Hey hey hey!!! Just decided to give you guys a teaser while we are all waiting on the concluding chapters of Inner Conflicts. This just popped into my head and I had to post it. I figured, hey, people are starting to like the Lance/Kurt pairing, and most are resigned to the fate they are heading towards in my angst filled story. So...I decided to break down and give you this one to make most of you happy. And believe it or not, it's humor!! Quite rare right now. . . For those of you who haven't read Inner Conflicts, it's a very angsty piece involving rape, mind torture, and all the bad stuff between Lance and Kurt. Since this is a more upbeat and sweeter version, there will be some guy/guy relationships, only not so graphic. :)

"Oh My God...We're Gay!""...We?"

Kitty was not a happy person.

And it all started with that stupid little rumor.

Sure, she had been mad at Lance and couldn't help herself. At the time, it was the only thing that she could think of.

How was she suppose to know that Tabitha would come along and fuel the rumor?

Now it was what almost everybody talked about.

Kitty Pryde, dumped by Lance Alvers.

How humiliating.

She had dumped him!!!

But it was suppose to be temporary.

Her breath caught in her chest when she spotted Lance walking in her direction. He pointedly ignored her, having become aware of some of the rumors.

She gave a start when Kurt walked past her.

He didn't even say hi. Must have been distracted over something.

Not that it mattered.

If he had smiled at her and said "hi" she probably would have burst into tears.

Kurt and Lance bumped into each other.

Both of them looked at each other, and continued on their way without apologizing to each other.

People who spotted them started murmuring again.

Kitty wanted to scream.

Thanks to her, Lance and Kurt were the most talked about cutest and mismatched couple of Bayville High.

The funny thing was... they didn't even know it yet.