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"Shut up Duval! You don't know anything about me!" Jeff said angrily.

"Oh, and you know me?" Nick shot back.

"I know that you are just a spoiled kid who whines every time he doesn't get what he wants!"

"Shut up Sterling! My family can have money but that doesn't make me a spoiled kid!"

"Guys please sto-"

"Stay out of this Blaine! This is none of your business!" Nick shouted at Blaine interrupting him.

"Don't talk with him like that!" Jeff shouted too.

"Who are you to tell me that? My mother?" And with that Nick turned around and walked away.

"Come back! I'm not finished yet!" Jeff screamed.

"But I am!" Nick said loud enough just for the other boy hear.

The arguing had been long, Nick was boiling inside with rage. It had begun with simple push on the hallway, and Nick didn't even do it on purpose.

Nick and Jeff couldn't stand each other, it all began on their freshmen year but neither Nick nor Jeff could tell why.

The big problem in all that was that the two boys had to share their dorm room. They tried several times to change rooms with others, but they never succeeded. So the fact that they had to see each other every single day didn't help at all, it was bad enough the fact they shared the same friends so share the same room made it even worse.

Nick stepped inside his shared room and shut (slam) the door behind him. "What an asshole! How does he dare? I am not a spoiled kid! If I was I wasn't stuck in this school in the first place..." Nick said angrily walking around the room. But he sure is hot when he's angry... A voice said inside his head. No! Get a grip Nick! He corrected himself.

It wasn't the first time the dark haired boy had these kinds of thoughts about the blond, the first time had been on a dream, one of those dreams. Images flashed behind Nick's closed eyes and he quickly opened them shaking his head like the move would make the thoughts go away.

Nick tried to push those thoughts aside, but it wasn't as easy as it looked.

He grabbed his sports outfit and changed, folding his uniform and putting it onto the bed. Before he left (already in his sport shorts and t-shirt) he grabbed his iPod and turned the sound to its max.

As soon as Nick stepped the school's grounds he started running, he ran as fast as he could and as long as his lungs and legs allowed him.

This was the best way for Nick to clear his mind. He would run until he was completely exhausted, his mind too busy to think in whatever he didn't want to think.

When Nick felt like his legs and lungs were about to explode he slowed down, and then stopped. Nick leaned against a wall and waited for his breath to come again, the music still loud in his ears.

It took long until Nick could breathe normally again, he was already sweating but he wasn't tired enough.

Nick straightened and started running again. This time a little slower, and his mind singing along with the music he was hearing.

More than one hour passed until he decided it was enough and came back to his room.

"That boy pisses me off!" Jeff said as he entered the room he shared with Nick. Fortunately he wasn't there, good because Jeff didn't want to see the other boy.

Blaine followed Jeff inside with a sigh. "Come on Jeff. He's not that bad! I think you two would be great friends if you get to know each other."

"Ugh. Never..." Jeff said throwing his bag wherever.

"Never say never...!" Blaine said more happily than he should have.

Jeff snorted, his eyes landed on Nick's bed where his uniform was neatly folded. "At least he's not messy..." He said.

"Yes... You had luck with that. Thad's a mess." Blaine said and Jeff laughed.

Blaine's phone buzzed and Jeff looked up at him to find him smiling like an idiot to the phone. "Let me guess. Kurt?"

"Blaine nodded. "He just got out of his school..." Blaine looked up at Jeff with his puppy eyes, Jeff rolled his own and said.

"You can go. You don't need to stay..."

Blaine smiled. "Thanks Jeff...!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know I am awesome." Jeff said in a mocking tone.

Blaine rolled his eyes before he left the room. "See you tomorrow Jeff..." Then he stopped before he closed the door. "You should try talking with Nick. Not arguing. Talking."

"Not going to happen." Jeff said before Blaine closed the door.

With nothing better to do Jeff grabbed his bag again to take out his books and started working. But of course after forty five minutes he was tired of studying, so he pulled out a comic magazine and jumped to his bed.

A few minutes passed and the door opened, Jeff looked up. Big mistake. He thought to himself. Nick entered the room without a word, his t-shirt was completely wet (as well as Nick's hair) and so it was glued to Nick's skin showing his absolutely perfect abs.

Jeff looked down to his magazine again and bit lightly his lip. Although Jeff wanted to hate Nick with all he had, Nick made it kind of hard when he appeared like that in front of him.

"Wasn't Blaine supposed to be with you?" Nick asked coldly.

"He's with Kurt." Jeff answered the exactly same way.

From the corner of his eye Jeff saw Nick pull out his phone and texting something. Probably an apology to Blaine... Jeff thought, but he actually didn't care.

Nick went to the bathroom they shared and closed the door behind him, Jeff heard the water running and a few minutes after Nick was out again, with only a towel around his waist.

What's wrong with this guy? Doesn't he know the meaning of the word shirt? Jeff shifted uncomfortably in his bed.

They didn't change more words for the rest of the evening. As usual there was a cold silence between the two boys, but neither of them actually cared.

Nick went to bed early and so did Jeff.

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