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Third Person POV (With the Akatsuki)

The color red. Sometimes, it could represent something stunning. The color of a newly bloomed rose, the color of the dress being worn by a beautiful woman, or even the color of the sun setting over the horizon, the reds also mixing with hues of oranges and yellows.

In Hidan's case, red meant only two things: rage and blood.

His scythe flew through the air, lodging itself into the wall. He panted, eyes wide as he gripped a kunai and stabbed it into his chest, barely missing his heart, and instead piercing his lung."Fuck..." He snarled through clenched teeth. He took another kunai and stabbed it beneath the first."Fuck." The third kunai went above the last two. Yet again, he missed his heart."FUCK!" Hidan collapsed onto the floor. This ritual of his had been going on for hours on end, and exhaustion was starting to set in. The thought of Dawn just going somewhere without him crossed his mind again, and he growled in annoyance. He tightly gripped the rope connected to the scythe and ripped it from the wall, it landing at his feet.

"Jashin-damn it." He snarled to himself. He sighed, wincing a bit as his still pierced lung still stung. He glanced up when he heard the door open, which he forgot to lock. There stood Kisame, smirking down at the Jashinist. Hidan hissed, glaring at him."Fuck off, Shark-Face." He snapped. Kisame chuckled, "Someone's on their period."

"I said fuck off!" However, the shark-nin ignored the Jashinist and entered the room otherwise. He sat on the floor in a spot with the least amount of blood possible."Are you still mad that your girlfriend ditched you to go live in the woods?" Kisame joked. Hidan growled in annoyance and glared harshly, making Kisame hold his hands up in defense."Alright, alright. Touchy."

"No I'm not fucking touchy, I am pissed as fucking hell." Hidan snarled. Kisame stared at Hidan a few seconds. Of course he was pissed, Dawn went off camping and just left Hidan in the dark. Even worse, Pein wouldn't let him go out and find her and the others (because he was smart and knew Hidan would throw a bitch-fit when he found them). Kisame honestly didn't care that Hidan was pissed off, he was just bored as hell, and Hidan was usually amusing when he was angry. But it wasn't Hidan's "Funny angry," it was his "Bitchy angry." Which isn't as amusing. He just swears every two or three words (which can get old), and whines, bitches and insults you as much as possible (which was never amusing in the first place).

So naturally, Kisame was eventually getting annoyed with Hidan.

He was about to get up and leave without a word, but an idea hit him, making him grin his signature shark-toothed grin. Hidan glared at Kisame, ripping all the weapons from his chest and sitting up, groaning a bit at the pain."What're you smiling about, dick-face?" Hidan asked."How's about you, Zetsu and I go have a freaks' day out?" Kisame said. Hidan stared at Kisame. At first, it sounding stupid and ridiculous (to Hidan, at least), and he nearly went to immediately insult both Kisame and the idea itself. But as he opened his mouth to let out said insult, the one gear in his brain started to turn, making him shut his mouth. And as that gear turned, the once incredibly stupid idea slowly started to sound more and more like a good idea. And when that one gear stopped, Hidan slowly grinned."Y'know, I actually kinda like the way you're thinking, Shark-Face." Hidan said.

Kisame honestly had to do a double-take. Hidan didn't swear once in that sentence.

Kisame grinned back at Hidan, "See? So, how's about it?"

"Hm... Eh, why the fuck not, right?" Hidan admitted. Kisame laughed, "Exactly!"


"Why would I do that?"

Zetsu was the more reluctant one. While Kisame and Hidan were ready to party and fuck shit up, Zetsu rather remain in the base."Come on, Zetsu. We'll just go out, drink a little sake, and come back. What's the harm?" Kisame insisted."We get shit-faced drunk, and get in possible trouble. Possible huge fucking trouble." Zetsu practically snarled. He then continued, "I expected this request from Hidan, but not as much as you, Kisame."

"Because, we all need a day out, y'know? As brothers. The Freak Trio." Kisame said, throwing in their little "team name." Zetsu had to chuckle a bit at it."Come on, just quit being a fucking pansy and come with us. For all we know, you're lame as hell and don't need you, so we could be wasting perfectly fucking good party time." Hidan whined. Kisame slapped him upside the head, making Hidan whine again, and Zetsu laugh."So, yes or no, Zetsu?" Kisame asked. Zetsu remained in thought for a few seconds, soon to sigh in defeat."Alright. But if something bad happens, it's both of your fault. I was only dragged into it." Kisame and Hidan high-fived, making Zetsu sigh with a hidden smirk.

The three had to sneak out of the base, knowing that Pein would never agree to what they wanted to do. They snuck into the rain village, the one place they were practically gods, and to the nearest bar. When the man there behind the counter saw three Akatsuki members in his bar, he was ready to faint. With all the people there staring at them, Kisame stepped forward, and with a grin, said, "We'll take some sake."


