Callen and Deeks walked side by side out of the mission, their gym bags slung over their shoulders. The sky was dark, as they walked towards their parked cars, once Callen had locked up. The rest of the Ops team had long gone home. Even Hetty had called it a night a couple of hours before. G and Deeks had, however, decided to stay behind and have a sparring session in the gym.

It wasn't the first time they'd stayed behind together. Ever since they had discovered that they were half brothers Callen had figured that, since he was Deeks' older brother, it was his duty to try and train Deeks a little. Deeks was already a skilled fighter, but Callen had long ago lost count of the number times Deeks would have a black eye or a grazed cheek because he left himself open during a fist fight. It seemed to be paying off, with Sam and Kensi both commenting to Callen that Deeks had improved. Hetty had noticed the difference too.

The sparring sessions, which usually happened about once every two weeks, were a key part of the bonding process that Callen and Deeks had subconsciously entered into, getting to know each other outside of work, as brothers, and not just team mates. Callen now spent more time socializing with the detective than he ever had before.

Sam too was making an effort, as he saw g as part of his family and with Deeks now being Callen's half brother, it made him part of Sam's family as well. Neither Callen nor Deeks had told Sam much about Brandell, which told Sam enough. The guy obviously wasn't good news, and Sam already knew enough from what Deeks had told him before the revelation to know that the detective hadn't had the best of childhoods.

It, however, amused Sam that his partner had told him that Brandell was in fact dead. G knew that Sam would have gone after Brandell if the man was still alive and out of prison. The knowledge that Sam possessed indicated to the former SEAL that it was highly probable that Brandell had abused Deeks when the Detective was still a kid, and possibly Callen as well before Callen had arrived in America, was enough to make Sam angry. Child abuse cases had always angered Sam, but since his own daughters had been born it had made it worse. Especially given that in involved at lease one member of his team, and possibly his partner as well (whom Sam considered to be family, it was intolerable.

In contrast to the changing relationship between Callen and Deeks, and Sam and Deeks by extension, the partnership between Deeks and Kensi had remained unchanging. They still teased one another and flirted with one another and tried to deny the unresolved sexual tension that rolled between them. She was more sensitive about brining up Deeks' past, especially his childhood, but other than that nothing had changed the way that they interacted.

As far as Callen and Deeks were concerned, however, everything was re-adjusting from the way things had been, to the way things would be form now on, rather smoothly. Both men were getting used to the idea of their shared parentage, their shared blood. It would be a slow progress, considering that they had, for most of their lives, been alone, but they had faith that they, and the rest of the team would overcome the situation, and that things would turn out well.

If it didn't, well, Hetty was going to knock some heads together until it did.


G, Sam and Kensi were summoned up to ops by the sound of Eric's whistle. They exchanged curious glances and hurried up, none of them missing the look on Eric's face, each of them unknowingly having the same thought.

'Please don't let it involve Deeks… Please don't let it involve Deeks.'

Deeks was away, working on a deep undercover op with L.A.P.D. It was the first time he'd been away since 'the revelation' (as everyone had jokingly to call it). Callen and Deeks had decided that it was best if L.A.P.D. didn't know about how they were brothers. At the same time no one above Hetty in the organisational structure of Hetty, including Vance, was to be informed, considering the possibility that Deeks could loose his liaison position in NCIS.

The trio walked into the ops centre to find Nell and Eric apprehensively watching Hetty pace the room, a scowl on her face. Callen cleared his throat, and she looked up at them, stopping her pacing

"I have just received a phone call from the head of the internal affairs branch of LAPD," she told them, "it appears that Deeks was working undercover for them."

Kensi's legs bucked a little, and she leaned heavily against a bench beside Sam. Callen put his hands on the back of Nell's chair, which the Intel analyst had dropped heavily into.

"Deeks has missed his last two check ins. His home is deserted, and he was last seen almost three days ago, when he took his car from his home and drove off to a meet."

