once they transform. Many werewolves have names for their wolf, and even in their human form they may struggle to control their temper or actions. It's why so many people consider them monsters but a normal human being can be a monster because of their actions. Most werewolves are good people who only lose themselves once a month, and it is not their fault what so ever. While your ability is hereditary, becoming a real werewolf requires a bite or scratch from a transformed individual, though not too many people survive a werewolf attack to become one themselves. So, you all are what we call shapeshifters, not werewolves," Hermione explained, here chocolate gaze narrowed slightly at the girl standing before her. Leah looked down, a blush of embarrassment rising in her cheeks, as she returned to Alex. The others were staring at her with wide eyes. Quil was brought around by Claire hitting him with a plastic shovel and demanding his help with a sandcastle, he happily started on the task while Hermione moved to sit beside Embry on a large log, Seth sat on her other side between herself and Bella.

"Can we see some magic now?" Embry asked, his hazel eyes still burning with excitement and Hermione nodded, apologizing for getting distracted after her promise to show them some. She pulled her wand out of the sleeve of her hoodie and she reached her hand into her beaded bag and pulled out a miniature box, the others looked at her puzzled, she just smiled and pulled a small desk out of it, she enlarged the desk and then set the box on it, enlarging it as well. The other stared at her with their mouths open and she stifled a little giggle, she pulled a goblet out of the box and she pointed her wand at is and turned it into a bird, before turning it back into a goblet. She quickly shrunk the objects back down and put them back into her bag, looking around at the group.

"That was totally wicked!" Seth shouted, and the others nodded in agreement.

"Can you do some more?" Jake asked, his lips turned up into a goofy smile.

"Pleeeeease?" Seth and Embry said in unison and she laughed softly, knowing she'd never be able to turn them down.

"What would you like to see?" She asked, her own lips pulled up into a smile. Paul was the one to answer her and she was a little shocked, it was the first time he'd spoken the whole time.

"Can you turn into anything? That would be way more impressive!" He raised his eyebrows and Rachel lightly smacked his arm, reprimanding him for being rude. He appeared ashamed but Hermione could see the sparkle in his eyes, causing her to grin impishly. She'd never used her animagus for in front of anyone except the Order, this would be interesting. She rose to her feet and then shifted, everyone gasped and jumped back a bit. Where the petite witch had just been was a large jaguar with wide, fiery chocolate eyes that were the exact same as the girl's. She changed back and returned to her seat on the log.

"How come you can do that? And how come your clothes weren't messed up in the process? The boys always destroy their clothes," Rachel asked, the others muttered their agreements with the questions and Hermione sat quietly for a moment before thinking about how to word her answer.

"Well, I'm not entirely sure why the clothes of an animagus shift with them, I've never really thought to ask though I probably should have. I'll research it and get back to you on that one, and hopefully with a solution to the problem with their clothes. Now, the reason I can do that, becoming an animagus is hard and dangerous work, not every witch or wizard can accomplish it. It takes a huge amount of determination and concentration. The animal that you can morph into varies from witch or wizard depending on your strongest characteristics. Yes, you can become the same animal as someone else but your form does not change for the rest of your life. It's supposed to take years to master the skill, and several Ministry based classes and a registration process. It took me six months and no classes but I was in dire need of my second form. I'm unregistered which technically makes it illegal but at the time of my learning it the Ministry was corrupt and couldn't be trusted and the current minister is a friend and a mentor and he was actually the one to suggest I do it so, he doesn't really care," she rambled on, quieting down upon realizing her rambling, but the wolves and their mates were for the most part listening to her intently. Jacob glanced up over her head and a smile turned his mouth up and he waved.

"Hey Sam!" The rest of the group looked to where Jacob's gaze was pointed and they saw Sam Uley had stopped walking and he was staring intently at the petite witch like she was the only thing left in the world. Hermione couldn't tear her eyes away from him, he was taller than the rest of the pack and very muscled, his hair was a dark ebony color and was rather curly, bright baby blue eyes stuck out against his tanned skin. She felt drawn to him, and it seemed to be more than a physical attraction but that was impossible, she'd never met him in her life before tonight. The rest of the pack was staring at Sam like he'd gone bonkers and her looked away, feeling the blush heating her cheeks. She scolded herself inwardly for feeling this way about a boy, she was acting just like Lavender and Parvati for Godric's sake! She glanced back up and noticed he was right in front of her with his hand held out, and a goofy grin turning his lips upward.

"Hello. I'm Sam Uley, pack alpha, and who might you be?" Hermione stared up at his, his blue eyes had her hypnotized, she blinked furiously a couple times and smiled back and took his hand in her own. A pleasant tingle ran throughout her whole body as their skin touched and she pulled her hand back despite her mind's protests not to.

"Hermione. Hermione Granger. It's lovely to meet you Sam Uley."