Seeing is Believing

As I made a new friend who is

Strange to everyone else in the world

He shares his secret to me that he is

Seeing monsters and his allergies to them

Eventually, I started to believe in him

But I couldn't see the monsters he interacted with

Even if I go to adventures with him

I was sad that when things get serious

I'm not useful

So there's nothing I can do

As I see Zick's father and Teddy's family leaving

To battle the Gorkas and Dark Phantoms I find sympathy

From my little Puffy

I know what's he feeling but he doesn't have to be sad for me

As there's nothing I can do to stop this mess

I saw Purrcy has made a new friend and I recognized that face

It's Jeremy the cat whose been acting strange as he orders me

To leave Zick's house in a harsh manner

I witnessed him zapping poor Purrcy and left of

But he went the wrong direction and what's his problem anyway?

So Puffy gives me an idea to follow him

The time I did that is in the night

I followed him throughout the sewers

And he disappeared like he didn't exist

Then I was given a fright of my life as I saw him hanging in a pipe

The look on his eyes feels like there's something wrong with him

He almost zapped me and I wonder why did he do that

The evil smile from his lips says that he's doing all this to Magnacat

Then the revelation has hit me: he's been under his control

Looks like it's the end for me

Just then something invisible attacked him and knocked him out

I know it's the Digesting Plant

Too bad I couldn't see him but he's a great help

I asked him to give Jeremy back because

He's still my friend

I bring him to Zick's house for an explanation

After explaining I set to find Zick on my own

I know Greta is filled with worries

That it's too dangerous for me

But she has no other choice since I know where Magnacat's hideout

She says that it's the right moment to give me a present

What is that present anyway?

She just covered my eyes and before I know it

Bombo appears in my sight

That means I can see him, but the Bobaks, Bursties, and Snyakutz Bu all appear

For the first time of seeing monsters

I went into a group hug with them

I also see Zick's ghostly grandparents

And I was filled with tears of joy

As I thanked Greta for his gift

I went to the sewers for the Digesting Plant

In surprise that I can see him

I hugged him and he gives me a ride to Magnacat's lair

Then I was dropped off

I just thought if my folks knew how I spend my days

I walked to the secret entrance to see Magnacat

I was scared of finally see him in his true form the first time

Not only that, I found out Zick has lost his powers

Therefore, he doesn't see him anymore

That gives me a brilliant idea

I walked to Zick and ignored Magnacat

Of course, they didn't know I can finally see the leader of the Gorkas himself

So I just pretended not to see him in order to rescue

I jumped into a wire and swing around

I knocked Magnacat down for him to be off his guard

Zick is confused by this

So I explained I can see monsters now

I know he doesn't have his powers

Well I guess I have to guide him then

I could tell Zick is confused

Zick and I are headed to Bibbur-Si

For the first time, I can see what the monster city is like

I have to guide him in order to get through this

We eventually found Timothy and explained the situation

I also told him I become a Monster Keeper

As the Dark Phantoms are about to attack

We headed to a lever to activate the Anti-Ghost shield

The ghosts are repelled and I danced with joy

To another monster, that is

I could say Zick is still confused with all this

The next morning Jeremy is planning on quitting watch Zick's house

But I suggested to keep that position as I find it wonderful of seeing monsters

I tried to console Zick that the monsters are trying to entertain him

But he's still depressed as he got his wish of being a normal kid

I know someday, he can see the monsters again, including Bombo