"Damn it," Sam growled, voicing the thoughts of everyone else in the room (more or less). Callen was tightly gripping Nell's chair, fighting to keep his mask in place and shield his emotions. Only Hetty and Sam, who knew him the best, could see how much the news had unsettled him.

Nell and Eric were already taking action, their hands moving across their computer keyboards so quickly that none of the others could actually see what it was that they were actually typing. The room was silent except for the sound of pressing keys. That was, until Nell spoke.

"Uh oh,"

"Uh oh what, Miss Jones?' Hetty asked.

"His phones turned off. It hasn't been on since before the last time he was sighted. The last transmission from it was when it was at Deeks' house, three days ago." She looked guiltily up that the rest of the team.

"I'm trying to get a location on his car," Eric reported, watching as his computer scanned through numerous camera angles as the computer scanned through, looking for a car that matched the licence plate and description of Deeks'.

"What case was he working on, Hetty?' Sam asked.

Hetty sighed, "Deeks has infiltrated a street gang. LAPD internal Affairs had some reports of a group of officers were being paid off in order to get the crimes committed by the gang dropped, or completely ignored. Deeks had successfully gotten into the gang, and he had gathered some evidence against the dirty cops in question, however if he and internal affairs wanted to be able to prosecute they would need more evidence. Three nights ago Deeks reported that he was about to go to meet up with members of the gang, but nothing has been heard from him since."

"Something happened at the meet," Sam reasoned.

"It would appear so," Hetty agreed.

"Guys, I've got a fix on Deeks' car. It's parked in a car park along the beach."

"How long's it been there?' Callen asked, slipping into special agent mode. His own personal feelings could be dealt with later. Eric typed something in, and began to rewind the footage of camera that Deeks' car was shown in, before he stopped it, and hit a few keys, making it play again. Deeks' car pulled into the slot, and Deeks himself got out, wearing a pair of torn dark jeans, and a black jacket, and carrying a black balaclava in his hands. He shut the car door and locked the car up, shooting a glance at the camera, before he walked away from the car. Eric paused the footage before Deeks walked out of the shot.

That was taken the evening that Deeks was to meet up with the gang," he told them, reading the timestamp on the video. Nell brought up various other cameras' feed from that area of town on that night, and they watched Deeks' progress, until he walked into a shady area of the city, where the street cameras were all broken, smashed, or not functioning at the time. Callen huffed in frustration.

"Damn it Deeks, where are you?" he said. Only Nell heard him though, and she looked up at him sympathetically.

"We'll get him back," she said reassuringly to him.


Callen checked his Kevlar vest, before checking his gun. Beside him both Sam and Kesni were doing the same thing. Satisfied that everything was in working order, and that his Kevlar was sitting right, G assumed a ready pose, waiting for the others to finish checking their own equipment.

Locating Deeks had not been overly difficult, but it had been time consuming. Callen had had to talk at length to a couple of members of the same gang that Deeks had gained membership of, and after some pressure from the two agents, the gang members confessed that they hadn't know that Deeks was L.A.P.D, and that he'd been generally well liked by the members of the gang, but the five dirty members of L.A.P.D. had shown a keen interest in the detective, taking him from the meeting for some drinks. No-one had seen Deeks since. It had been assumed that he'd been arrested for something, and that soon the cops would call, demanding a sum of money in order to secure the release of one of the gang's newest members.

That news in hand, Nell went to work looking up the five dirty cops in question. Four of them had all worked in partnership with the fifth, who appeared to be the one behind it all. His name was Simon Grange, and he was a lieutenant. He came from a wealthy family, and upon the death of his father and inheriting his families money, Simon had invested the money in a company that produced computer components en masse in a factory not far out of L.A. The factory had burned down six months prior, and the company had gone bust, leaving Simon with nothing. That knowledge in hand, they'd gone looking for Simon and the other accused dirty cops. Only two had been found, and Simon Grange was among the missing, so the team found themselves at the factory. Callen could feel in his gut that this was where Deeks was being held.

