Because the full moon wasn't so close this time round Spencer had to go the full length, Hotch put Blue to bed telling her that she will be a big sister and that she is still loved, he tucked her into bed and walked to his bed room where he found Spencer sitting here looking blankly at the bed spread "Love?"

"I'm thinking."

"You worried."

"Y…Yes Cures?" Hotch huffed and moved over to the bed and he took his shoes of and climbed onto the bed and pulled Reid into his lap and warped his arms around him and held him tightly

"Cures is locked up and if he comes within three 3 feet of you I will kill him." He said kissing his neck

"Y…You know how bad he is."

"I do but I will protect you even if means turning very one we know just to keep you safe my love." He said

"You wouldn't do that would you?" Reid asked with shock in his face, Aaron smiled and kissed his lips "You have you started do that already Aaron how could you do that to them?" he asked fresh teas in his eyes

"Hey hey look it's okay I asked before I did anything nasty and seeming cures only turned with a scratched I did the same." He said with a smile

"A SCRATCH!" He shouted

"Shhhh." Hotch said trying to keep him quiet so he does not wake Blue up

"A scratch, he almost ripped you to pieces."

"I gave them a scratch on their upper arm, I only broke the skin nothing deeper than that." He whispered as he kissed him on the lips



"Who did you turn Aaron?" Spencer could see him thinking of the names of those he turned

"Ummm well once Rossi and Morgan said yes the others seemed to fall in."

"So it's just the team?"

"Well no it's hurrrr…"

"Aaron?" Spencer rose to his knees and looked at him.

"The whole of the FBI."

"Just here?"

"No all of the FBI."

"Are you kidding me? Am I the only one who is not turned." He said

"Ah well no there are a few who didn't want to, but your safe he can't hurt you if we are all wolfs." He smiled kissing him again.