This is a centon story based on an idea Cenaholic gave me.

This story is based on the hell John Cena went through in NEXUS. A side to the storyline fans never knew about...

**warnings: can be dark at times**

**this is just a fan fiction story and the way my dark mind imagined how the NEXUS really was. I hope you enjoy...



His eyes were closed and he tried very hard to remain calm and control his breathing. The man he loves was beside him lying in a hospital bed. John Cena was sitting in a chair and was holding onto Randy's hand as they waited for a doctor to come back into the hospital room.

Randy had taken a nasty fall down a flight of stairs tonight while wrestling against Wade Barrett. John had secretly been hiding out in a locker room and had watched the fall happen on a small screen that sat inside of the locker room. John watched as Randy went tumbling down the flight of stairs. John also watched as the evil smirk widened across Wade Barrett's face.

John knew he was the reason Randy laid in that hospital bed. Wade had made that loud and clear, after Randy was placed onto the stretcher. "If only you would have done what I wanted you too, Cena. None of this would have happened to Orton." Wade had sneered in his heavy English accent.

"I should have done it. I should have given Wade what he wanted." John said softly. Randy opened his eyes and gave John a aggravated look. "I'm not going to put you in that position again. Your no longer in Nexus John, you do not have to sleep with that rat bastard ever again." Randy said through gritted teeth.

John knew Randy was right, but he also knew how Wade Barrett was. If Wade didn't get what he wanted from John. John would risk losing Randy forever. John looked at Randy with tears brimming his eyes.

"If I don't give Wade what he want's I could lose you forever. It's not like it is between us. It's not making love. Wade Barrett comes no where near you in that department." John said. Hot, hateful tears ran down John's cheeks. John knew he would never be able to make Randy understand the depths of hell he has already been through for him.

Randy looked at John with hate filled eyes. Hate for Wade Barrett. The man who ripped at John's self esteem and soul until almost nothing was left. "I can not let you go back to that. The last time you were forced to give into him I lost you. I can not, NO, I will not lose you again John. No matter what Wade Barrett and his goons try to do to me." Randy stated.

John let the words Randy said sink in. He was about to respond when the emergency room doctor came back into the room. "Mr. Orton I have the results of your MRI. It seems you have suffered a herniated disc on the L4-L5 level, on the left side of your back. With some rehab and rest in a few weeks you should be able to return to work. I have set you up an appointment with your regular doctor. He will be by in a little while to set you up with you rehab schedule and your pain management plan. In the mean time get some rest. After you see your doctor I will have your release papers brought in and you can go home." the doctor explained.

Randy thanked the doctor as he left the room. John kissed Randy on his forehead. "I was so afraid it was going to be worse." John softly said. "I know, Baby boy let's not argue anymore. I just want to get out of here and go back home, to our home.

John had only moved in with Randy two months ago. It took a long time for John to come to terms with the hell Wade Barrett and the Nexus had put him through. In front of the fans John Cena was full of life. Always joking and loving his job. John lived his statement 'Never Give Up'. What fan's didn't know, giving up was what John Cena had once done.

Tears once again fell from John's eyes, at the thought of what used to be and the thought of what could have been, filled his mind. "Hey Baby boy, comeback to me." Randy said. He could always tell when John was in a deep troubling thought. John shook his thoughts away and kissed Randy gently on the lips.

"I'm here, Goldie I'm here." John said and sat back down in the chair. Randy smiled at his nickname John had given him. John gave Randy the nickname Goldie the first time they made love. John had screamed out Goldie as Randy filled him with his seed claiming John for the first time. Randy asked him how he came up with that nickname. John told Randy when the sun hit his shoulders and the shine from the sweat, made Randy look like gold.

Randy could still feel the warming sun on his skin and the smell of the ocean on that blessed day. "I still remember the first time you named me Goldie." Randy said. John and Randy both smiled at the warm memory. "Yeah me too, and your still shining like gold." John replied shyly.

Randy's personal physician came into the room half an hour later and set up an appointment for Randy's first rehab appointment. A little while later Randy was released from the hospital and John took his man home. John helped Randy out of his clothes and laid him down onto their king sized bed. John pulled the covers up over a naked Randy. "Thank you for helping me Baby boy. Now undress for me." Randy gently demanded. Randy took his hands and unbuttoned John's belt buckle. John took the belt and removed it from his blue jeans.

"Randy you are hurt, we can't do this right now." John said sadly. "I didn't tell you that you could talk. Shirt off now!" Randy said. John loved it when Randy spoke to him in his demanding way. The way Randy spoke to him made him fell loved, not repulsed like Wade always made him feel. "Baby?" Randy said. John shook his mind from the thoughts that came over him. "Sorry Goldie." John replied and placed a gentle smile on his face. John then took his hands and lifted his shirt just above his abs. Randy licked his lips at the sight of John's tight abs. He couldn't wait to rub his hands over them.

