(Aqua's Point of View)

At night, I opened the door that was heading towards my room and putting away my bagpack and E-Scanner onto the table and just went straight to bed while looking at the empty ceiling. I have to think it back on what did I say to him just now… I just can't believe that I said that to him. Why can't I be straight about my nee-san's condition at him? Would it be inflicted a lot of damage to him and affect his performance as an Elemental Rider since that he's someone that is important to her…?


(Insert song: Personal History from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds OST)

"Because… A-Chan that you kept mentioning about it… she's my big sister…" I said to him while looking down, which leaves him more surprised than ever.

"EH?! You're her little sister!?" he said in surprise, which makes him sits up from his bed, ignoring the pain that was jolted along his body before he looked at me from a surprise look to a very happy look. "I didn't know that she's your big sister!" and with that comment, he earns a whack at the back of his head, all thanks to my hand.

"Geez, what's wrong with you? You should've known that my sister has the last same name as mine, you airhead!" I shouted at him, as he just laughs nervously while rubbing the back of his head. I can only groaned for such a rider who can forget such an important name like our last name…

"Uh, sorry about that… I just kept calling A-Chan, I kinda forget about the last name for the last 10 years. And man, your sister was someone that is really important to me! And see, I still have the headphone that she gives me before we departed!" he stated as he pointed at the table, which it has the same headphone that he usually wears around his neck. And then, he noticed something around my hair. "…and you know, your ribbon that you wear is similar to the one that I gave her as a gift."

I wasn't surprised on what he stated to me about the ribbon. If he really wanted to know about it, this IS the one ribbon that my sister have kept it as one of a precious item to her and always tied her hair with it at all times.

"Say, Aqua-chan. How's A-chan been doing lately? I really missed her, y'know? Because whenever I tried to deliver a letter to her, the mail was returned back to me… any idea why does it happened?" he asked me with full of curiosity and eager to know about her condition. I guess that what my sister said was true, he really is loyal to someone that he likes and so does her as well. His eyes are only set onto her and her only. Why do I have this feeling of pain coming from my chest whenever he said something like that in the first place?

"Well, in truth, after a few days after your move to another place, our family was also moving to a new home within the city, but it was far from our old home, so that explains why most of the mails are returned it back to you…" I explained to him since that before the introduction of cellphone that can send e-mails to each other to the public, they used to rely on letters to tell them on how their condition was back then… "…and as for her condition, um…"

"Hm? Is something the matter?" he asked before he gets a little panic about it, "Is A-chan okay?!" he said while walking back and forth from one corner of the room to another while scratching his hair with both of his hands in a panic and honestly, I wanted to laugh for a bit when I saw this, but I can't... I just can't seem to express it out at all...

To be honest, I don't know whether to tell him the truth about nee-san's condition where she sacrificed herself to protect the world from Dark Void but if I told him about this matter and looking at his face that he wanted to meet her after such a long time, I just don't have the guts to say it to him about it. This is one of those times where there are times that some of the words that I wanted to say to him, ended up making me loss of words to tell him about it. If I do tell him about it, it will only hurt his feelings. So in the end, there's only one thing that I can do…

"N-no! She's fine! It's just that… well, she only studies abroad and she did say that she remembers you all the times. You know that making an international call can be expensive, right? I don't think that she's awake over there as well since that the time difference…" I bluffed at him. I know that it isn't a good thing but seeing him sighs in relief about it and fell for my bait was good enough. Why is he so naive at certain things? That, I couldn't tell at all.

"Well, I'm glad that she's okay!" he said it with a smile on his face while wiping some of the beads of sweat from his head with the back of his hand as a sign of relief, but in truth, I've witness the whole thing which he didn't knew of it about the war that happened 5 years ago. I guess there are some secrets that can't even be told to him… at least for the time being... but sooner or later, he has to know about the truth and he had no choice but to face the incoming pain that will never end to hurt him for the rest of his life.