Their weapons and body armour in place, Callen lead his team up to the building. Eric was watching alternative exits any fleeing individuals might take up in the ops centre, so Callen was confident that no one would escape without being spotted.

The trio entered the building, guns raised. There were three levels of the factory, although the damage from the fire was extensive. It was in danger of collapsing. Callen hoped that it would be able to stay up until after they'd gotten Deeks out. The structural damage was rather significant after all.

Thankfully, though, the team had Eric and Nell, who had a satellite thermal image feed of the building, and the four other occupants, not including the team. Cautiously they spread out, looking for any sign of Deeks, heading for the other people in the building.

Sam took the ground floor, and quickly found one of the dirty cops, alone. Sam shot the man in the leg, and disarmed him in a short struggle. On the first level, Kensi too was quickly successful in locating another if the dirty cops. The detective fired at her, but she dodged and returned fire with lethal accuracy.

Callen stalked through the uppermost level of the factory, which was littered with old machine parts and storage crates, creating a maze. He followed Nell's instructions, relayed to him through is ear piece, and moved towards the last two remaining unidentified people.

Callen stepped into a room at the end of the floor, with his gun raised. He felt his gut clench when he took in the occupants of the room. Simon Grange, a psychotic smirk spread on his face, holding Deeks up by the scruff of his jacket. The rouge cop was grasping a gun in his spare hand, holding it at Deeks' head. Deeks was only half conscious, blood trickling down from his mouth, his jacket was gone, and his shirt was ripped and bloody. He'd obviously taken a serious beating and his legs weren't supporting Deeks' weight either, leaving Grange the only thing holding the detective upright.

"Another step and he's dead." Grange sneered, jabbing the gun into Deeks' face. Deeks shifted away, blearily opening his bruised eyes, the blue orbs looking defeated.

"G," he croaked hoarsely, another trail of blood coming from his mouth from the effort it needed to say the single letter. It was a significant moment for their relationship, Callen realised. Deeks was looking up to him to save his life, to stop the men from getting away with betraying the LAPD, an organisation that Deeks was proud to serve.

"It'll be okay, Marty," Callen replied, using his brother's given name for the first time, reassuring his little brother, while at the same time maintaining a professional image for Grange.

"Like hell he is. He's a dead man, just like you are,' Grange sneered, looking down at Deeks and giving him a shake. G. took advantage of the distraction, and fired his gun one. One shot was all he needed to hit Simon Grange in the head, splattering the wall behind the psychopath with blood. He immediately dropped to the ground limply, and Deeks collapsed to the floor with a groan. Callen leapt forward, ignoring the creaking of the floorboards as they protested against his weight, and the body of Simon Grange, kneeling beside Deeks. He put his hand on his brother's shoulder, and Deeks feebly stirred, looking weakly up at Callen.

"Nice shot," he whispered. G smiled.

"I'd show you how to do it, but you're already pretty good yourself." He told Deeks as he took in his bother's injuries. They looked serious. The detective needed urgent medical attention. Callen had no idea where the rest of the team was. He'd heard gunshots, but other than that nothing.

'The floor," Deeks croaked out urgently. Callen spun around, seeing the cracks forming in the woodwork beneath them, and the cracking if the supports around them gave way.

"Sam, Kensi, get out, the buildings collapsing," Callen yelled, throwing himself protectively over Deeks as the floor beneath them gave way. Callen, Deeks, a large amount of debris and the body of Grange plummeted through the air, hitting, and going straight through the floor of the first level, before they landed on the concrete floor of the ground level in an explosion of dust and rubble. The walls and roof of the building, however, had staid up, reducing the amount of debris.

Thankfully Sam and Kensi had been clear of where Deeks and Callen had fallen, having been trying to clear the stairway of rubble from a building collapse which had occurred after Callen had gone up to the third level. Hearing the crash they both turned, and ran towards the mound of debris, rubble, and dust, waving their hands in front of their faces to try and clear the dust.