John took his shirt and pulled it off. Randy looked at John and smiled. Then his eyes trailed down to John's camouflage shorts. "Shorts off now!' Randy exclaimed. John's cock twitched at the sexy way Randy spoke to him, the sex was dripping from Randy's tone. John took his hand's and slowly undone his button. He teasingly pulled down the zipper to his shorts very slowly. "Down." Randy stated.

Randy smiled as John's semi-hard cock sprang it's way from the shorts. "Good boy. You listened. I love it that you obeyed me." Randy said in his sex laden voice. Randy had told John he didn't want him wearing any underwear that day, and John had happily did as Randy requested and didn't put any on.

John blushed at what Randy said. It made John feel good inside to please Randy. John loved how he was rewarded for doing as Randy asked. He was rewarded with life affirming love. "Come closer I want to touch you." Randy said. John moved closer to the side of the bed. His hardening penis stood proudly over the bed.

Randy took his hand and licked his palm. He took his wet palm and clasped it around John's dick. Randy took his hand and moved it up and down John's cock. "Beautiful." Randy stated as he took John's precum and wiped it off with his other finger. Randy took his finger and licked the precum off of it. His cock twitched at the taste. "MMM" Randy moaned.

John's cock grew harder at what Randy had just done. "Feels so good, Goldie." John moaned out. Randy moved his hand rapidly up and down John's cock. John closed his eyes at the feel of Randy's hand. John opened his eyes and looked down at Randy, he could see the bulge forming under the blanket that covered Randy's legs. Randy pulled the blanket away revealing his hardening cock. "My back might be hurt but my cocks not broken, Suck me off Baby boy. I want to feel your hot mouth clamped around my dick." Randy said.

John eagerly climbed onto the bed with Randy. He laid down between Randy's legs. Randy lifted his cock to John's lips. "Open!" Randy demanded. John's cock jumped at the command. He opened his mouth and took the head of Randy's leaking cock into his mouth. "mmmnn" John moaned at the taste of Randy.

John took his hand and wrapped it around Randy's cock, he moved his hand up and down while sucking on the hard member. "That's sooo goood. You are such a goood boy." Randy said as he rubbed the top of John's head. John smiled and hummed, around Randy's cock, it made him so happy that he was pleasing Randy. John looked up at Randy, Randy's heart soared at the look of lust, love, and passion in John's baby blue eyes. "Keep going, you are doing such a good job." Randy assured John. John closed his eyes and continued to hollow his cheeks, sucking on Randy's cock.

Randy lifted John 's head. John looked at Randy. "Ride me! I want to watch you fuck yourself on my cock." Randy said. John removed his mouth from Randy's cock. He kissed the slit one more time before climbing up Randy.

Randy reached over and removed the lube and rubbed it onto his cock. Then he took his finger and probed at John's hole with it. "Please Goldie, no prep. I need this I need to feel the burning connection?" John pleaded. Randy understood where John was coming from. "Only if you are sure Baby boy?" John nodded. "Then ride me." Randy replied. John lifted himself up and lowered himself on Randy's hard cock. "Ahhh...burns...ssooo...pretty..." John cried out. Randy loved the cries that came from John's throat and the way John's ass smothered his cock drove him wild. Randy was lost inside of John, he had forgotten about the pain in his back.

Randy took his hand and wrapped it around John's dripping cock. Thirty minutes later, Randy came inside of John, and John erupted over Randy's abs. John didn't want to hurt Randy's back worse so he climbed off of Randy and laid beside him. Randy smiled at John and ran his hand through the cum on his chest. Randy then took the same hand and wiped some of the cum off of his cock. He took the mixture of their essence and whipped it on John's lips. John eagerly licked the cum off of his lips. "You always know what I want." John whispered.

That was true, Randy always knew what John wanted and what he was thinking. They were bonded for life. They had already been through hell and back, nothing was going to change their bond, especially not Wade Barrett.

John climbed off of the bed and walked into their master bathroom. He came back out moments later and cleaned the both of them up. He was on his way to take the wash cloth back into the bathroom, when a clash of thunder was heard. John instantly froze. Randy held out his arms toward John. "Come here Baby boy, I will protect you." Randy said. John still could not move. Randy stood up off of the bed as gently as he could and walked over to John. He placed his hands on John shoulders. "Hey Baby boy. Come on. Let's get you under the covers." Randy spoke softly. He walked John back over to the bed, helping him to climb in.

Randy climbed into the bed with John and held him close. Once more the sound of thunder came and the flash of lightning crashed through the window. John shook uncontrollably as Randy held him tight. "It's alright Baby boy, Ive got you." Randy repeated. John was never afraid of thunderstorms, not until he was forced to join the Nexus.

"One day I will make him pay for all the hell he put you through." Randy said and kissed a traumatized John gently on the cheek.

John laid in Randy's arms trembling in fear. All of the horrific things Wade Barrett put him through came flooding back to his mind...