*end of flashback and insert song*

And soon after our conversation is over, the rest of the gang enters his house and chats to him casually, doing their own thing, especially that little Akane, which she kept clinging to her usual spot at his arm. And to be honest, I actually felt the pain at my chest by just looking at her actions. What is wrong with me? Have I… gone soft whenever around him? I don't know whether it was his Heart of the Wind or even his personality was the reason for all of this but there's one thing that I do know all of this matter…

"Nee-san… I missed you. I just don't know whether if I even suitable to be an Elemental Rider in the first place… what would you do about if you're in my shoes, nee-san…" I said while looking at the right to the window, where the night city is accompanied by the crescent moon in the night starry sky.


(Insert song: Kinji Rareta Kioku from Black Cat OST)

(Normal Point of View)

"Grr… just how are we going to wait to set our plan in motion?! I'm getting more impatient every single day of just waiting to kill those no good men! And I don't want to stay under in this shell for too long!" Setsuna complaint as she kept tapping her foot repeatedly as she was crossing her arms, anxiously wanted to go all out on the people.

"Arara~ it seems like the succubus is dying to hurt the people, ne~?" Miyuki teased her for a bit, which is now that Setsuna was more annoyed than ever as Miyuki continued, "…as long as we didn't get the order from Dark Void-sama to conquer the city, for the time being, we are now sitting ducks~" Miyuki added as she began to approach towards the sitting Kurai and when she tried to hug him by surprise, the only thing that she get was hugging the chair as Kurai was standing up and looking at the outside view at the large window.

"Once we have recruited the Dark Element of Earth, we can finally began the Ritual, decimate the Elemental Riders for good and the city—no, the whole world will be in our Dark Void-sama's hand. And soon, we shall be the one that will force the people to follow our commands…" Kurai noted as he stared at his right hand before it engulfs his right hand as he continued, "…even if the Ritual will ended up reviving the dark memories of the people who had experienced it in the past, just like 5 years ago…" he added before he clenches his fist, extinguishing the flames earlier before Kyuu asked him.

"Hey, has anyone seen the Master?" Kyuu asked.

"The Master is at the top of the building, watching the city from there… as usual…" Setsuna replied back to him.

Meanwhile at the top of the building, Dark Void were just looking at the bright city from afar as the dark clouds began to cover the surrounding of the building as it kept its gaze upon the city that shone brightly at the night under the care of the moonlight to accompany it.

"Elemental City, soon you will fall again into my hands. Once we have obtained the Dark Element of Earth, all hell shall break loose. Also, Annet Myer, the once previous Kaze, was unable to defeat me completely but only manage to delay the inevitable. But now… she is under our control and your new Kaze is something else… able to level up in a good pace…" it said with a little interest in it. "…now, let's see if there are something that you all have in order to defeat me…" he said and began to chuckle out loud, as if there was no way that it can be defeated, even with the upgraded Riders.

(End of Insert Song)

(Insert song: Cyclone Effect from Labor Days)

(Instrumental) The intro starts with a few flash sequences, Storm and Aqua are playing an electric guitar, Melissa is playing a bass guitar, Kazuma is on the drums, Akira at the techno parts and Akane as a vocalist as she swings her head a little from side to side to follow the rhythm. (Note that for English sentence, the girls will sing it together) After the flashes the band plays the music on a stage with a background of the Elemental City and the title appears as Akane was getting close to the mic to start singing.

(dokoka chotto nanka zutto kanjiteru) The 3 boys was on their bike from different roads are joined in at a line and heading towards their destination.
(ato sukoshi hitokakera sagashiteru puzzle) The girls are already at the destination and look up to the top of the building as the boys are arrived as well.
(kokoro-teki karada-teki sukima o umeru) At the top of the building, Dark Void and 6 Dark Elements are looking down as they began to dive down for an attack.
(shigeki-teki Effect) All of the Elemental Riders have their belts and staff readied.
(Something let me change) They jumps high while scanning out for their Rider forms as a flash of light appears at the middle of it.

