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Frustrated fingers fiddled frantically, forgetting finicky furnace flaws. "Yeah I'm good Lis, yourself?" Leo said moving away from the furnace he began pacing around his flat. He tidied up about once a week, not many people visited and the ones that did, didn't really stay for long. It had been a while since he'd seen his older Sis, Lisa was always on the go with work and Eric, and Leo was never sure when to show up. "So Lis can you fit me in your little black book or what?" Leo asked looking out at the back garden. "That depends Lee, have you stopped your ways?" Lisa asked beckoning her assistant to bring her a bottled water and a glass seperately. "Lis, I like a party, so sue me" Leo said. "Leo if you're gonna be around Eric, I can't have him around your lifestyle" Lisa said sternly. "What does that mean?" Leo said as his heart froze.

For a moment Leo thought she'd hired someone to see what he was doing, and with who. "You know what I mean Leo, the partying the boozing, the girls, I hear things" Lisa told him. "Sis get out more" "Look I don't want Eric, becoming you" Lisa said. "You're a bad influence" "Oh" Leo said chuckling, annoying his sister on the line. "Coming from the woman that lied to Eric for fifteen years" Lisa sighed. "You know nothing about Lloyd...what he's like" Lisa began. "Yeah but I know you Lis...you hate sharing and when Eric finds out the truth, he'll hate you" Lisa put the phone down and Leo threw the phone at the table. Alarmed by the noise, his one night stand came out wrapped in a beige towel.

"Lee...seriously...you break my phone, you can't pay me with a drunken handjob, I only accept those on Thursdays" Jason said. "Sorry my sister's driving me crazy" Leo said. He picked up the phone and checked it for scratches. "It's fine" Leo said placing gently on the table. "Great, but you can still pay for breakfast though, worrying about my phone's made me a little hungry" Leo shook his head at first, but nodded as Jason went into his room to put something on. Jason was a one nighter occasionally but they'd known each other for years. They'd worked together on loads of cases for the ASCUP team and they'd never made passes at each other on the job, their attraction to each other was based on glances and looks.

It was only after Jason got transfered and drunk one night that anything happened. They decided they'd be friends with benefits and wouldn't talk about what they did in secret. Only Jason was a big talker and didn't really care who knew. Leo constantly had to reel him in. He thanked god that Jason was in the shower when Lisa called, the last thing he needed was his big sister going bat-crap crazy on him.

Lisa was so judgemental about everything Leo and most of the family didn't tell her much. Lisa would only prech to Leo about how he should be living his life and start fixing him up with women. Leo drowned himself in guilt every night Jason would leave, but at least he was dating people because he genuinely felt something. Lisa took one look at her ex husband and saw dollar signs. Another touchy subject he and Lisa disagreed on.

"Gimme, gimme gimme" Jason said as he tucked into bacon mushrooms and eggs and tomatoes with a salad that looked like a freshly dug up garden weed. "Here, but you have to promise" "Yeah yeah yeah ..my lips are sealed, well you know until we crash at your apartment" Leo sipped his coffee then twinged as it burnt his lips. "Just read Jase" Leo urged with a tired wave of the hand. "So little KKKKK's been up to no good" "We don't know yet, we just wanna check on him" Leo said. "Isn't it a little to late for that?" Jason asked. "What that kid did...and faking it to get acquitted? It's bullshit" Jason said stuffing tomato chunks in his mouth.

Wiping Ketchup covered fingers on a napkin Jason began to read. "Kevin Karl kaiden Kalean Khatchadourian born to Franklin and Eva Khatchadourian was put into care at a young age. He was in the same care home as B.W Suspected offender. He had made no indictation that he was a victim of her abuse, seems quiet and agitated, says that he'd been looking for someone. Imaginary friend? Named "Clay" Jason looked further down the page. "Mr Khatchadourian cannot be trusted around minors. Interview with EK proved successful. Khatchadourian cannot be around minors under the age of eighteen or adults with mental ages of minors." "So? What's the new development?" Jason asked saving his bacon till last.

"Well, this "Clay" that Kev was talking about. "He's real" Leo told him. "Get the fuck outta here comprende!" Jason said in shock. He couldn't even eat his favourite bacon, his fork whirled over his bacon like an upcoming helicopter. "The one thing Killer Kev didn't lie about. How old's this kid?" Jason asked. "He's probably a young man now. When we get more info, we'll try to find him" Leo said. "OK you get dibs on area postion, but my team want the first interview" Jason said finally tucking into his bacon. He knew he'd have to be one step ahead of Leo with this one.

It was time to make a call to "The Real Slim Shady" DannyV. Jason didn't call him that because he looked like the rapper. He gave him the nickname because DannyV was slim and had always been a shady cop. Shady enough to give him Clay's details with a bit of cash changed into British notes and thrown in his face. DannyV was a bit of a whore when it came to money, he'd sell his Grandmother, his Mother and his Aunt for a cheque to cover his bills.

"Olliehave another sip" Kev said, moving the beer can up towards Ollie's nose. "I don't want to" Ollie said turning away. "Go on" Kev pushed him. "I dare you" Within half an hour Ollie was snoring on the floor. Those sleeping pills had definately worked. Kev had crushed them up and spiked Ollie's drink while Ollie was playing on the computer. Now all he had to do was wait for Miller. TJ was in the room next door waiting. Kev watched TV as Miller came through the door impatiently. "What's that?"

