Epilogue - Scorpius Malfoy's POV

17 years later

I can't describe how strange it is to think in the past. Thinking about what happened, how it happened and all the consequences of my actions. Well, although not all the consequences were bad.

I remember the first time that Rose faced her parents and almost all the family at the end of our seventh year. Yes, it was strange to think that all this has been so long ago. It past 17 years... Anyway, I remember the face of Rose when she was facing her parents. Determined. Yes, she was quite decided, as if nothing and no one could change the decision she had taken. I also remember our hands clasped, her smile, her smell... But that's not all I remember. I also remember the look of my father and my mother, and the looks of her entire family. It was then that I realized how difficult it would be for us to be together.

But we did.

Against everything my family wanted. Against everything her family wanted... Not that I care for anything they wanted. Rose. Rose was all that mattered... It was always her. Always. And against all odds and after many fights and arguments we made them all realize that no matter what they did: Rose and I would be always together.

I remember the day we got married. My mother and her crying together, Rose also did almost cry just looking at them. Rose... That day she remembered a goddess, a goddess redhead dressed in white and with flowers adorning her hair. And I can never forget the first day she was called Rose Malfoy. I also remember that her eyes filled with tears at this moment, as if realizing that we hadn't to fight more against our own families.

Then we bought a house because none of us would like to move into the mansion of the Malfoys. This tradition irritated me like hell. I think my father was not too upset when we said we would not live in the mansion. At least not more upset than he was when I married a Weasley. My Weasley.

Something that I won't forget was seeing Wood talking to Rose in Diagon Alley, while I went to buy a book for her. His voice echoed through my ears, like an annoying mosquito How's my favorite Weasley? Ah, but don't think that I kept silence. I came in and hugged her waist as I did so many times and I answered him with the biggest smile I had ever done in my face Oh, don't you know Wood? She's a Malfoy now. And that was the last time Wood went my way.

Well, don't blame me. After all, I continue to be a Malfoy, and also a Slytherin.

When Rose became pregnant we saw with happiness our families gather for the first time at the Burrow for Christmas. Well, actually, I spend Christmas at Rose's grandparents' house since both we became friends, but seeing our whole family together, exchanging gifts and discussing the baby's name that was on the way made Rose cry all night - I think this effect was also from pregnancy.

When Cassy was born happiness could not be more on top. Families together, we together and with a baby. Rose decided to follow the tradition of the Malfoy's, more of her own will than mine, that always told her that traditions were not our strong, and she called her Cassiopeia. But really, everyone, including teachers at Hogwarts treat her for Cassy.

Rose become pregnant again after two years, and this time we decided to call him Aaron, so as to make our families happy. But she always said that our families didn't matter, and that she had decided on the name to Cassy this way because it was a part of me, and she wanted our children to be a part of us.

- Scorp?... Scorpius? - Rose's voice woke me from my flashback.

- Han? Sorry Rose, I was thinking. - I told her, placing a kiss on her hair.

She smiled at me.

- Never mind, it's just that the Express has just arrived.

My gaze found the large red and black tin surrounded by smoke that had just arrived at the station.

- It's not fair! She can go to Hogwarts and do magic and I still have to wait another year! Muuuuum! It is not fair. I also want to goooo. - Aaron pulled the mantle of his mother, with his red hair just like Rose falling over his gray eyes.

Rose bent down, with the same huge patience as always and smiled at him.

- Oh, so you mean you don't like to be with us? So mum and dad will be sad. - she pretended a hurt face.

- Muuuum, I'm not five years anymore, it no longer works!

- C'mon, c'mon... Your sister is going to be here soon, so be good.

- She's in Slytherin. - then he lay out his tongue - I'll stay in Gryffindor! I'll be strong and courageous, you will see mum!

Both burst into laughter at the same time I saw her. Cassy was accompanied by a boy and a girl, Adam and Abby Potter, Albus children, still wearing her Slytherin uniform. As soon as she saw me she gave me a big smile and started running, her long blond hair leaving a trail behind her and her blue eyes on me.

I open my arms, ready to embrace her. She jumped into my lap with her arms around my neck.

- Hey, how was school? - I asked her.

- All right dad. It is exactly as you said! It's so magical!

I smiled and my gaze met Rose's. Yes, that place was magical. Only magic could join a Weasley and a Malfoy.

And the greatest magic of all is love.

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