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Nick woke up with a small gasp, he sat up slowly looking around the big room. It hadn't been the first time he dreamed with his high school times. Nick smiled at the dream and ran a hand through his messy hair.

Only then he realised he had woken up with the sound of a crying baby on the speakers.

"Can you go?" His husband mumbled his face slightly buried on the pillow, only half of it peeking out.

"Sure," He murmured and kissed the brunet's cheek before getting up lazily and walking to the baby's room.

Nick stepped inside the room and walked to the crib, the little dark-haired girl was still crying, so Nick picked her up and rocked her lightly in his arms. "There, there, little girl no need to cry," He said soothingly.

As the little Agnes saw herself being rocked on her dad's arms she stopped crying to look up at Nick with her big brown watery eyes and a pouty expression on her face.

Nick smiled at her softly before walking to the armchair to sit down, still rocking Agnes. "You know what I was doing? Dreaming," He said in the same soothing tone as before.

It was adorable how Agnes seemed always so calm whenever Nick talked to her, like if his voice made everything better, it didn't actually matter what he said. "And you know who was in my dream? Daddy!" Nick's smile grew wider.

The little girl was much calmer now, although she was not falling asleep again.

"We were back at Dalton with uncle Blaine, Thad, David and even Wes was there!" Nick said a bit of enthusiasm showing through his voice.

Because even if Blaine had moved to New York with Kurt just like Thad and his new girlfriend, Wes had moved to London to live with Charlie and David was in L.A., so Nick could be with Blaine and Thad easily (they worked all together after all) but he barely saw Wes and David (though their friendship stayed strong thanks to long skype video calls).

"But of course, back then I didn't know I would have a beautiful daughter like you!" Nick said and booped her nose making her giggle.

Agnes caught Nick's finger and looked at it attentively for a couple of seconds before putting it in her mouth biting it and looking innocently up at Nick. Nick laughed softly and the little girl blinked innocently.

Nick grinned at her and pulled her shirt a bit up showing her pale belly before blowing air against her soft skin making Agnes squeal, flail, shriek and giggle.

"She won't fall asleep again if you continue with that" A sleepy voice came from the door. Nick looked up and an apologetically smile grew on his face.


The brunet rolled his eyes and walked towards them. "Then who has to calm her down is me!"

Nick made a dramatic shocked face. "Am I listening right, Agnes?" He said turning to his daughter who was giggling at Nick's faces. "Is daddy jealous because you're having fun without him?"

"Oh shut up!" The brunet picked the girl from Nick's arms and sat on Nick's lap, his legs hanging over one of the armchair's arms and his back resting against the other arm.

Nick quickly hugged him by his waist and rested his head on the other's shoulder before leading a hand to his hair and running a hand through it.

"I like your hair like this," Nick said softly.

"I don't" The other answered rocking Agnes gently in his arms so she would fall asleep again.

"You look hot." Nick grinned.

"It was just for Broadway." A sigh.

"It was nice that we got in the same musical." The brunet nodded in agreement, with a smile. "But... I miss your blond hair too." Nick pouted.

"After tomorrow's show I'll be able to let it grow blond again," Jeff smiled widely and kissed Nick softly.

Nick smiled against Jeff's lips. He was happy now, he had the man of his dreams – literally – a beautiful and healthy daughter, his dream job and great friends.

"Did your father answered yet?" Jeff asked after a while.

"No, and he won't. He'll never get over the fact I am doing what I like and want and that I'm actually succeeding." Nick sighed.

"Do you think your mum could-"

"Jeff," Nick interrupted softly. "My mum could say whatever, he won't come to see Agnes, it's a matter of pride..."

Jeff sighed. "I just wanted her to, I don't know, at least get to know her grandfather." He mumbled.

"But she has one. And believe me your dad is a better grandfather than my father will ever be. And she has a lot of people to love her. I'm actually worried she might turn to be a bit spoiled," Nick rolled his eyes and Jeff laughed softly.

"She has more uncles and aunts than we have siblings!" Jeff laughed.

And well, it was true. As Nick said when he was talking to Agnes; uncle Blaine, uncle Kurt, uncle Thad, uncle David, uncle Wes, aunt Charlie, and never forgetting the worst ones – also known as the ones who spoiled their little daughter the most – uncle Tony, uncle Pierre and Sebastian.

"It's funny how you and Pierre turned out to be best friends." Nick said after while with a smile. They didn't even notice Agnes had fallen asleep snuggling in Jeff's arms with a smile.

"As soon as he laid off my man, I didn't have problems with him." Jeff shrugged. "He turned out to be a very nice guy,"

Nick chuckled. "Your man..." He said softly after a few seconds smiling and looking up at Jeff lovingly.

"My man," Jeff repeated before kissing Nick deeply. "But if you think about it" Jeff said taking a deeper breath. "The real surprise is that he's actually married!"

"I know! I never thought Pierre and Sebastian would actually settle down and marry!" Nick mocked.

"They are cute though... And still as horny as teenagers." Jeff said and they both laughed. "And next we have Kurt and Blaine, right?"

"Yep, next month. It's weird they didn't get married before Pierre and Seb," Nick said.

"I think they have been too focused on their job..." Jeff said.

"Not that much though, don't you remember the accidental call?"

"Oh my God, why did you have to remember me of that?" There's some stuff a man doesn't have to hear in his life!" Jeff made a face.

"Being one of them your friends having sex..." Nick said. "And we had the misfortune of having to hear everyone we know having sex." He added.

Jeff shuddered mockingly and then looked down, finding his daughter sleeping. "She's so beautiful... And she's ours!" Jeff said with a happy sigh.

"She is... We'll have to keep an eye on boys and girls, if someone wants to take out on a date they will have to come talk to us first. And just to scare them off Tony has to be there now that he's in army and all... And Pierre and Sebastian too!" Nick said with a nod, just the thought of his little girl on a date with someone made him nervous.

Jeff chuckled. "Why don't we invite the army over too?" He joked.

"Yes, good I like that I idea!" Nick exclaimed.

Jeff laughed and got up to put Agnes back in her crib. "Do you want her to end up alone?"

"No, but I don't want her hurt either!" Nick said as Jeff sat again on his lap.

"Nick, getting hurt is part of the way... She'll get hurt and we will be there for her with tubs of ice cream and good movies..." Jeff said snuggling closer to Nick.

Nick sighed and wrapped his arms around Jeff again, pulling him closer.

"I love you," Jeff mumbled and yawned.

"I love you too," Nick smiled and kissed Jeff gently.

Jeff was already falling asleep on Nick's lap, so carefully, Nick, lifted Jeff and walked to their room again, putting Jeff down carefully. He laid down beside him and the brunet quickly moved and cling to Nick. Nick smiled and hugged him by his waist.

"Do you remember our worst fight? Have I ever told you that I don't regret even a bit choosing you? Because I don't... You're everything to me, and I can only be happy with you," Nick mumbled knowing Jeff was still half awake.

Jeff made a sleepy noise and smiled pulling Nick even closer.

Nick smiled and kissed Jeff's hair falling asleep quickly.

He was one of the happiest men in the world.

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