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Brushing her dark hair back away from her face, Kate sighed as she tied her brunette hair into a bun and stared down at the ring that was continuing to decorate her finger in excitement. Rick was coming to see her and this time she was going home with him, she was going back to New York and all the normal chaos in their normal lives with Alexis needing to be at school and Gina continually calling with deadlines and events.

"You can do this Kate, you can do this" she whispered, turning around to look at the uniform that was lying across her bed neatly for the graduation event later that evening. Rick would be here with Alexis and Martha to support her and her father would be here to celebrate everything she'd achieved in the past three months. "I've made it, I've done it" she laughed, reaching across for her uniform as she relaxed. Hearing the phone ring, Kate sighed as she reached across, her smile growing as she worked out who would be calling. "Hello" she smiled.

"Hello beautiful cop of mine, how are you feeling today?" Rick smiled as Kate laughed gently and sat down on the edge of her bed, wishing that she hadn't tied her back now because she was desperate to run her fingers through them like she always did when she was nervous.

"Nervous actually, stupidly nervous" she admitted, knowing that she sounded stupid. "I can't wait to see you all today and I can't wait to move into the loft tonight forever because I'm not leaving" the brunette stated, knowing that the writer would be smiling at the thought. "And then we'll have to celebrate tonight as well Rick because every graduation needs a party" Kate added.

"What did you have in mind Officer Beckett? Is it something naughty? Please say it's something naughty" Rick asked as she laughed gently at the sound of her new tittle when he said it. Officer Beckett! She was a cop now!

"I thought we could watch some movies with Alexis, I'll cook dinner tonight because I've missed it and then when Lex has gone to bed we'll have a bath together and make love all night long until we're both exhausted and want to cuddle up and just sleep" she stated, his smile growing at the idea she was suggesting. She was coming home to them! "And then tomorrow morning, we'll wake up, make pancakes together for our family and have a pyjama day" the brunette explained, enjoying the idea already.

"The only part of that plan I dislike is you making dinner tonight Katherine Beckett" Rick admitted as she laughed. "We should be spoiling you Kate; you've achieved so much and tonight is going to be all about you. We're going to spoil you like the amazing woman that you are, Alexis is so excited" the writer explained as Kate groaned at the idea of everyone else doing work but her.

"Then I'll make dinner with you Rick, I want to help. I want to go back to being domestic with you because I've really missed that feeling of being in a family with someone, with you and Alexis" she laughed as he smiled at her explanation for wanting to make dinner. "Look I've got to go, I'm still not dressed and Kevin and Javier are coming here in a minute to get me" she admitted as shock covered his face.

"You've been talking to me on the phone and you're not even dressed yet?" Rick asked quickly as she giggled in excitement, looking up at the clock quickly to see that everyone would be leaving in the last couple of minutes to be here on time. "Look I've got to go, Alexis wants me to do her hair so I need to finish getting her ready and you need to get dressed" he explained.

"I do Rick, I really need to get dressed" she smiled. "I love you Richard Castle, I love you more than anything in the world" she admitted as she felt tears fill her eyes in amazement.

"I love you too Katie, the beautiful officer in my life" he muttered, the two of them saying goodbye to each other before she quickly hung up and stared at the rest of her uniform. It was almost time for her to become Officer Beckett officially.


"I still can't see them, why aren't they here yet?" Kate asked quickly as she looked across to see her father and Lanie sitting down beside each other but the spaces beside them were still empty where Martha, Rick and Alexis were supposed to be seated. Turning around to look at Kevin and Javier who were silently watching her, she quickly wrapped her arms around her chest as she began to worry. "Where are they? What if something's happened?" she muttered as both men forced smiles onto their faces.

"There's probably traffic Kate, you know New York, you can never judge how long it would take to get somewhere" Kevin declared as she bit into her lip, hoping that Ryan was right about them being stuck in traffic. "I'm sure they're fine Kate, they'll be here before you know it" he explained as she shut her eyes, knowing that Kevin was probably right even though she couldn't shrug off the sinking feeling in her stomach that something was wrong.

"Come on, let's go and get a coffee before everything starts. I need a caffeine boost and so do you, you haven't one this morning and you always do" Javier declared, gently leading her down the corridor. Kate knew he was trying to calm her down but she couldn't remove that feeling in her stomach. She couldn't remove the feeling that something was wrong with the Castle's!


"Congratulations Officer Beckett" Lanie teased as she walked over to her friend after the ceremony, her arms quickly wrapping around the brunette as Kate nodded slowly, unable to smile as Rick hadn't turned up for the ceremony and she was worried. Moving away slowly, Kate sighed as her father walked over and proudly wrapped his arms around her, her head burying into his chest as tears began to run down her cheeks. He hadn't been there! Rick hadn't been there to support her through one of the greatest achievements in her life.

"There's probably a really good reason sweetheart, he really did want to be here for the ceremony, he's been talking about it all week and Alexis was really excited as well" Jim admitted, pressing a kiss into her cheek as she relaxed and held him close. Hearing footsteps approaching her, Kate sighed as she turned to see one of the coaches walking towards her.

"Beckett, you have a phone call" he admitted as Kate nodded and followed him out of the room towards the phone. Taking it into her hand, the brunette sighed as she turned around to see the coach staring at her with a sad look upon his face instead of the pride that had been covering it early when she'd seen the older man.

"Hello?" Kate asked quickly down the phone.

"Kate, it's Martha" the brunette listened to as the redhead sobbed down the line. "Kate sweetheart there's been an accident..."


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