(kono machi ni fukikomu kaze no Power) Dave and Veronica was looking around for some scoop in their van as Ilya was just getting out from her car and look at Katsuya's building from outside.
(jibun no naka torikomi) In the laboratory, Katsuya was looking at Prof. Kagaku doing some of weird experiments until an explosion occurs, leaving him black as Katsuya just shakes his head.
(ugokidasu chikara e trans shite) The shopkeeper serves a burger to Ryuga and the dojo's instructor while the two looking at Kaito and his goons are flirting with a group of girls, as the elders just shakes their heads.
(unmei o kaete ikou) Annet Myers lends out her hand with a smile, as Storm and Aqua both reaches her hand before another flash appears.

(Cyclone Effect, Don't stop it) Gaia in her Earth Golem Form pummels her fist driectly onto the Dark Master of Earth, who was on the ground.
(kitto tsuyoku nareru, yeah~) Yami and Raito jumps back to a building while being chased by Dark Bat and Aquatic Succubus, as they came out from that building, Dark Bat and Aquatic Succubus flew back as Chaos jumps forward out of the building, armed with 2 swords.
(Cyclone Effect, Don't stop it) Ryuu and Dark Flames are exchanging blows with their swords as it pushes Ryuu back.
(tsugi no stage e~) Ryuu upgraded to Magma and whips Dark Flame and pulled him as preparing for a punch.
(Cyclone Effect, Don't stop it) Mizu was running forward and jump and spins while wielding her X-Gun as she unleashes her fury onto the minions that surrounding her.
(kaze ga tsurete yuku yo, yeah~) She saw White Wolf that was waiting for her and she upgrades to Yuki while aiming her Cannon Buster at it and unleashes its freezing blast.
(Find someone that you want) Kaze was standing still while looking at Dark Kaze and Dark Void in front of him.

(Cyclone Effect, Don't stop it) The illusions of Arashi and Plasma appears and fused together with Kaze to create the Ultimate Form.
(kimi wa hitori ja nai, yeah~) As both Dark Kaze and Dark Void are rushing towards him, the Ultimate Form wields his Gunblade and aimed its charged attack to them as it shoots out a massive beam, which a flash of light appears.
(Cyclone Effect, Don't stop it) The scene returns to the stage where Melissa and Aqua was singing in the chorus part while playing their guitars.
(kanarazu yukeru sa~) The scene shifts to Akira, who was handling the techno parts and Kazuma was playing the drums happily.
(Cyclone Effect, Don't stop it) It then shifts to Storm, playing the electric guitar while having his headphones on his ear.
(kaze no mukou mirai, woh~) It shifts to Akane singing it with full of passion.
(Find someone that you want) At the back of the stage, Kira was smiling while he leans against the wall as he crosses his arms.
(futari de~) As they shouted, a few flashbacks from the beginning of the story to the current situation shows.

(Instrumental) The team continued to play the music until to the end as they finished, the stage turns dark.

Chapter 23: Dangerous Emotion - Curiosity

(Storm's Point of View)

Wow, it has been quite a long month since our first semester is over and many things happen, especially Infected and Lost Elements related, and not to mention that another Infected Aquatic Succubus has joined in that group. I've lost count how many of those kind of guys are now and I wonder why did they do that in the first place. The next time they are trying to recruit another Infected into their group, remind me of keep tallying how many of them are being saved by those guys. This is because something tells me that there's more than meets the eye.

And today marks the new day to start our second semester of our study and four more to go. And just one hour before the opening day, there's an Infected attacking the city's properties even before the sun rises up and by the looks of it, it seems that the Level 3 Metal Japanese Beetle was literally pissed off and just creates a rampage all over the place. Oh, come on, man! Can't you do rampage another time?! Well, time to take it out and gets back to Hairando University in time. I just hope that this guy didn't take a lot of time to finish it down… right?

(Insert song: Aratanaru Tatakai from To Aru Majutsu No Index OST)

You know, there are times that I spoke too soon about something, but most of the times, we have no choice but to end this mess as quickly as possible. Alrighty then, Let's Break It Down!

