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Finally it was time for John the get the scoop. His son's words would guarantee Kev's imprisonment forever. He walked through the hallway to see Val carrying a tray down the stairs. "How is he?" John asked. "Umoran, He's with Kate" Val said as John made his way up to his son's room. He knocked on the door and Kate thought it was Val and told him to come in. She frowned when she saw her ex husband. John was always there to spoil the party. "Would you ,mind giving us a minute?" John asked. "He's tired" Kate told him. "We're just going to watch TV, aren't we Ollie?" She asked. "Wanna sit here?" Ollie asked, pointing to the end of the bed.

"No...no...I'll leave you two to it" John said. He went back downstairs to see his brother in law sipping green tea. Val offered him a cup but he refused. "I'll stick to coffee...Val...is there a chance you could...well...get rid of Kate tonight?" He asked his ex brother-in-law. "Krist, you know Kate, she gonna stick to her dijete when he's sick" Val said. "Val I need to talk to Ollie, I need to get the sick shit who took my son" John told him getting up to make the coffee himself. "Just give Kate vrijeme...she'll back off soon" Val told him, but John wasn't convinced.

"Daddy I don't think he's ready for this" Clay warned. "Fuck it, he's wasting his time crying over that gold-digging skank" Daddy said. "Let's scope the place first" Daddy said. Clay charged on ahead, unable to get round the back, but he couldn't see any lights on. Daddy broke in through the front door and raced upstairs to Eric's room. He pushed the door open and turned the light on before shutting the door. "Eric, come on get up, we're going on a trip" Daddy said taking the covers off of his son. Eric leaned up. "Whatever" He said but he didn't move. In the end Daddy had to carry him down the stairs. To Clay's surprise Eric remained silent, they put him in the car, and Daddy played some music to lighten the mood.

"Son, I'm sorry" Daddy said.

"Daddy you've done nothing wrong" Clay said.

"Clay I'm not talking to you" Daddy said. "It's just Lisa's funeral is tomorrow and...you've gotta go" Daddy said. "I'm not going" Eric said bluntly. "We'll see" Daddy said driving to Nate's place. Clay wondered if he should talk to Eric but he kept his mouth shut, he knew he couldn't help his little brother. Daddy stopped the car outside of Nate's place. He got Eric out of the car and tugged his son along the sidewalk in bare-feet. It was an odd sight, but no-one appeared to be outside. Daddy knocked on the door and a guy that wasn't Nate answered the door.

"Yeah?" The guy asked.

"We're here to see Nate" Daddy said. The guy looked at Eric before answering, the kid looked cold. "Right" He called out Nate's name. Parent's coming to the house was nothing new. Nate was on this "Big Brother Scheme" To help kids that were going through problems, but they usually didn't come this late with their pyjamas on. They all took a seat as Daddy eyes wondered on a figure in the kitchen that he couldn't quite see. Nate came downstairs and the older man left the room. "Hi" Nate said to Eric. Eric looked at the floor in silence. "Sorry about your mom...do you wanna talk about her?" He asked. Eric stayed silent tapping his feet on the floor.

"Do you want a drink?" Nate asked. Eric stayed silent again and after twenty minutes Nate went into the kitchen to get them some drinks about to call it a day. "Eric you have to open your mouth" Daddy warned. "You're being an ass, stop being rude" Clay looked at Eric motionless on the sofa as he could hear the banging of a cupboard in the kitchen. "Why's he here?" Chris Sanchez asked. He didn't wanna listen in, but he was hearing different voices and he wanted to know if Nate and his brother Nick was safe. "His mom...you know" Nate said pouring out the squash into glasses.

