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At Roshi's Island, Roshi was still running around, Turtle was also running (crawling) around, and Oolong had long ago transformed into a cactus plant. One of the seven figures walked down the portable staircase lowered by the ship, a look of confusion and anger was seen on the person's face, his tail waging behind him. Finally, the person spoke up, "Who are you?"

** Back at another random building in West City **

Gohan, after being mugged by his own father, started crying. "I knew this would have happened one day..." he said as he looked at his empty wallet. Strangely enough, he knew that soon he would stand up, a dog will run into him, a car will pass by the street and pass over the hole filled with water and drench him, and then he would hit his head on a sign. Shrugging it off as just his imagination, he stood up and walked to the sidewalk. Immediately, he noted that something was running towards him, he turned right just moments before a dog bumped into his stomach.

Gripping his stomach, he felt no pain, as the force of the dog was not enough to hurt the demi-sayian. A car passed, landing on a hole full of a water, and sent the water flying towards him. He jumped away with superhuman speed, and managed to not get drenched. Before a truck went over another hole filled with water, catching Gohan unaware. The water immediately drenched Gohan. 'This reminds me of my previous thought...' he thought as he walked suspicious, looking at the various signs and avoided hitting his head on them.

A woman passed by him, waving at him. Gohan waved back before he went into deep thought, 'Do I know her?' he asked himself before he bumped into an open door with a sign on it, the sign hitting his head. He groaned and instantly yelled, "NOOO! I knew this would have happened too..."

** Goten and Trunks' Lair of Doom **

"Yes, harder. yes, yes." Trunks said as he sat there, Goten beside him. "Oh god no, Trunks. I can't take it any longer." Goten moaned as he was sweating profusely.

"Of course you can, here and... yea." Trunks said as he pointed at several things.

You can imagine what they were doing, they were solving a crossword and Goten was having a hard time understanding the words written in that particular crossword. Eventually Goten asked the obvious, "Trunks, why are we solving this? We could play...", before he paused to think for a moment, Trunks sighed, knowing that it was either Tag or Video games, Goten cheered up and said, "Video Tag!"

"Video Tag?" questioned Trunks, looking oddly at Goten. Goten nodded, explaining the inner workings of Video Tag. "Trunks, a video tag is a thingy which is played with that thingy we usually play Mortal Kombat Thingy with and that thingy is related to Tag as well so we play thingy Tag with your Thingy Box." said Goten, still smiling cheerfully. Trunks stared at Goten, 'My Thingy Box? What the heck is tha- Oh yeah right, Xbox.'

"Goten, how do we play tag on my Xbox?" questioned Trunks, raising an eyebrow at Goten. Before Goten could answer, Gohan stepped in. Trunks' eyes went as wide as saucers. "GOHAN! How did you find our Lair Of Doom?" asked Trunks nervously. Gohan shrugged,

"Your Lair of Doom is in a janitor's closet?" said Gohan. Trunks and Goten nodded. "Nevermind, why are you guys hiding here?" asked Gohan. Goten opened his mouth to explain a seemingly useless opinion on why they were there, but Trunks beat him to it.

"We are hiding from Dad's wrath. Although, I think he might have calmed down. It has been two hours!" said Trunks nervously, pacing around in the little space the janitor's closet provided, before he shut the door, which was still open. Before he could move away, he heard noises coming from the outside. Putting his ear on the door, his eyes went as wide as saucers... again. "It's Dad! Quick, Hide!" whispered Trunks as he hid under a box. Goten looked around and hid under the crossword. Gohan was left with nowhere to hide.

"Ah, screw this." he said as he hid behind himself. How he managed that, nobody knows. The closet opened, and a spiky haired person stepped in, closing the door. He sat down on the floor, before he raised his voice, saying

"I can still feel power levels. Come out." he said as Trunks came out from under a box, Goten jumped out from the crossword. Gohan was still nowhere to be seen, "Gohan, come out now." he said as Gohan appeared out of nowhere.

"Vegeta? What are you doing her-" Gohan asked before the door opened, with Krillin coming in. He waved at the others, and the others, except Vegeta who grunted, waved back at him.

"Hey guys!" said Krillin, as he closed the door and sat down. Trunks sat down as well, along with Goten. Gohan was still standing and was amazed at how five persons could fit in such a small space. Trunks started talking to Goten, when he noticed that Goten was drooling at piece of rotten cabbage on the floor.

For some strange reason, Vegeta agreed to play poker with Gohan and Krillin. They had found a stack of cards in a random box and took it. Minutes passed, and Vegeta was having the upper hand in the game.

"Full house!" he yelled as he slamed down his five cards on the floor, showing three aces and a pair of fours. Gohan's grin disappeared as he slowly put his cards on the floor, he had nothing. Krillin, likewise, dropped his cards. Vegeta laughed manically and grabbed the pot, which was full of dust seeing as they didn't have any money to play with.

Suddenly someone burst in with a pistol, the person quickly yelled, "Cash over or ya will be shot!", The demi-sayians, the human, and the full-blooded sayian all halted their activities to see who has been stupid enough to try and rob sayians with a miserable pistol. Vegeta was the first one to recognize the hair. "Kakarot? What the hell are you doing with a gun?"

Gohan, being the second one to notice that the person barging in was indeed his father, noticed a bottle was in Goku's hand, said, "Dad, is that... whiskey?"

The only respond he got was the same bottle being thrown at his head by Goku, Gohan dodged it, saying "I knew this would hav- Ahh, I am tired of saying this, any volunteers?" before an empty bottle hit him in the head and made him pass out.

Goten raised his hand and cried, "Me! Me! I knew this would have happened.", Vegeta got the Evil Vegeta Smirk (TM) on his face as he stood up, cards flying eveywhere.

"Kakarot, lets figh-" before being cut off by a whiskey bottle hitting his head. Goku screamed as he dropped his gun, he cried, "Noooo! That had da whiskey in da!". Vegeta was rubbing his poor head when he noticed that the back of his head was hurting.

"Kakarot! What the hell are you doing?" he said as he spun around and kicked Goku out of his hair, Goku tried to jump back but was kicked away by Vegeta. He angrily said, "Drinking da wasted whiskey! Now ya shall die with ma switchblade!" as he pointed a hobo knife, which he drawed out of nowhere, at Vegeta.


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