"TAKE THIS!" I shouted while delivering a punch with my tight fist in my Kaze form and as a loud thud hits its chest with full power, but that attack isn't affecting it that much, unlike mine. It hurt so much, I thought that the bones in my arm is nearly broke in pieces and that thing just laughs it off before hitting me with its strong back hand attack at my chest, which makes me flung a few meters away before ended up smacking a nearby car. I just hope that the owner of the crumpled car had some insurance policy for compensation…

"Ha,ha,ha! Is that all you got? I didn't even feel that blow at all!" the Infected taunted at me and before I knew it, it began to send out its black swarms of beetles minions towards the rest of the Elemental Riders as most of the RIders are being tackled by it and the only ones who aren't was Gaia and Mizu. The other three wasn't that lucky as the three of them were also ended up landed onto a car nearby.

"Damn, that was one heck of a tackle…" Ryuu said in pain as the twins stands up from the fall and helps out Ryuu, while Gaia spins her star and stabs it on the ground.


A large earth dragon awakens from the deep ground and raised high to the sky and as it tried to slam its body onto the Infected, it was already flew away with its large wings before flew directly to her. As the attack was about to connect…


"Gaia, get back!" Mizu shouted as she aims her armed X-Gun, which is now getting more dangerous with a missile right in the middle of the shooting place of those bullets and launches it towards the unexpected Infected. When the hit connects and the smoke clears out, the Infected is still okay and unscratched, leaving most of us surprised that it still save from that blast and ended up tackles Mizu away towards me and luckily for her, my body softens her blow from further damage… well, I took most of the damage, really. It can be really a pain in the butt at times if you're the one that took the blow of a fellow comrade… but hey, that's hero's business if you asked me and there's no way I could've complained about it...

"Shoot, not even a normal Natural Disaster works on this creep!" Gaia complaint about it as she rotates her star again and stabs it onto the ground for her next move.


"You're not getting away this time!" she shouted as earth began to form around her and it was getting larger than before as her golem earthy hands tried to grab it but the Infected seems to just having a good time flying around from getting caught from her Golem hands that she controlled within it.

"One thing that I do know is that Gaia-sama is getting good at making the golem larger…" Yami pointed out before Raito steps to the front.

"Yeah, but this isn't the time to compliment about it. Yami-sama, let's combine our powers as one!" Raito proposed as both of them took out a cable out from their belt and connected the ends of it to initiate their Fusion Form.


As both of them are being pulled into the mirror right in the middle and enter into it, it began to rotate rapidly before blooms out the black sphere like a lotus and a rider wielding twin katanas steps out from it. No matter how many times I've seen those two for a while, it never ceased to amaze me about it 'cause that is so wickedly AWESOME!

= CHAOS! =

"Now, time to balance things up…" Chaos said as it begin to dash forward and climbs behind Gaia's Golem form before jumps high and slams its swords right on cue at the Infected, creating a small crater on the ground at the same time.

While this was happening, Ryuu went forward and pressing the both sides of the buttons on top of his belt and then the middle one to start its Compressed Form.


With his bulky armor and a lava whip on his hands, Magma runs towards the Infected to give aid. Mizu groans for a bit and begin to wake up from her faint earlier on while Gaia and Chaos are still trying to stall the Infected and its minions that was keep tackling them in a swarm and inflicting some damage as well..

"Ugh, what happen?" she asked.

"You got tackled and you're now pinning right on top of me…" I said to her with an annoyed tone and much to her surprise, she was clumsily tried to picked herself up and was a little bit… shy for some reason that I don't know.

"S-sorry…" she stutters for a bit, which I don't seem to mind about it at all or even knew why would she say something like that. I could understand if she's nagging at me as usual but for some reason, she's less cranky and that's a good thing. I just don't want to get another smack on my head 'cause let me tell you this… it's quite painful but not as painful as nee-san's stinging flick on the forehead.

"In any case, let's help them out and get into our Compressed Form. They need all the help they could get." Mizu proposed as I nodded and both of us pressed down our belt but I pressed twice and because of that, my charging time to my cartridge took a little bit longer than the usual compress.


"Are you sure that you're taking that form again? You know the last time that it has done to you, right?" she asked me.

"Don't worry about it. With your Compressed Form, I wouldn't worry about it too much, Aqua-chan." I said to her with a happy tone and with that comment, it seems like she was looking away from me all of the sudden. What, something I said?