He asked, pointing at the kid dribbling on the floor. "He isn't..." "Relax Miller, I just need you to touch him" Kev said picking up a magazine. "What the fuck... how old is he? He's a baby" Miller spluttered. "Not like that Mill, just put your hand on his chest" Fuck off" Miller snorted. "Mill, do you want the money or not?" Kev asked looked at Miller's denim jacket as Miller walked over to the sleeping teenager. "Get out your phone" Miller ordered.

John wobbled over to his vibrating phone on silent feet. Vlado was snoring next to his computer and he didn't want to wake him up. He opened his picture messagebox to see his only son Ollie, with someone's hand on his leg. Before his brain had the chance to react to the picture, he got a call. "Hey John, do you know how boner-tastic your son is?" Kev asked. "John Illey right?" Kev asked. "This number can't be traced. So don't even bother trying" Kev said.

"We have Ollie and we're keeping him until you give us money" "That picture could have been taken anywhere" John said calmly. "Go to Ollie's room, look under his bed. You'll see my little present" Kev said. John quickly went to Ollie's room and looked underneath his son's bed. "You see it the archery bow" "Yes" John replied. "Why are you doing this?" John asked pressing the record button on his phone. "I'll keep this short and sweet" Kev said.

"We want fifty grand. If you don't follow my instructions, my friend will fuck little Ollie's brain's out. If you give us less than my price, I'll fuck Ollie and tape it for you, how's that for family viewing John?" Kev asked. If you tell anyone, Ollie gets the shit beaten out of him. If you go to the news, I'll cut Ollie's tongue off. If you tell any family, Ollie's fingers are gone. If you think about going to the police, Ollie's dick will be pepperoni our home-made Pizza, sent straight to you free of charge Sir" Kev said.

"Fifty Grand in two days got it John?" Kev asked. "I sure have" John said calmly. "More pictures of New feature film "Ollie gone wild" will be sent shortly" Kev teased. "How outrageous Ollie gets is up to you" Kev ended the call and John quickly woke Vlado up. "John what is it man?" Vlado said angrily. "Vlado I need you to stay here, you haven't got any plans have you?" "Well..."Vlado said. "Val, please stay in" John said.

"Sjebano...fine fine" Vlado said. John nodded his thanks and called his supervisor's emergency number. He couldn't find Ollie by himself and this person wouldn't know John had told anyone unless there was a mole on his team. John went out to give the phone recording to his supervisor. John was embarrased to show his supervisor Ollie's sleeping photo, but it had to be done for John's boss to take it seriously. His supervisor called DannyV to see if DannyV could put his ear to the underground contacts to see if they knew anything. DannyV knew it was a long shot, but he called Clay, just in case he'd switched to teeange boys instead of beautiful women this time.

"DannyV I've been with Daddy a little and then Nat, all night with Nat" Clay said nervously. "Clay if you know anything about Ollie, and drugs or parties or chicks that might have drugged him, call me it's important" DannyV said as he ended the call and wondered if Clay knew the truth about Nat. Clay played with his mobile as he slapped it across his cheek. He used his mobile light to go to the living room and called Daddy.

"Clay what have I told you..." Daddy started to say but Clay cut him off. "Daddy someone's...in trouble. "My boss's son, he's with someone bad and you've gotta come with" "Clay are we Batman and Robin?" Daddy asked. "Wow you think I'm batman?" Clay asked. "Don't be dumb Clay you'd be Robin and I'd be Batman...what the fuck has this got to do with us?" Daddy asked. "I think a bad person's got him. He's called Kev Daddy, you've never met him" "I sure haven't" Daddy lied.

"I know you helped me with Jack, but Ollie's not safe in hospital. If we do this I can talk to Lisa for you...maybe she can go on Holiday or something" Clay said. "A holiday to Hell Clay that's what that bitch deserves" Daddy said. "Daddy I'll meet you at your place after I get Kev's number" Clay organised. "We need to get there fast" "Whatever" Daddy said as Clay grabbed his laptop and searched customer cell phone provider lists.

Clay figured it was a pay as you go phone and finally found his name. He called him without hiding his own number. "Hello?" Kev asked. "Kev it's Clay" Kev took a deep breath that Clay could hear on the phone. "So Clay...you wanna talk?...wanna fuck? Well, what actually do you want? 'Cause the last time I saw you..." Clay just came out with it, they were wasting time and Kev knew it.

"I know you've got him Kev, you just can't do that. Ollie's a kid" "A lot worse happened when we were kids Clay...and look at us now, perfect specimens of the human race...well you used to be" Kev put the phone down and Clay got the things he needed and rushed out to Daddy's. Kev couldn't do this to little Ollie. Ollie was innocent, he had no reason to. Clay sat on the bus listening to music to make the ride faster, ready to see Daddy's tool-kit to check if it was going to be powerful enough,and sharp enough,to scare Kev away. Away from Roy's Nephew and John's son, and now Kev's next sleeping but willing victim Ollie.