Hello! This is a new fic that had been developing rapidly in my mind after I've read Routine written by Life's-Black-Rose-Petal-Gilly. Even though the fic was short, it had an amount of substance which managed to wrap up a series in shortness. And I'm never the one who would turn down a good angst plot in my head.

WARNING: Take note that this will be a RedxGold fic whereby Red will be at the age of 19 while Gold at the age of 15. Also, there will be pedophilia involved.


Ever since Gold had defeated Red at the mountain, the two had gotten closer towards each other. Or rather, that would be what Gold assumed because in the eyes of many, it was Gold who had gotten closer to Red. It was a one-sided situation or so to speak. But then again, who can really tell what Red was really thinking? He had never offered a opinion of what he thought of Gold even though the latter spoke plenty about the stoic trainer.

As time flew by, Gold found himself attached to the older trainer. Normally, the feeling of having one of his friends going somewhere for a long period of time didn't affect him much as long as he knew that they would be fine. However, Gold just couldn't stop pondering about Red's welfare.

A lone man with merely a thin black shirt and jacket standing on top of the world's famed Mountain Silver known for its sheer coldness. Who wouldn't?

Everyday as per Green's suggestion, Gold would march onto the top of the Mountain and tried to convince Red to come back to ground. Soon, Gold found out he couldn't accomplish anything verbally and had to personally pull Red down by the hand by force. As to why Red didn't even bother to resist, no one would know.

Once they were back on ground, Gold would happily drag him to home whereby there is warmth. He had managed to purchase the cheapest apartment at Viridian City to keep in touch with Red and Green. More of the latter than the former in some cases. Even with Red's stoic expression throughout the whole time, Gold never let his bright and cheerful composition falter as he resumed to his usual nonsensical chattering even though Red wasn't giving much feedback.

Finally when it was nighttime, Gold pulled Red onto the bed while he took the couch. Again, Red didn't even respond to that decision. Gold gave a short 'good night' before closing the door behind him. That's when his facade started to give way as his eyes were downcast towards the floor in disappointment.

Maybe he wasn't good enough?

Ever since that day where Gold brought Red home for the first time, every morning Gold would walk back up to his room and found an empty bed with the sheets and pillows unmoved from their positions. There was no sign of anyone even lying on it. Perhaps Red made the bed before he made his way back to Mountain Silver. Gold shook his head and chuckled, almost sadly, at the prospect. Red? No way.

Almost everyday Gold would hike up the Mountain Silver once again to accompany Red while most of the time, he would drag Red down with him when the sky started to turn orange. And every time, despite Gold knowing what he would get, he would get up early in the morning to check if Red was at his room.

No one.

It was becoming a tedious routine. One which a ever changing person like Gold had trouble adapting to. However, Gold seemed to be determined to live through this routine because Red was involved. He was becoming an emotional attached puppy. The thought almost made him blanch. Who would enjoy an annoying and clingy puppy sticking onto someone like a leech? He was surprised Red hadn't called his Pokemon to ward him off his quiet and silent world.

Gold was just a crack in that peaceful paradise.

Even though he admitted to that fact, he remained unwavering in sticking with Red.

One day when Gold was about to climb back up to Mountain Silver as per normal, he noticed one of the citizens mentioned something about men in black suits patrolling Mountain Silver. Normally, it would not be much of a worry but Gold had a distinct feeling that those black suits the citizens mentioned related to something at the back of his mind. Unable to shake the feeling of unease off, he decided to delay his meeting with Red to investigate.

That's what had landed him at the Upper Mountainside of Mountain Silver, hiding behind a large rock while observing the said men in black suits.

"Man, this mountain is as tough as what people said," One of the men in black suit complained.

Gold tried to take a closer look and discovered a very familiar 'R' logo on the front of the men's shirts. Team Rocket.

The other grunt grunted, "Yeah but if we don't get back with the kid, the boss is going to have our throat."

"This is annoying. I don't get how someone could live up here," The first grunt cried out in distress. "But let's capture the kid before the boss calls us. We got to show that we're not completely worthless as grunts."

"Don't you think I knew that?" The female grunt snapped impatiently.

Capture? Could they be talking about Red? Gold thought as he tried to process their conversation. If they were going for Red, it would be obvious that they would be no match for the renowned Pokemon Master. In any case, it would be wise to warn Red beforehand.

As Gold made a move to hike up to the summit, he didn't notice the twigs laid out on the floor by the grunts in any case there was an eavesdropper. For grunts, they were quite smart in ensuring their plans would not be foiled in any way.

"Who is there?" The grunt demanded and let out his Zubat to use supersonic at the eavesdropper.

"Argh!" Gold cried out and covered his ears in an attempt to block out the high pitched noise. When the noise faded away in a matter of seconds, he reached out to his pokeball to withdraw his Typlosion for a battle.

