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Crysta's POV

Two years.

It's been two, almost three, years since they left. I still feel like they've only left yesterday. I know they just left, but it's like they're dead.. And them leaving affected the group greatly. Not that it's great, I mean it's affected us a lot. Megan, Alexa, and Keira are the only ones who still act somewhat hyperactive. It's rare, but they do have their moments.

Dawn has gotten..aggressive. She gets annoyed more easily and snaps at people who annoy her. And she's gotten more protective over me. She's constantly monitering me, thinking I'll commit suicide or something. And I'll say right now, the closest I came to suicide is when I refused to eat for almost two days. I'm too much of a wuss for suicide.

Bryanna, as other people say, went goth. She likes to puts green highlights in her hair and wears a lot of black in public. Around just us, not as much black, though. I kept my hair it's regular dark brown instead of dying it like I used to. Though I don't wear all black in public. I just cover myself up. My hoodie never leaves me, except when it's ninety degrees or higher. I now hate going in public, and get uncomfortable if I don't cover myself up in public. I've also gotten more 'bitchy' when it comes to certain subjects. Especially my drawings.

Autumn manages to keep herself happy by acting like the boy she believes she is. Always getting dirty, hanging out with groups of boys, riding and performing tricks on her bike, things like that. Though when around us..he true emotions show. Before, as soon as the blue dye started to fade, she would immediately re-dye it. Now, when it starts to fade, she waits a week or longer to re-dye it. Three times, boys had asked her out. She denied all three of them.

Aeryonna's record for 'Most Words Spoken In a Day' is like twenty. She's gotten quieter and usually says 'hn' most of the time. Around other people, she speaks less then five words. Around us, we manage to start a short conversation, that usually ends quickly.

I sighed as I threw the pencil accross the room, unable to finish my drawing. It wasn't anything special. Just a rose. I couldn't finish due to my lack of inspiration."Crysta!"I heard my sister call. I walked into the hall an slid down the railing. And I landed on my feet. That's right, I perfected the damn landing!"Yeah?"I asked, walking into the kitchen."Go answer the door, I'm putting new highlights in my hair right now." I nodded before walking to the front room. I opened the door and saw the rest of the group."We got your message."Keira said, holding up a piece of paper and walking in."What message? Why the hell would I mail you something if you live right down the road?" She shrugged. We all went into the living room and sat on the couch."Lemme see it." Keira handed me the paper. It read:

Come down to Crysta's house and wait. You won't regret it.

I blinked as I reread it."The fuck?"

"What?"My sister asked, walking in the room with new green highlights."Read this.." She read it and looked as confused as I was."Do you think..it's some kind of weirdo messing with us?"Alexa asked. Before anyone could answer, a loud thud was heard on the roof. Actually..it sounded more like several thuds that just sounded at the same time. We all jumped."W-what was that..?"Megan asked. Autumn, Dawn, and I were the first ones to run outside. The others weren't far behind. When we looked at the roof, I fell to my knees and began crying. Most of you are probably thinking that I'm crying because I saw something horrible. Well..it's the complete opposite. As I cried, a smile had appeared, which had become rare from me. I was not dilusional. I was not seeing things. And I was not dreaming. There. Standing on the roof. Was the Akatsuki. You heard right. After two years, they've come back."K-Kakuzu.."I muttered. They all jumped down in front of us. Immediately, I went running over to my Kuzu-kun.

I grabbed him, pulled down his mask, and pulled him into a deep kiss. It took less than a second for him to kiss back. After I pulled away, I stared into his emerald green eyes."You..c-came back.."I stuttered."Who said I wasn't?"He asked. Oh, how I missed his voice! I looked over and saw Megan having a spaz attack over Tobi. Good ol' Megan.."Sorry we took so long, we tried our hardest to find the jutsu that would send us here, hm."My favorite bomber said. I looked back at Kakuzu."Do you..still have it?" He reached under his cloak and showed me the gold necklace, still around his neck. I hugged him again."I fucking missed you!" I nuzzled his shoulder. That hole in my heart has been refilled."Damn it Kakuzu, I know you've fucking missed her and all, but I wanna see my crazy little bitch!" Everyone laughed as Kakuzu just flipped him off."Can I see my non-biological Nii-san Kuzu-kun?"I asked as sweet as possible. He reluctantly released me and I hugged the hell out of the Jashinist."So far, I have converted three people over to Jashin-sama." He ruffled my hair."That's the psycho bitch I know!" He released me and had a little reunion with his girlfriend again."I DEMAND TO KNOW SOMETHING!"Alexa demanded."What?"Sasori asked, slightly amused at her outburst."Not that we're complaining or anything, but why are you's here?"

"What, we're not allowed to return to our favorite psychotics and bring them back to our world?"My favorite badass leader said. Yep, all in one breath."Leader-sama, I demand a hug!"I demanded."Once again, you could've just asked Crysta." I giggled before hugging the leader. I moved my hair to show my ears."I now have five piercings in each ear!" He smirked. I then stuck out my tongue to reveal my tongue piercing. He chuckled slightly."Don't turn into Leader-sama."Konan said with a giggle. I released the leader and hugged her."So have you been taking care of the boys like I asked?"