"You really trusted me that much?" she said with a soft tone while still isn't looked at me, which leaves me a little bit confused on what's wrong with her today.

"Of course I am! We, fellow riders, are always trust each other to make the odds even to our side! That's what I believe…"

"*sigh* You and your Kamen Rider shows' reference… but I can't hate you for that…" she said before my belt announced it out loud. Well, that's a first…


"Okay, let's do this thing!" I shouted in excitement as both of us scanned our belts for the transformation.


As my armor began to cover up in plasma and Mizu's whole armor was covered in sharp ices which surrounds her as a defense and offense at the same time and shatters away, she immediately shoots out an ice cannon towards me even before the belt was haven't mentioned her Rider name yet at all. And after a few moments and the ice was covered my whole body at once, I shouted in anger and literally shatters the ice that was surrounded me and at least that I didn't went berserk like last time.


"Don't worry, you guys! Help is on the way!" I shouted at them as Yuki aims her buster and began to freeze up some of the flying minions that was heading towards her and this has given Chaos the opportunity to slash it with their twin katanas while Magma kept whipping the Infected to distract it from destroying the city. In the meantime, I scanned out my own weapon of choice to cut out some slack for Magma and for what it did to my fist... and it still hurts!


And with that, a Plasma Beam handle appears to my hand from the sky and activates its powers. Once I've made a quick dash forward, I give my strongest vertical slash onto the Infected, where Gaia in her Golem slams its fists right onto that Infected that was being tied down with Magma's lava whip. And then, Yuki had this incredible idea, which is that she controls the water nearby and making that Golem's hand turns into mud before she shoots out an ice blast right onto the mud, making it solid frozen in an instant, making that Infected impossible to escape from that clutches of the earth...

"Let me go! Or else, I'll crush you!" the Infected taunted us but it seems that it was all in vain as I scanned out my belt to finish this mess and if possible, get away from the current location and get to the university in time. The reason? Take a look around the city that was pretty messed up, no thanks to our battle...

"This is the end of the road for you!" both Yuki and I shouted in unison as both of us prepared for our Natural Disaster attack... wait a minute, since when did we become synchronized with each other? None... if I could remember, that is...


"Frost Tower!" Yuki shouted as her charged up shot on her cannon as the water was already swirls around it and unleashes its fury, aiming towards the Infected. At first it may seem like it was harmless and with the fact that the Infected just laugh its butt off, but what comes next is the unexpected turnabout. You see, when it was within range of the Infected, it suddenly froze up, trapping it INSIDE the spiky ice tower that she made with. That leaves me a good chance to hit it really good as it is now a sitting duck. The other three noticed this as they took a big leap backwards from my saber that was about to be slammed down... hard!

"Saber Extend!" I shouted as I slammed down my beam saber directly over the top of the Infected, destroying it in the process, along with the road right in the middle of the path... damn, I should be more considerate when it comes to destroying public property... I mean, just fixing some mess that we made, even for one building, is already expensive enough... try imagine on fixing the whole block... now that's what I called troublesome... ^^"

"That takes care of that matter..." Chaos speaks up before splits back into 2 as they continued to walk over and all of us saw that Dark Card ejected off from the host's body and burns into nothingness. In the meantime...

"Ah mou~! Why do we have to face that thing first day of our new semester?! Can't we get our rest already?!" Raito complaint as she pouted and crossed her arms while looking at the victim, laying unconscious on the ground.

"There's nothing else we could do about it, Raito-sama. This is our responsibility of protecting innocent lives, after all..." Yami explained and comforting her at the same time with his words of wisdom, which it seems to work... a little.

"Man, that was one heck of a work out! I really needed that!"Magma stated as he stretched his arms upwards to release some of his tensions in his muscles.

"You betcha butt on it! C'mon, let's get the heck out of here before-" Gaia was about to tell us to move out but not before we heard a female voice from a distance. Oh look, it, uh... whoever she is, with the dude that follows her around with a recording camera on his shoulder. And judging by the looks of it, she might have watched the whole battle and I just hope that they didn't listened to what we said earlier... just where in the world did she managed to record the whole battle?