"G," Sam called urgently as the approached the heap

"Deeks," Kensi added as she began to circle the pile, looking for any sign of her partner.


"Eric, we need two ambulances here, G and Deeks are down." Sam reported to the ops centre.

"Got it Sam, they're about five minutes away," Eric replied. Sam tried to relax, knowing that medical assistance was not far way and that G and Deeks would get the help they would probably need soon. He mentally thanked Eric for having the foresight to have paramedics on standby nearby at the beginning of the op.

"What's their condition, Mr. Hanna.?" Hetty asked.

"Don't know yet, the floor beneath them collapsed and they fell two storied. We're still trying to find them," he coughed as he inhaled dust, continuing to search for the rest of his team in the rubble. They soon found Grange's body, covered in dirt, and dust. Not long after they found G, draped protectively, half on top of Deeks, both of them pale faced, bloodied, and very dusty. Sam crouched down beside his partner, not wanting to move him for fear of a back injury.

Sam found himself praying, since Callen was lying so still, but he was relived to feel the steady beat beneath his fingers. Callen's pulse was fine, and he looked relatively alright, except for the bloody gash on his head that was bleeding.

Kensi was on the other side, checking Deeks over as the best she could, with G half on top of him. Deeks was unconscious, like his older sibling, and also was bleeding from a gash on his head, his hair streaked with dust and blood. His skin was pale, even though it was still covered in dirt and dust. Gingerly Kensi touched her partner's throat, and let out a sigh of relief when she felt his pulse beneath her fingertips. It wasn't as strong as it was normally, but it was there, and that was all that mattered, for now.

The two conscious members of the team could hear the approaching wail of the ambulances, and both of them could feel their relief building up within them. Help was at hand.


Callen groaned as he felt himself regain consciousness. His body ached all over, and he could tell that he was in hospital without needing to open his eyes.

"G, you with me buddy?" he heard Sam say, and he turned his head towards the noise, opening his yes as he went. He was relieved to see Sam standing at his bedside, Nell a few paces behind and to the side. Both of them looked alright, tired, but uninjured.

"Sam?" G said, before coughing.

"Easy, G, take it easy. You just chill. God you scare me sometimes.

"Deeks?" Callen said, remembering why he was in hospital, the fall, himself covering Deeks, trying to protect his little bother's already battered body.

Sam and Nell looked at each other, and Sam frowned, "alright I owe you twenty bucks," the former SEAL admitted to the analyst, who smiled, before Sam turned his attention to Callen.

"Yeah, he's going to be okay, eventually. You probably saved his life by covering him like you did. Kensi and Hetty are with him.

"How bad is he hurt?' Callen asked.

"A few broken ribs, pretty nasty concussion, dehydration, exhaustion, bruised collarbone, couple of loose teeth, shallow gunshot wound to the arm, bruising, cuts, and grazes," listed Nell. Sam was smiling now.

"Nothing that you haven't already experienced. They think he'll pull through fine. He hasn't woken up yet, but they're not expecting him to."

"How long has it been?"

"Since you decided to drop in on us, only twenty hours. Hetty knows what you're like, and so do the doctors, so they sedated you while they check you over. How do you feel?"

"Sore," Callen admitted.

"Yeah, well, falling two stories does that to you. You're lucky you didn't break anything. You're okay except for being a bit battered and bruised. You think you're too old for jumping or falling out of moving cars, you're definitely too old to go falling through the floor." Sam said. G rolled his eyes.

"I better go and tell Hetty you're awake." Nell smiled, before she hurried of out of the room.

"She's been running messages between your room and Deeks' ever since you both got settled into your rooms." Sam explained to Callen, who nodded in understanding, wincing at the resulting pain. He raised his hand and felt the bandage on his forehead.

"At some point during your little death dive you hit something with your head," Sam explained, "naturally, like all head wounds, it bled heaps."

G chuckled, and leaned back a little. It seemed that Deeks was going to make a full recovery. At that precise moment, things were good.