"I barely needed to, everyone acted upset and depressed. Hidan even behaved and Tobi wasn't very hyperactive either!" My jaw dropped. Said masked ninja pulled me away from Konan and began hugging me to death."TOBI MISSED CRYSTA-CHAN AND MEGAN-CHAN SO MUCH!"He yelled. After he released me, I glanced at Kisame."I kicked someone's ass after they wouldn't stop bothering Autumn about going out with her." He chuckled and gave me the hug I was waiting for."Thanks kid."

"Anytime!" After being released from the 'Killer Kisame Hug', I turned to my favorite plantman and hugged him."I'm probably gonna attack you after this."I said."Why? We come back and you repay us by attacking us?"

"For making my little sister depressed!" He looked around trying to find something to avert his attention from me."But since I missed you, I'll let you live!" His white side chuckled while the black side called me a weirdo. Ah, the multiple personalities..who couldn't miss them? After sharing hugs with everyone else, we went back inside to get some explanations."We decided to come to your world to get you's and bring you back with us."Leader-sama said. Autumn nearly lost her cool. She began spazzing a little."So should we like..get anything we would need to bring to your world?"Aeryonna asked. Konan and Leader-sama nodded. After barely ten minutes, we had all gotten what we would need. After gathering what we would need, we went back outside. There, Leader-sama and Konan drew a symbol exactly like the one we saw when they left."Hold them close, they might get exausted due to the travel."Leader-sama said to his Akatsuki members. I was them hugged tightly by Kakuzu."Ready?"He asked. I nodded. After Leader-sama performed a few hand signs, a bright light flashed before I blacked out.

Third Person POV

When the Akatsuki reappered in the meeting room of the base, they realized something. There was no longer a girl in their arms. But a kitten."The fuck happened? !"Hidan demanded, looking at the orange-dyed kitten in his hands."You think it was the travel from one world to another?"Itachi asked."I'm not sure, it didn't happen to us when we traveled to their world again.."Konan said. The dark brown kitten in Kakuzu's hands ear twitched before it shook and looked up. It's head tilted to the side before looking around in confusion. The kitten, which was Crysta, meowed loudly as if saying,'WHAT THE HELL!'. The blue kitten in Kisame's hands known as Autumn woke up as well. She meowed loudly as well."Megan-chan?"Tobi asked, holding the kitten up. She woke up before meowing. He hugged her."Megan-chan looks so cute as a kitty!"

"Who remembers how to change them back, yeah?"Deidara asked, completely ignoring Tobi. Deidara had started to pet kitty-fied Keira and she started to purr."They got us wet with warm water and then hugged us."Itachi replied, also petting his kitty-fyed girlfriend. The rest of the kitty-fyed girls woke up and studied their current situation. Dawn hissed in annoyance. Autumn hissed back. The two kitty-glared daggars at each other. Alexa seemed the most confused out of the others. Most of them looked freaked out. And Keira just looked bored as hell. Konan, who had left the room when no one was paying attention, returned with several towels and a bowl of warm water."When you turn them back, don't molest them."She said with a smirk. All of them had either a light blush that was barely visible or a bright red blush, visible from across the other room. They took the girls' clothes, the towels, and the bowl of water into the kitchen as Leader-sama ordered."Should we change them back at the same time and just finish it, hm?"Deidara asked."That seems like the quickest way to get it done."Itachi replied. They all dunked the kitty-fyed girls in the water. Half of them spazzed. The others just rolled with it."One..two..three!" They all hugged the girls.


The wet kittens were replaced with their wet girlfriends."I..am going..to die.."Crysta said, extremely embarassed. She grabbed a towel and her clothes and disappeared from the room. Autumn seemed the one who didn't care about the fact that she's naked in a room with eight men. After a few minutes, everyone was now dressed."Well..we're fucking even now!"Hidan said to his girlfriend."How?"Dawn asked, confused."We have now both seen each other nude!" Dawn thought for a minute before remembering when they first found the Akatsuki as kittens and they had to change them back."Shut the hell up.."

"And now the fucking fact that we're both hot is fucking true!" She grinned."Shut up."

"Guys, if you're gonna fuck, do it in Hidan's room."Keira said with a laugh. The others began laughing as the couple blushed brightly.

Crysta's POV

I..have never been so embarassed..in my entire life.. I ran into a random room, which I prayed was Kakuzu's, and hid. I pulled up my hoodie and hid my face in my knees. I heard someone open the door and I looked up. Thank Jashin it was Kakuzu. He sat on the bed next to me."Crysta are you alright?" I shook my head."Fuck no..I am embarassed as hell.." I was now in an embrace. How did I survive those two years without this?"Don't be. If anyone makes a comment on how you look, they die." I hugged him back."I'm glad we're together again.." We started the kiss we've been waiting the past two years for. I think living in the Narutoverse with a gang of psychotics won't be so bad.


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