1st year, Hermione Weasley's POV

The first time I went to pick Rose up from the Hogwarts Express, I came upon a scene that reminded me of the old days, when I also was in Hogwarts, when I was only a child attached to the books – not that I don't keep attached to them – and absurdly ignorant of the world. There were only two boys and a girl, but the scene seemed as absurd as it was familiar, because one of them was a Malfoy, and a Malfoy just doesn't walk accompanied by a Potter and a Weasley.

Albus, who looked exactly like his father, was in the middle, and I pitied his expression, one of profound exhaustion and fatigue. To one side was Rose, who seemed a lot like me, I must say, both in appearance and intellect, except for the eyes and hair, of course. Her eyes were the deep blue of her father's, in whose eyes I lost and still lose myself so often, and her hair was bright red, worthy of a true Weasley. On Albus's other side was a boy with platinum blonde hair and gray eyes who I knew to be the son of a Malfoy – Scorpius.

Rose and Albus were arguing, and loudly. I bet almost half the platform could hear their shouts. Poor Albus was forced to endure the battle cries in his ears, but he seemed quite used to the situation, as if it were a regular occurrence.

"Enough, you two! You've been fighting this whole damn year. Excuse me, but I need a vacation from your shouting matches, starting now! Happy holidays to you both." Albus, who had managed to shut his friends up, turned his back on them and started walking towards Harry, Ginny, and Lily, all three of whom stood next to Ron and I.

Rose and Scorpius glared at each other fiercely, as if each blamed the other for making Albus upset, and then seemed to decide simultaneously that it was not worth discussing further, turning their backs on each other and going to meet their families.

At that point, I said nothing, of course, but I knew what would happen from the moment I saw Scorpius Malfoy and my daughter exchange the same look Ron and I had exchanged as children.

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