Sam flicked through a magazine, sensing that Callen wanted some quiet, but the silence was short lived, when Hetty bustled into the room.

"Hi Hetty," Callen greeted, wincing as he sat up a little bit in his bed. The small ninja smiled at him.

"Don't sit up on my behalf Mr. Callen. You're very lucky, you and Mr. Deeks both are. A fall like that could kill a man, especially given Mr. Deeks' existing injuries."

"He'll be okay though, won't he?" Callen asked. Hetty smiled.

"Yes, he is expected to make a full recovery, given time and rest, which is something you need as well, Mr. Callen. I am sure that the world will not end if you allow yourself to rest for a few more days. I will arrange for you to, once you've recovered enough, go and visit Mr. Deeks."

Callen nodded, already feeling himself drifting off. The last thing he saw before falling asleep was Hetty watching over him protectively, Sam at her side.

Once they were sure that Callen was asleep Sam sighed and rubbed his hand over his face wearily. Despite the doctors suggesting that they had some sleep, none of them had complied, all too worried about Callen and Deeks…especially Deeks. Hetty had forced Eric to go back to Ops, since someone needed to be there to co-ordinate with LAPD, who had the dirty cop Sam had captured under surveillance in a different part of the hospital, ready to be sent to a remand centre before his trial, along with the other dirty cops that had not been at the factory.

"When are you going to offer Deeks that position as a NCIS agent, Hetty? You always said you were going to, but then nothing happened. This isn't the first time Deeks has almost been killed on a LAPD op, and his back up hasn't worked. He's going to end up being killed, and who knows what that's going to do to G. We need to get Deeks out of LAPD and into NCIS as a proper agent."

Mr. Hanna I offered Mr. Deeks the position month's age. The offer is still on the table. He said at the time that it would have felt like he was betraying LAPD, and organisation he is highly loyal to. The ball is in Mr. Deeks' court, but I do agree with your sentiments. He may be loyal to LAPD, but LAPD is not very loyal to him. I much prefer him to be working with us where his team watch his back."

Sam nodded in agreement, although he was surprised that Deeks hadn't already accepted the offer of becoming an agent. Although he accepted Hetty's suggestion, he wondered if Deeks wasn't comfortable with his place within NCIS. At LAPD Deeks was confident in his position, although he had few friends and was not well liked by those higher up in the organisation. At NICS he was still quite knew, and although he acted like an Agent most of the time, it was still a different job, which Deeks wasn't familiar with. Maybe that was the reason of Deeks' hesitation.

Either way, Sam knew that Deeks needed to sign the form, for the sake of the team. All he needed was a little encouragement.


Deeks groaned in pain as he woke up, his brain slowly beginning to function once again. He remembered being taken by the dirty cops to the factory, and being tied up. Then he'd been beaten. He reckoned that these guys must have taken lessons from his dad, because they knew where it hurt. Of course, logically, that wasn't possible, but still, by the time they'd finished kicking and punching him Deeks had been in a significant amount of pain.

At one point he'd taken a hit to the head, and he'd passed out. When he'd woken up he'd been thirty and hungry, but as did so many kidnappers, they refused to allow that. Deeks was unchained once every few hours so he could stagger to the bathroom and do his thing, before he went back to being tied up. As time had passed Deeks had felt his body giving out as the beatings continued. Then he'd heard the yelling voices of his tam, and the gunshots. Callen had come up to him, and shot Simon Grange, but then he'd walked onto the floor near Deeks, and Deeks remembered the cracking as the floor, unable to support all three men, collapsed beneath them. Then there was darkness. He was still in pain though, so he obviously wasn't dead, and the persistent beeping he could hear sounded very much like a heart monitor. Obviously he was in hospital.

He opened his eyes, and turned his head slightly, smiling when he saw Kensi sound asleep in the chair beside his bed, snoring quietly. He opened his moth to say something in order to wake her, but Hetty's voice stopped him.

"Don't even think about it, Mr. Deeks."

