The team has just caught a serial killer, who only killed on the three nights of the full moon, Morgan and a police officer were having a hard time trying to get the Unsub into a cell, and he was fighting them tooth and nail. Blood dripped down his chin and onto his black hoody Prentiss and JJ help Reid back into the station "Reid you should really go to the hospital to get that bite looked at." Said Prentiss as she watched the young genius sit down on a chair holding someone scarf to his shoulder

"Its fine, it's not that deep."

"I was meaning you might need your shots." She said, JJ walked over and pulled scarf way and looked at it,

"Emily can you get me the first aid kit." She asked wincing a bit

"God that man has to be hitting something; it took three of us to get into that cell…you alright pretty boy."

"Ye…AH." He cried out when JJ started to clean the bite. Reid took time to think about the man in the cell and how he trapped him in the corner of a room of the house he broken into.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flash back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Reid made a yelp sound as his back hit the wall, his gun fell to the floor as he open his eyes to look up into a pair of bright unnatural amber eyes a low growl rumbled out of the Unsub's throat "Umm you smell wonderful." Came the hash voice, Reid didn't say anything as the man pinned him to the wall, pressing his whole body onto Reid's small frame, the young Doctor swallowed as the man brought his head down and sniffed his neck, his lips brushed pasted Spencer jugular and ghosted over his collar bone, 'Crunch' Reid's eyes widen and a scream was ripped out of his throat as the Unsub bite into his neck

"REID?" came the shouts from the other room as the man sucked on his blood only to be pulled off Reid with a flying forced onto the floor.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flash back ends~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Later that day when the sun started to set the Team started to head to their hotel rooms, deciding to head home tomorrow, so the youngest of their team could rest up, he started to drop on his feet barely keeping himself awake, Reid started to drop off to sleep in the car as they pulled into the parking lot "Reid you alright?" asked Hotch, shaking him awake

"Umm yeah I just feel really tried that's all." They started to get out of the car, when Hotch's phone went off, he answered, and they all could see his body tense up

"We have to head back down to the police station it seem Cures has escapes."

"How?" Morgan asked

"He pretend to be dead, they went into look at him and he attacked and ran off."

"Great it was hard enough the first time to get him." Prentiss said

"I know, Reid I want you stay here okay, you look like you about to fall on your feet."



"Fine." The young man sighed.

Reid walked away from them and head to the main door, while the others get back into the car. Reid got his key to his room and took the lift up to his floor, in the lift was a person leaning against the wall it a black hoody, Spencer was to tried to notice this man, so as the lift of the door's open he walked out quickly followed by the tall hooded man, once Reid got to the door and open it he was pushed in, he had fallen to the floor, he went for to pull his gun out to find it was in his attackers hands, "My little little pup how nice it is to see you again, I was most displeased when that big brut pull me off you." The man said pulling his hood down,

"C…Cures." Reid stuttered as the man closed and locked the door, he took Reid's gun and pulled it part leaving the pieces on the table with the lap top, pulling his hoody off and throwing it onto the chair,

"So shall we continue where we left off Spencer?" Cures eyes flashed amber thought his dust blond hair, Reid moved back until his back hit the wall

"S…Stay away from me." He said, the man smiled, Reid's whole body tighten at the sight of the man's fangs.

Cures laughed and walked over and pulled Reid up by his arms, and it was like a pop in Spencer's head, he gone from feeling dead on his feet to swooning in the Unsubs arms, another chuckle from Cures as he see Reid's eyes clouded over "It's brilliant isn't that bit of venom from my teeth, if I am near you, you feel nothing but the need to be touch by me and if you are away from me it's like you just need to sleep." He smiled and he kissed the young doctor