"He's like...depressed" Nate said. "You getting anywhere?" Chris asked. "Nah" Nate said. "I'll send them home" "Wait" Chris asked. "You mind if I have a try?" Chris asked. Nate shrugged his shoulders. He went out with the tray and Chris followed him. "This is my friend Chris" Nate said. "He...ummm...kinda feels bad and wants to help" Nate said. "He looks a fucking mess" Daddy argued. Clay patted Daddy's arm to try and keep him quiet. "Sorry, he didn't mean that" Clay said. "No worries...it's true" Chris said shrugging. Chris was wearing torn jeans, a brown jacket and white T-shirt that had ketchup stains on it. Nick and Nate didn't mind, but Daddy did.

"I've dealt with different problems and I've been around death...I'm an Army guy" Chris said as Nate placed the tray down and sat down. "So umm...what are your names?" Chris asked. "This is Clay" Daddy said chucking his head towards Clay. "This is Eric" Daddy said, looking at Eric who was staring at the glasses. "Have some juice" Daddy said getting a glass from the tray and holding it in-front of Eric. He didn't take it and Clay took the glass and put it back on the tray, he could feel Daddy's anger boiling, but Clay was sure he could control it. "I was ummm...out in Afghanistan, I was a leader with a team of guys, that liked me, they trusted me" Chris said leaning back on the chair.

"Bullshit" Daddy snorted. They all looked at him and Chris wanted this guy to go away as soon as possible. "Ummm...could me and Eric get some privacy?" Chris asked. "I'm not leaving you alone with my son" Daddy said. "Come on Daddy, we'll get a burger" Clay said, knowing that they had no money on them. "Clay we're not going anywhere" Daddy said. "Dad...it's fine" Eric said turning towards him with a minute move. Clay got up pulling Daddy's coat and they went into the kitchen. Nate gave Chris a nod and went upstairs to his room. Chris smiled at Eric, enjoying the silence. Eric didn't smile back.

"Let's go back to basics" Chris said pushing the table toward Eric and putting one glass of squash on his side of the table. "I'm Chris and I lost friends in the Army, are you in school?" Chris asked. Eric nodded. "I dunno if you've seen Army films, but I was squad leader and we're were on a umm...secret mission...yeah, it's sounds corny but it's true, and...we were ambushed" Chris said. "Bullets were spraying everywhere. By the time I rushed back from the perimeter, it was too late. I watched them die" Chris said taking a glass of squash for himself. "What about you?" He asked Eric.

"They're just talking Daddy" Clay said looking a gap in the door. "Good, keep an eye on them, we don't know who that "Chris" is" Daddy said. "He could be a Goddammed pervert. You looking forward to tomorrow Clay?" Daddy asked. "Why?" Clay asked. "We put Lisa to rest thank fucking god. It's gonna be official, Clay, when Leo's gone, I'll get Eric...and Lisa's house" Daddy said. "You're smart Daddy you've got this all figured out" Clay said. "I sure have" Daddy nodded. "But what if Leo won't go?" Clay asked.

"It wasn't...I didn't watch anything. I was going out with my friends that weekend. My Dad [the guy in the kitchen] had surprised me. She...she asked for a kiss goodbye and that wasn't gonna happen, not with my friends a footstep away. I said if wanted to walk me out to the car she'd have to look better because her hair was messy and I didn't want her to embarrass me" Eric told him. "I'm such a selfish asshole" "Eric you weren't to know what was gonna happen" Chris said. "I should have stayed, I could have scared the robbers off, or given them something...I've got money in my wardrobe...not much, a few thousand...I could have given it to them...then this never would have happened" Eric said sipping the squash.

Eric leaned over putting the glass back, then he put his hand in-front of his mouth. "You gonna be sick?" Chris asked, walking over to him. Eric shook his head. "I wanna see my mom" Eric told him. "I wanna see her right now" Eric said. "Eric you'll say everything you need to at the funeral kiddo" Chris said lightly patting him on the shoulder. "I'm not going" Eric said pouting. "You know, my mom she's not really well" Chris began. "She's ill?" Eric asked. "No...well not physically or in her head, she's just carrying a lot guilt aorund with her" Chris said. Guilt is shit Eric, if you'll excuse my French. Guilt eats you up, if you don't do the right thing" Chris explained.