"Oh no you don't. Zubat, air slash!" The grunt ordered.

Before Gold could even think, a series of air slashes flew past his skin while tearing some of the skin off in slices accompanied by a gust of wind thrown in his way, almost ripping his body apart. He groaned when his body fell onto the soft snow like a ragdoll. He could hardly even breathe.

"Hey look," The female grunt called out as she motioned Gold. "Black hair, a cap and in red. Do you think it's the one the boss is looking for?"

"The boss never gave us a picture or a clearer description," One of the grunts grunted and squatted down beside the unconscious boy. "But he seemed to be the closest to what we're searching for. Plus, we just can't leave him out here now that he had heard what we've said. If chances are good, he may very well be the one we're looking for."

"Alright. I will report to the boss," The female grunt said and took out her phone. "The boss ordered us to bring the boy. Let's get a move on."


When Gold opened his eyes, he could only see a few shapes made out of blurry spots. It took awhile before his eyes were able to adjust to the brightness of the room and his surroundings gradually became sharpened. The room he was in was surrounded by pure white as there was a huge lighting equipment shining down harshly onto his face. No wonder his eyes took such a long time to adjust.

Another thing he noticed was that he couldn't get up when he tried to. Hell, he couldn't even move his hands and feet. His limbs felt as though they were bound to hard solid wall which in reality, was only a long metal table which he was lying on.

"The boy has awoken," One of the man in a white lab coat reported as he approaches.

"Wh-where am I?" Gold demanded in a hoarse voice. Red… where is Red?

As if the man was capable of telepathy, he spoke, "We were unfortunate that we couldn't find the one we were looking for but we are in urgent need of a subject. It would be most preferred to be the Pokemon Master but that requirement was abolished after you defeated him, Gold."

How did this man know his name?

"Weren't you listening? I asked, where am I?" Gold demanded once again after the burning feeling at his throat was washed away.

"I don't think there is a need for you to know," The man replied obnoxiously. "But I'm sure you would want to know of my name next. My name is simply known as Purge around here."

Gold narrowed his eyes and spat on Purge's face with hostility flashing warningly in his eyes. "I don't give anything to what you are. I just want to know where the heck am I and why are you keeping me here!" Gold seethed through gritted teethes as if he was a hissing cat baring its fangs.

Purge wiped the spit off his face with his sleeves with an undisturbed gaze in his ruby red eyes. "I told you that you don't have to know that. However, a disobedient child requires a punishment." He spoke in a calm tone and backhanded Gold in the face.

"Go to hell," Gold said through tightly clenched teeth as his face was forced to turn to the side by the impact.

"I expected you to be this stubborn," Purge remarked while a smirk was starting to form. He leant down and grasped Gold's cheeks with a hand. "At least this would be a fun experience for both of us. It would be my first time having someone such as yourself as my subject."

Gold glowered at him dangerously and tried to wrench himself free from the grasp. "I'm not going to be your subject. I'm not going to be your anything other than your worst enemy!"

"Unluckily for you, there is not much choice in the matter," He pointed out huskily as his face had gotten nearer towards Gold's face, making the boy disgusted that he could feel the breath tingling on his skin. "So I suggest you keep quiet and enjoy the time we will have," He suggested and silenced any protests Gold would have with his lips.

Gold's eyes widened in shock and disgust at the feeling of having Purge's slimy mouth rubbing against his own dry soft ones. He kept squirming against the bonds, trying with some hope to snap them apart so he could escape. But he couldn't. The bonds were too tight. He was trapped in his own position while Purge took advantage of him. He felt so pathetic that he couldn't even fight back against this man. It was humiliating.

"Ah, that was good," Purge remarked as he wiped off the excess saliva off his mouth.

"Die, you sick pervert," Gold cursed shakily as his body remained trembling at the unappetizing kiss.

"I'm sure that your will would be distinguished in the near future. I can assure you that this will not be the worst compared to what I have in mind for you, my little subject." Purge gave a smug look and injected some sort of liquid from a syringe he took out from the pocket of his labcoat.

Gold hissed at the feeling of a slight shock when the needle pierced through his skin causing his body to tense up before it relaxed too soon for comfort when the liquid was fully injected into his system. He could feel the numbness at the spot whereby it was injected spread throughout his whole body like a wildfire. His head was also starting to throb with indescribable pain before he was caught in the darkness's embrace and his body fell limp.

I tried to transfer what I visualize into the fic as much as possible to make it an easier read for all of you. I hope that I wasn't going overboard with anything in the process. I'm still contemplating whether I should leave this fic to a rating of T or M since I have no plans in including smut in this fic. Only that there will be SMALL HINTS of it.

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