"Nice to see you too Hetty," Deeks smiled, quietening his voice. Kensi slept on.

"It I good to see you awake too, Mr. Deeks, but Ms. Blye is in need of her rest. Sleep has not been a plentiful commodity for your team these last few days."

"How long has it been?" Deeks asked.

"Four days since you were found and rescued, Mr. Deeks."

"Where are the others?" Deeks asked.

"Mr. Hanna is sleeping in Mr. Callen's room, or rather; he was an hour ago when I last checked on him. Ms. Jones and Mr. Beale are currently at home, and will arrive early in the morning to relieve Mr. Hanna and myself.

"How's G going?"

"He, like you is expected to make a full recovery. He woke up a couple of days ago, and has been most anxious to see you conscious once again."

"At least he's ok," Deeks said, relaxing a little, "when does he get out."

"Barring any complications I've been told by the end of the week. You, on the other hand, Mr. Deeks, have a much longer stay in store."

"Aww, Hetty, can't you bust me out with Callen. I promise I'll be good." Deeks wined. Hetty shook her head.

"No way, Mr. Deeks, and when you do get released you will certainly not be returning to your own apartment until myself and the rest of the team is convinced that you can look after yourself appropriately."

"But…where will I go?"

"Either my own home, or Ms. Blye has offered that you can stay with her. Mr. Callen wanted to, but as he is also injured and his home lack's certain essentials…such as a bed, he decided it would be better if you stayed elsewhere."

Deeks snorted, but winced as his ribs screamed in pain, "hang on, I've been gone for ages…Where's Monty. Is someone looking after him?"

"Mr. Hanna took Monty home the night after Mr. Callen woke up. Your neighbour was looking after him before that, and I do believe our honorary canine Special Agent is being rather spoiled rotten by Mr. Hanna's family."

Deeks grinned, "I hope he's happy. I miss him."

"I'm sure he will be happy to see you again. A special bond exists between a man and his dog. It is true, what they say."

"Dog is man's best friend?" Deeks asked. Hetty nodded.

"Deeks?" Kensi said as she woke up.

"Hey Fern," Deeks greeted. Kensi beamed and reached out, holding his hand.

"Don't do that again, I hate it when you get hurt…when you go missing and we don't know what on earth you're doing."

'It comes with the job, Kens," Deeks replied.

He missed the look on Kensi's face and the muttered, "Well, maybe you should get a different job," that accompanied it, but Hetty heard it and smiled to herself, leaving her two youngest team members to catch up, and instead heading to Callen's room. Now that Deeks was conscious it was probable that the two brothers would be moved to the same room, to make everything easier, but it hadn't been possible before now, due to Deeks' serious condition.

She walked into the room, and was not surprised to notice that Sam had re awoken, and that Callen was awake too.

"Hey Hetty" Sam greeted, before putting a card down on the stack on Callen's table. Obviously Sam had brought them in to occupy Callen. Callen put a card on top of Sam's quietly.

"I'm sure that you will both be pleased to know that Mr. Deeks has woken up," Hetty told them both. Callen looked up eagerly.

"Really?" he asked.

"Mr. Callen, would I joke about something like this?" Hetty asked.

Callen shook his head and immediately moved to get out of bed, only stopped when Sam reached out and grabbed his arm.

"No way, G."

"I agree with your partner, Mr. Callen. You are I no condition to go and visit Mr. Deeks."

"But he's my brother," G whined as Sam manhandled him back into bed.

"And he still will be once you've had more time to recover," Sam argued.

'"How is he?" G asked. Hetty smiled reassuringly.

"He's quite well, all things considering. He asked after you both, and after Monty. I told him that he was being spoilt by Mr. Hanna's family, which he found quite amusing."

"If my girls start asking for a dog after this, I'm blaming Deeks," Sam scowled. G snorted, knowing how Sam actually secretly rather liked Monty. Even Hetty smiled at Sam's comment.

"Whatever you say, Sam," Callen teased.