"You can't wake him up, he's asleep" Kate said closing Ollie's door as she came face to face with John. "I need to ask him something important" John said. "Well it can wait" Kate said. "We had a great time...without you don't spoil it" She walked passed him and he followed her downstairs to talk about sleeping arrangements. "You can have my room" John said politely. "I want new sheets on them, I don't want to be tossing and turning in your filth" Kate said. "Fine" John said going upstairs to change them. Val walked into the lounge and shook his head at his little sister.

"Sranje Kate, give the guy a break" Val said. "Why? Ollie was the one kidnapped, not him" Kate said. "Do you want to hear a secret?" Kate asked.

"No, but you're gonna tell me anyway" Val said.

"I'm gonna ask Ollie to move in with me and Marco" Kate announced. "He's gonna say yes after all John's put him through" Val stared at her for a few minutes unable to react because John was coming down the stairs. "Madame, your new bedroom awaits" John said as he held his hand out and Kate squeezed it gently. He turned the TV volume up and asked Val when Kate was going back to work. Val didn't know, so John thought about taking Ollie to work with him tomorrow, just to get him out of the house. If Ollie felt at home at John's workplace, he might be tempted to talk.

"Eric it was hell. These guys were my men under my squad and I couldn't look after them. I failed them. I couldn't fail them again, by running away from their funerals. I went to all three of them. Cuddled their wives, shook hands with their kids. I know it's hard Eric, but you've gotta grow up. "I can't speak for your mom, but...I think she'd want you to be there" Chris said. "You're her son, you've gotta be there" Chris said. "Eric looked at the blank Television screen. "It's about respect, you respected, your mom, all through her life right?" Chris asked. "Tomorrow's gotta be no different" Eric took a sip of squash, his hand trembling against the glass. "You an only child?" Chris asked. Eric nodded.

"Me too. I know this might sound crazy, but, your mom needs you now. She always will" Chris said.

"Chris...can you come with me?" Eric asked. Chris paused before nodding. "If it's OK with your Dad" Eric nodded as Clay knocked the door and Chris called them in. "Eric...we're going" Daddy said pulling his son up by the arm. "Mr...ummm..." Chris said getting up. "Wilkes" Daddy said sharply. "Mr Wilkes, Eric asked me to pop down there tomorrow, just to pay my respects" "Whatever you wanna do" Daddy said getting Eric to his feet. They took him back into the car and Daddy asked him if he was okay. "I'm just tired" Eric said. Daddy had left Lisa's house door open so Eric could quickly go upstairs.

Daddy got back in the car with Clay and told him that he might have a point. "About what Daddy?" Clay asked. "Leo...he might cause trouble, still we know what to do if he does" Daddy said buckling up his seatbelt. Half an hour after Chris left Nate and Nick's he got a friendly visitor. His mom. Crystal had been worried about him, ever since he'd come back from the lastest High-Star-Mission her courageous outgoing son had changed and not for the better. He told her about Eric and his annoying Dad with older the son that still called him "Daddy" Chris was having second thoughts about going to this "Lisa's" funeral. Maybe it wasn't his place, but Crystal knew she had to go to Lisa's funeral.

After she left, she called DannyV to confirm Lloyd's and Lisa's past and she knew her other son Clay would be there, with her grandchild, that little girl she'd seen at the store. It was time for Lloyd to see that she wasn't the same screwed up girl that gave her son away. Crystal was hell-bent on getting Clay to be a part of her family, whether Lloyd liked it or not. If she could get Clay's trust she'd get to know him and again and would try to be the best mother, like she tried to be for Chris. There was so much that she'd missed out on, so much of Clay's life that she wanted to discover.

"Daddy Lloyd" Couldn't ruin her plans. If he tried, Crystal had a treasure chest of "Daddy's" dirty little secrets that she could use against him: