I don't know what made me want to write this but I wrote it anyway. It'll probably be a short story in comparison to some of my other stories but I liked the idea of this. So Kate's around eighteen and Castle's twenty six. Anyway, I just wanted to say Johanna Beckett is still alive in this for the time being and well, yeah I'll leave you to either read this or not read it.

Laughing as she entered the coffee shop with her two friends, Kate laughed as she approached an empty table and sat herself down; throwing her bag onto the floor as an older man walked over and took their orders. She'd just finished her lecture and was in a desperate need for a coffee and after her friends had invited her for a coffee, she'd immediately accepted as her desperation began to take over her system. Turning her head, she smiled as her eyes found an older man sitting at the table beside theirs; his head down as he scribbled into a note book.

"Kate" Madison sighed, gaining her attention as the brunette smiled and laughed. "I've got to go, Sam's having a major issue with his work and wants my help" she explained, Kate nodding as she watched the blonde approach the exit and wave before leaving. Looking across at her other friend, Kate sighed as she realised that Hannah was about to leave by the amount of times she stared down at her watch.

"Have somewhere you need to go Hannah?" Kate asked quickly, the other blonde nodding as she looked up and excused herself; disappearing out of the exit just as fast as they arrived. Watching as her coffee was placed in front of her, Kate shut her eyes before hearing someone clear their throat beside her; her head moving to look across at the man who was staring at her. "Hi" she whispered, the man who'd previously writing moving closer as she bit into her lip.

"I thought you might want company, seeing that you're friends have disappeared in the space of a minute" he announced, the brunette nodding as she slowly stood up and brought her coffee over to his table.

"So what are you writing?" she asked, his eyes rolling before he looked down at the book he'd been scribbling in. "Is it a book?" she asked quickly, noticing how he'd set out the work he was doing.

"It's a scribble of a book" he sighed, shutting it before looking up and smiling. "You have amazing eyes" he blurted out as she bit into her lip. "Sorry I blurt things out sometimes, especially in front of beautiful women" he laughed; the brunette smiling at what he'd just admitted. Looking down at her watch, she groaned before reaching across to take a sip of her coffee. "Speed drinking, need to be somewhere?" he asked.

"Family thing tonight which I'm going to be late for" she moaned, the dark haired man nodding before she groaned. "Look, I've got to go but it was nice meeting you" she sighed, standing quickly before he scribbled something down and ripped out the piece of paper. "What's this?" Kate asked quickly as he handed her the scrap of paper.

"My number" he smiled, her eyes rolling before she looked down and laughed. "I'm Rick by the way, Richard Castle".

"Kate, Kate Beckett" she sighed before smiling and disappearing out of the coffee shop.

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