"Oh, and what is that supposed to mean?" Sam asked.

"Nothing," Callen replied innocently.

"Hmm, yeah, right. When can Deeks and Callen get put in the same room, Hetty, so they can annoy each other., because seriously, I think I can see them being related, they're both annoying."

"Hey," Callen protested. It took all of Hetty's self control not to laugh at the banter between her two most experienced agents. Sometimes they were no better than Deeks and Kensi, and sometimes they were a lot worse. The only difference was that Callen and Sam's partnership lacked the unresolved sexual tension that Deeks and Kensi's had in spades.

Now if only she could get those two to accept their feelings for one another, and everything would be perfect.


Deeks lay in his hospital bed, propped up on pillows. He was alone, for the first time it seemed since he'd been on the undercover op with LAPD. It was funny how it felt so different when he did ops with NCIS and when he did them with LAPD. With NCIS he never felt alone…he knew that there was ALWAYS someone watching his back, a stark contrast with what he'd experienced with the LAPD. Before he'd got the liaison position Deeks had never minded it, since he'd never really belonged to a family, or a team. He was a loner, and didn't know what being partners, or belonging to a team meant or felt like until he'd seen the way the Sam, G and Kensi interacted with one another, and how they'd watched each others backs during ops.

Initially he'd never thought that he would belong to such a tight knit unit, but then, one by one, the rest of the team had accepted him into the team, and he'd realised how great it was. Even though the situations they went undercover in were still highly dangerous, Deeks had never felt so safe while he was undertaking them.

It was because of this that Deeks was thinking about the folder that he had hidden in his house, the one with his application form for NCIS, and his resignation form for LAPD in it. He knew that he wasn't very well liked at LAPD, he wasn't a very good liaison officer because of it, and he'd always felt ashamed of it, but the thing was, he was pretty sure that everyone at NCIS did like him, everyone at the mission anyway. He hadn't met anyone from the other field offices yet though.

He turned his head, looking at the empty bed beside his. Callen had gone to the bathroom, but Deeks couldn't help but smile at how nice it had been. Callen had been surprisingly Hetty ever since they'd been brought into he same room. Still, nothing beat the way that Callen had greeted him once they'd finally been reunited after their respective recoveries.

Callen had been in a wheelchair, being wheeled by Sam, and Deeks had just been waking p from a nap when Callen had been wheeled in. Their eyes had locked, and, once he was beside Deeks' bed Callen had reached out, bushing his hand against Deeks', before reaching up and carding his fingers through Deeks' hair.

'Hey," Deeks had said.

"Hey," Callen had replied, 'How do you feel?"

"Better than I would have if you hadn't saved my life like that. Thanks."

"Any time, just don't get in the habit of getting caught and almost killed. I'm too young to get grey hairs."

Deeks had snorted, "You sure about that?" he'd asked jokingly. Callen had tapped his arm gently in reprimand.

"I'm not that much older than you," Callen defended.

"What ever you say, big bro," Deeks had grinned

"We'll see whose laughing next time I spar with you, and since I'm so old I won't hold back." Callen teased, and grinned at the look of panic on Deeks' face.

"That won't be for a little while, Mr. Callen," Hetty had interjected. Deeks had shot a triumphant grin at Callen.

"Teacher's pet," Callen had whispered to Deeks.

"I heard that, Mr. Callen," Hetty had scowled as Deeks had laughed, until the pain in his ribs had forced him to stop.

Even though being with the NCIS team…Callen, Kensi, Sam, Hetty, Eric and Nell… felt like his family, Deeks knew he still had ties to LAPD. They'd been the ones who had saved he and his mother from his father, they'd been the ones who had declared his shooting of his father as self defence, which in hindsight it certainly was, and a LAPD officer had been the one to get Deeks off the street and encouraged him to pursue his dreams, first of becoming a lawyer, and then throwing the study of law away and becoming a deep undercover detective. Deeks wondered what Mike would say about his situation now. Mike had always been one to encourage listening to one's heart and one's gut, and not to what everyone else was saying.