Hidan and Zetsu were gone after their drinking contest (which Hidan had demanded, and Zetsu actually agreed to). Kisame, who was actually the most sober one there, was practically dying of laughter as the two argued over something he didn't care about. Their drunken movement and slurred words that were so loud they were barely understood by anyone except each other were hilarious. Soon, Hidan slammed his fist down on one of the tables, and use his other hand to lazily point to Zetsu." the base... Now." He said, struggling over his words a little. Zetsu grinned."You're fucking on..." Kisame smirked, knowing Hidan would certainly have trouble getting back to the base at all, whereas Zetsu could simply phase through the floor and be there in seconds (if he didn't get lost in his drunken state, that is).

Of course, none of the three bothered to consider how much trouble they could be in upon returning to the base drunk after leaving to drink without permission.

But they did eventually get back to the base, which took a while for all three of the Akatsuki members. Not to mention they got lost several times, despite Kisame being kinda sober. And practically the whole base heard Kisame yell out, "Everyone! Come down to the training grounds! We have an important show to show everyone!" And with Kisame's bellowing voice beckoning them to the training ground, they all eventually got down there. While the girls and some of the guys of the Akatsuki were dying with laughter at how drunk they were, Pein was not as amused. He glared harshly at the drunk members, but Madara actually stopped him from intervening with a chuckle."Let them do whatever they're doing and punish them for it later. This could be interesting." He whispered to Pein. The leader growled in annoyance and Konan giggled, "Just let them be idiots. You can punish them twice as much for it."

"Fine..." Pein growled.

"If one of the ladies would...come down here f-for a minute!" Hidan yelled. Autumn was the first one to walk over to them, putting a hand on her hip."You idiot." She whispered to Kisame, making him wink and whisper back, "Autumn, we need 'Cause we're having a off..." Autumn put a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing."Alright, Kisa. Whatever you say."

She pulled out her phone and thought for a minute, before grinning and furiously typing as she looked up the song. Then she paused it before it started, and began yelling out like an announced, "Everyone, I'm here to announce the official dance competition, featuring Kisame," she gestures to her boyfriend, who flexes and gains some cheering from the more amused Akatsuki members, "Zetsu," he unbuttons the first few buttons to his cloak and winks, making everyone either laugh or shriek, minus Bryanna who was really embarrassed, "and Hidan!" To annoy the Jashinist, there was absolutely no response, making him flip them all off and cause them to laugh."Our first dancer is-"

"Hold on." Pein ordered, stepping forward. Everyone's shoulders slumped, thinking he was about to halt everything and make everyone go back to their duties. But when Pein went over to the wall, putting his hand on it and channeling some chakra, they knew something they used for training was about to appear.

The training grounds had many hidden tricks and secrets used for training purposes. In order to activate them, Pein had to channel some chakra and cause the floor or wall to open and the item or device to come out.

This time, the floor opened up. And when the large, metal pole that went up to the ceiling slowly came up, everyone's jaws dropped before they all started laughing. With a stoic expression and emotionless voice, Pein said, "Dance on that." Everyone cheered at Pein, who silently walked back to his place standing to the side with everyone else. Autumn wiped a tear from her eye before becoming the announcer again, "Without further ado, I welcome Kisame as our first dancer, dancing to Circus by Britney Spears!" And she had to let everyone laugh quite a bit before shushing them all and putting the music on full blast. Kisame grinned. Although he was slightly sober, he'd never pole danced before, so he'd have to do what he could.

When the song started, Kisame didn't go straight for the pole. He started with some dance moves that were quite...suggestive. He unbuttoned his cloak, then stepped forward a few times and slowly ran his hands down his body, before winking at everyone and turning around then throwing his cloak off. Some of the girls had their eyes shielded, and Autumn was practically hypnotized. He grabbed the pole, and hoisted himself up, spinning around it with one leg supporting him and the other out, making the guys laugh a bit. Still being kinda drunk, he hit his head against the pole on accident. He practically fell off and was dizzy, but tried shaking it off. As the music picked up, he started dancing again, going at a fast pace to follow it. He eventually grew too dizzy and fell back against the pole. He didn't do anything for a few seconds, then caught everyone by surprise by grabbing the pole with his shoulder holding against it, then pulling himself up and curling into an upside down ball with his legs outstretched on either side of the pole. And with that, he dropped to the floor. Autumn knew he was done and stopped the music. Everyone either laughed their ass off, cheered or both.

"That was probably the best dance we're gonna get, seeing how drunk the other two are." Autumn said, making Zetsu and Hidan glare at her. She grinned at them then continued, "Next we have Zetsu, dancing to..." She paused, thinking of all the possibilities, then grinned, "Come Sail Away by Styx!" Almost no one knew the song, but they cheered anyways, knowing Zetsu would be stumbling around quite a bit. Hidan had crossed his arm and pouted since it turned out he had to go last.

