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"Oh My God...We're Gay!""...We?"
Part 4

The next day wasn't any better for the two mutants, and since neither one knew what exactly was going on, they were alone in their misery and paranoia. Not that it mattered. One would doubt that Lance and Kurt would seek each other for answers at a time like this.

Meanwhile, Kitty was struggling to keep from hyperventaliting. Who knew that rumors could grow so far out of control! It was only a matter of time before someone let something slip to the others. Somehow, she really doubted that gentle Kurt would remain gentle when he found out that he and Lance supposedly swapped spit in the janitor's closet during lunch last week.

It didn't help when people passed by, giving her either the evil look for lord knows what reason. Maybe being the cause of the supposed love tuffle? It made her face burn in shame.


The girl yelped and whirled around. "It wasn't my fault, I swear!" she said, her voice going into a high pitch tone.

"Jeez, lighten up, will you?" came Rogue's annoyed voice. "Isn't your class room in the other direction?"

Kitty looked around and realized that she was no where near her classroom. The bell began to ring.

"Oops, see ya," said Rogue, ducking into her class.

"Oh, man!"


Kurt was now beyond confused. And bordering hysteria. He would barely have enough time to pull back from people reaching out to touch them, which still resulted badly. Several girls would ruffle his hair, saying how cute he was... and then would try to touch his face. Knowing that they would feel fur, he'd pull back... only to have the girls leave in disgust and claiming to feel offended. What was wrong with people?

And the jocks of the school... if he weren't so quick and agile... he would have found himself flat on his face several times in the last two days. Could it be that they knew what he was?

But then wouldn't they suspect his friends, too?

At that moment, someone bumped into him.

"Watch it, geek!"

Kurt's temper flared. "Alvers!"

Around them, people stopped and either laughed, gasped, or "ooo"ed. Both mutants, realizing that they were being watched rather closely, immediately walked their separate ways... anger gone, replaced by utter confusion.

Some kids chuckled, others snorted in disgust. But something a girl near him said confused him even more. "He's so much better away from him."


Okay, Lance was growing pissed. He had been trying to get to class unnoticed, trying to scare off a few people that were staring at him, or following him, or talking about him.

Well, he could only assume they were talking about him, considering that they were whispering to one another while looking at him.

He was lost in his own thoughts when he had crashed into one of the X-geeks... the Nightcrawler. Temper flared and he lashed out. "Watch where you're going, geek!" he growled out, pushing Kurt aside.

"Alvers," blue boy had grounded out.

If anything, that seemed to have caught the attention of the people around them rather quickly.

Mutual agreement made them separate, and as he moved away, he could have sworn he heard someone call him a, "Wife-beater."

Where the hell did that come from?

Lance began to seriously think about dropping out. If anything, to get away from the morons that plagued this school.

They gave him a headache.


November 12

Oh, this is so stupid! I wish that I didn't say anything that day I fought with Lance.

Well, let's get down to the point. Somehow, people think that Lance is gay, and not only that, he is, or was, going out with Kurt. I mean, okay, I maybe, like, understand why they think Lance is gay. My mistake, I called him that. But, Kurt?

I've been finding degrading notes in my locker that make me want to cry, and not that they're hurting my feelings... but... how am I gonna set things right?

And Lance has had his locker vandalized too, graffiti and stuff like that. Oh my gosh, what is he gonna say when he finds out that this is my fault? No, wait, it's not really my fault, someone had to have spread this little bit.

I'm going to find out who started this whole Kurt and Lance thing and make them take it all back. That's what I'll do. I just hope those two can, like, forgive me.



Evan watched as Kurt and Scott talked to each other like always before splitting up and heading to class. Jean had already dumped them for Duncan, so Scott was left with nothing else to do.

And Kurt just didn't like heading off to class early anymore.

Evan briefly wondered whether or not it had something to do with what he heard. But how to ask Kurt? You can't just go up to your best friend and ask, "Hey, are you shagging a guy?"

Somehow, he doubted Kurt would respond that question with anything less than a punch to the face, especially if it were false. But if it were true.... he just couldn't see Kurt like that. After all, didn't he like Kitty?

Then again... he did hang around Scott a lot. Could it be Scott? Not that Scott was like that, cause he was crushing big time on Jean. Maybe Scott swung both ways? But what a freakish way he's be swinging. Not that having a crush on Kurt should be considered freakish because of his looks.

"Gah!" Evan's head began hurt.

The warning bell rang.


Bayville's school nurse raised an eyebrow. "Another one?" she asked. "What is it with today..."

"What do you mean?" asked Kitty, in complete misery.

"You're the fourth one to show up asking for headache medicine."

"Oh... that's nice..."


Tabitha and her new found friends were all sitting across the school yard, spying on their current projects.

"Day 2," said one named Rika.

Next to her, another girl was scribbling in a note book.

"Subjects are distant, and no eye contact between them. Homewrecker has so far attempted to catch both subjects seperately, and has failed. Homewrecker is currently sitting with the nuetrals looking pleasantly miserable. Analasis?"

A third girl, chewing on chocolate pocky, chirped in... "Commensing Make-up Operation is strongly suggested!"

Tabitha grinned, adjusting her binnoculars. Both Kurt and Lance came into view. "Mission accepted!"