Deeks closed his eyes and listened to himself. His head was screaming at him to stop, to do this at a later time, when he'd had more time to think about it, when he wasn't doped up on pain medication, and the recent trauma of being abandoned by LAPD wasn't nearly so fresh and painful, but Deeks ignored the urgings of his head, and instead delved deeper, down to his heart (which was prattling on about Kensi a little to much for their to be no thing between them if Deeks was honest with himself) and his gut. He opened himself up to what was being said to him, and he knew that he'd made a decision.

"Deeks, you okay?" Callen's voice interrupted his musing, and Deeks' eyes flew open, watching as Callen stared at him, worry written across his face.

"Yeah, I'm good. Everything's great." Deeks reassured his older brother.


Deeks sat in his chair happily on his first day back at the mission, having finally been allowed to return to work under strict conditions from Hetty, whom he had stayed with the last week until she'd decided that he was capable of looking after himself.

Beside his desk sat Monty, his tail wagging as he smiled happily up at Deeks, thrilled to be back with his master. Deeks wasn't sure what the best part of his day had been, walking through the door of the mission, seeing his team again, or his reunion with his beloved pooch.

A sharp whistle cut through the air, and the team looked up at Eric, who was smiling.

"Ahh, it's good to see all four of you look up at me again," Eric said happily, "anyway, Hetty wants you all up here now."

The all got up, and headed upstairs, Callen and Deeks walking side by side up the stairs, Monty at their heels, since he obviously wasn't going to leave Deeks' side.

"What's in the folder?' Callen asked. Deeks held the folder in hand and just smiled.

"You'll find out, big bro." Deeks told him as he reached the top of the stairs. Callen stopped, smiling and shaking his head at Deeks' stonewall, and at the title. Obviously the blonde detective had something up his sleeve. It wasn't the first time that Deeks had called him something along the lines of Big Bro, but every time Deeks did it it made Callen stop and apparently every time Deeks did it he got a rather silly grin on his face, according to Sam and Kesni. After a not so subtle nudge in the back from Sam, the senior field agent walked into the ops centre, where the entire team were gathered.

"Well, I must say it is good to see you all back. I trust we won't have any injuries for awhile, and yes, Mr. Callen, Mr. Deeks, I am looking at the two of you right now."

"Yes Hetty," they said sheepishly.

"Very good, right, well, I'm sure you all have a lot of paperwork to do."

"Hang on Hetty, before that, I just wanted to give you this." Deeks said, handing over his folder. She opened it, checking that he'd signed everywhere he needed.

"You're sure about this, Mr. Deeks?" she asked.

"I've been thinking about it ever since I woke up in the hospital. It's time I moved on with my life. Took the next step, and grew up, you know…" Deeks shrugged.

"You're resigning?" Kensi asked in shock.

Deeks smiled and shook his head, "Nope,"

"Very well then… Congratulations Special Agent Deeks," Hetty smiled as the jaws of the rest of the people in the room dropped at Deeks' new title.

"Not from here, anyway," Deeks elaborated. Kensi beamed and threw herself into his arms. They hugged tight, and for a little longer that was perhaps appropriate (although nobody commented.) Sam was the next to walk up and pull Deeks into a very manly embrace.

"New it was a matter of time. We're going to be able to watch you're back all the time now."

"And I'll watch yours," Deeks promised sincerely. Sam grinned and clapped Deeks on the back, before Callen walked up to his younger brother. Deeks held out his had, which Callen took and shook formally, before he pulled, tugging Deeks into an embrace.

"I'm so proud of you, Marty…Special Agent Deeks."

"Thanks, G" Deeks replied.

A.N. Well, that's all folks …unless I get the urge to write a sequel or something. It started off life as a little one shot about Callen and Deeks (because there isn't enough of those stories out there) and it just grew…and grew…and grew until it was an obscenely long one shot that I thought I should probably be split over two chapters.

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