It was night at Capsule Corporation. It was a pretty normal day, Goku was bored, Vegeta was fuming, Piccolo was
meditating, Gohan was sparring with Goten, and Trunks was fuming as well.

The prince's yells were booming through CC, "For the goddamn hundredth time, I HATE BROCCOLI! Don't even ask
aga-" but Vegeta was cut off by Goku who said, "Veggie, do you want broccoli?" which resulted in Vegeta clutching
his own hair in agony, screaming denial at the ever-growing stupidity of Goku.

Vegeta's son has long ago ceased his fuming over why he was left alone and instead sat on the sofa and started
watching the interesting verbal exchange between Vegeta and the clueless Goku.

"-and from where the heck have you gotten those broccolis?", Vegeta was positively fuming, Goku still was cluelessly
staring at him, still holding a bunch of brocollis in one hand. Goku was deep in thought.

** Goku's Thoughts **
Thousands of mini-Gokus were running around and sometimes bumped into each other before resuming their
futile running again. All of them were screaming "What? What?" and kept running. Eventually a bigger Goku came
in and the mini-Gokus ceased their running to face the bigger Goku. The bigger Goku looked around himself as
the thousands of mini-Gokus kept staring at him, waiting for their bigger counterpart to save them from their useless

Eventually, the bigger Goku said, "Vegeta wants broccoli."
** Back to CC **

Goku immediately brightened up and jumped, saying, "Veggie, Do you want broccoli?". Vegeta didn't knew what to say
anymore, and instead facepalmed his face in disbelieval and settled for staring open-mouthly at Goku. Oh how much
he wanted to kill the third-class sayian, but then he wouldn't have food for a month... at this thought he started to
drool a bit while thinking, 'Food... Yum- Oh what the hell am I thinking?'.

His drooling was misinterpreted by Goku and he pushed the bunch of broccoli into Vegeta's hand, smiling brightly and
saying "There ya go, Veggie!". Vegeta lowered his head to look at the pile of green and rotting broccoli in his hand, a
big vein started appearing on his forehead as he gritted his teeth and his eyebrows started to knit together.

Trunks, for fear of his own life, quietly stood up and tip-toed until he reached the hallway, from which he proceeded to
run away. Neither of the full-blooded sayians noticed the disappearence of Trunks, Goku was still smiling cheerfully at
Vegeta while Vegeta was gritting his teeth so hard one would think they would break. Trunks reached the Gravity Room
and knocked down the door, yelling "Run for your lives! Dad is angry!" before he ran away. Gohan and Goten, who had
been sparring in the GR when Trunks had knocked down the door, looked at each other before shrugging and followed
suit in screaming and running away.

shattered the windows and glasses in CC. The three half-sayians were sitting on top of a hill a dozen miles away from
CC, yet the voice of the prince of the sayians reached them. All three shivered visibily, hating to think what would
happen to Goku. Sure, Goku was stronger but nobody could match Vegeta's wrath.

Gohan quietly spoke, "One day this would have happened", his seven years old brother and his best friend nodded in


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