When it turned out the song started with some soft piano, Zetsu was quite confused. He didn't know what to do at first and did nothing for a few seconds. So he went with the next best thing he could think of: became the world's drunkest stripper. So he opened up his flytrap as wide as he could manage and followed the piano by slowly unbuttoning his cloak. And as the music went on, he continued with stripping and moves that are too innapropriate to be described for this story. Even though he was drunk and the moves were sloppy, many minds were scarred, minus those who had their eyes shielded. Then out of the blue, the music picked up before Zetsu could throw off his last piece of clothing. It caught him off guard and he didn't know what to do at first. But he stumbled to the pole and tightly gripped it. He pulled himself up onto it, wrapping his legs around it to hold him, then releasing his hands to bend backwards and show off his chest. But his legs eventually gave out, and he fell to the floor with a loud thud. When he only groaned and didn't get up, Autumn stopped the music.

Everyone was dying, and really didn't want to see what Hidan had planned.

"Alright, everyone. Last but not least, we have Hidan dancing to Naked by Avril Lavigne!" Hidan grinned at the title. He expected an upbeat song that would be easy to dance to. But the song started out as a slow guitar song, making him groan in annoyance."Come fucking-" he hiccups, "on!" He shouts, throwing his arms to the air. Everyone laughed, making him glare. So he decided to go with what Zetsu did. Follow the slow rhythm with drunken, not-so-seductive-but-meant-to-be-seductive moves with some stripping thrown in. Hidan used the pole as a base to do his sloppy moves against, and tried slowly pulling his clothes off in a suggestive manor. In his mind he thought he was the sexiest thing alive, but in reality, he looked plain stupid. He wanted Dawn there, though. But she wasn't. She had to go off camping without even telling him. Her fucking loss... Hidan thought as he tried to slowly swing around the pole. But his hand slipped and he faceplanted into the floor. He was too drunk, so he gave up. He just assumed what he already did was good enough, and even though he was the dumbest one there, he was confident he'd win.

Everyone's laughter slowly died down and Autumn sighed."I think we all know who won there..." She said sarcastically. All three pointed to themselves."I think we should say the winner is-"

"Hold on!"

Everyone quickly turned their head to see Konan standing up."I'll show you real dancing." She challenged, walking over to the pole, much to Pein's shock. Kisame chuckled."This should be good..."

"Oh it will be." Konan said, sounding like a diva."Give me a song." She said to Autumn. She thought for a few seconds before grinning."And as our new challenger, Konan will be dancing for the win to the song Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin!" When everyone cheered/laughed, Hidan rolled his eyes. He had to win.

As the music started, Konan pulled her cloak off to reveal the outfit underneath and began shaking her hips and dancing like a girl at a Spanish festival of sort. She'd throw her arms up then slowly bring them down her body. And this went on until the music picked up. She grabbed the pole and pulled herself as high up on it as she could and spun around it quickly, one arm outstretched. Then as she slowly slid to the floor, the music went slow for a few seconds. She used that few seconds to slowly stand, and when the music quickly jumped back into its upbeat pace, she jumped then did a full split on the floor. She jumped to her feet and danced like she did in the beginning. Her movements were very quick and fluid, and she even looked slightly graceful, as if she'd danced all her life. She then jumped back onto the pole and began spinning around it again. She then inched herself up the pole toward the ceiling, then using her legs to tightly hold on to the pole and let go with her hands. She stretched herself out as she slowly slid to the floor. She bent back when she was close enough, putting her hands flat on the floor. And as the song ended, she pulled her legs off the pole and did a handstand, then jumping to her feet.

Most of the guys and practically all the girls started cheering, actual cheering, or clapping, much to the more drunk men's annoyance (their headaches were starting). Konan was out of breath, and she leaned on the pole to stay up. She looked at the drunk men and smirked, "And that' you dance..."

Hidan flipped her off, but Kisame and Zetsu had to admit they were impressed. Pein slowly walked over and muttered, "You never told me you could dance."

"You never asked." Konan admitted with a shrug. Autumn then announced, "I think our winner is Konan!" And over the cheers, Hidan yelled, "Fuck all of you!" and stormed out of the room. Autumn wrapped an arm around Kisame's."I loved your dancing though, Kisame." She said. He chuckled a bit."Come with me." He said. She tilted her head, but followed him. He led her for a bit until they reached the bedrooms. When she stepped into their bedroom, she didn't question anything until he shut the door and locked it."I can show you what else I can do if you want?" He suggested. Autumn blushed a bit, but kept her cool. She loved Kisame and Kisame loved her, so she could trust him. She smirked at him and wrapped her arms around his neck."I'd like that."

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