(Insert song: Onakasuita from To Aru Majutsu no Index OST)

She and her cameraman took a breather after that long jog from wherever she comes from before pointing the microphone that she has on her hand onto me and asking me this... "Miss Kaze, why aren't you in your dark armour and still in this green form? I thought that your new look fits you well? Mind give us some details about it?" she asked me as she tried to get some of the dirt from me. Well, at least that she didn't hear the last part of our conversation.

"Wait a minute, did you just call me 'Miss'?! I'm a dude, for crying out loud! Can't you see this armour form? Do I even have boobs in the first place?" I frantically said it to her, but before things can go haywire, Gaia immediately pulled me back to our rides so that I don't spill any more beans than there it was and before the reporter can give a chase to us one more time, we were already that far, thanks to my Wind Cutter. For a second there, I thought that I was about to tell who our identity is and our private lives... that could be troublesome if they knew about it, right?

(End of Insert song)

(Miyuki's Point of View)

(Insert song: Tadaima from Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? OST)

Haa~ the new semester of the Hairando University. That could only mean one thing in my situation... getting myself a new victims from the freshmen with the new and improved Dark Cards that we've created. Mou~, why am I getting this kind of task anyway? It actually wasn't that easy to find such good candidates after all...

And that's not the only thing which is troublesome. The Dark Cards itself is another thing. These things are created right after the last war 5 years ago, in order to create some chaos while waiting for its revival once again, which is the order of my beloved Kurai-kun~! Most of them were failures, only having one element in it, leveling up was a pain in the butt and was somehow destroyed by you-know-who before it improvised even further. Up until today, thanks to Dark Void-sama's powers, it has been enchanted greatly and manages to increase the level-up ability of these cards to create Masters but at the same time, there are also probability of creating Lost Elements no thanks to that... one thing I do know is that they won't remember that I was the one who gave them these cards once they have been defeated by those pesky little Elemental Riders.

At least I gotta look on the bright side... the boys around here are still attracted to my beautiful figure at this time, even other lecturers that walked past by. I also got a few admirers from these peoples on my own while I'm here. They better make sure that they didn't get to my 'wild' side once they have make me angry or annoying me.

(End of Insert song)

"Ara~ I guess I should start my day by teaching one of these classes. Just I'll make sure that once the world is in our hands, I can cast away my 'shell' and goes public with my new look..." I murmured to myself before entering the class, to start my day.

As soon as I opened the door, I can see that most of the students are doing their own thing before shifting my focus towards me and I have to say, most of them are in awe. You know the reason I said that 'most' rather than 'all'? It's because of there are also the Elemental Riders here as well. And one of them, the little sister of the previous Kaze was a little bit in shock of seeing me. I can tell that already... since I've done my job in the past by kidnapping her in order to make the previous Riders, excluding the 'balance' Riders since that they haven't appeared at that time, to wage war. Also, let's not forget that she still have that "I'll get you for this" kind of look onto me but she knows that they can't battle or even better, transformed inside these class.

"Aqua-nee-sama, what's wrong?" the young twin boy asked her, which she snaps out from her trance of glaring at me before replied back to him.

"It's nothing, Akira-chan... just remembered something back in my day, that's all..." she replied, making some of them are in confused, and let's not forget that Akira-chan was looking at me and her back and forth. Oh dear, something tells me that boy is more than meets the eye... I might as well be cautious around him and her from time to time.

(Akira's Point of View)

(Insert song: Kinji Rareta Kioku from Black Cat OST)

I don't think that the others knows about this matter, but I think that the way Miyuki-sensei looks at Aqua-nee-sama and vice versa are something that the other Riders haven't noticed at all, as if Aqua-nee-sama has met her somewhere before. I know that sneaking on someone is something that was a bad thing to do, but since that the curiosity got the best of me, I decided that after the class, I should follow her on where she was heading. It's a good thing that they are quite busy with other things as Akane-nee-sama was tagging along with them, especially towards Storm-nii-sama, minding their own business for the time being.

Along the way, she just casually walk all alone and halfway along the long corridor, she was suddenly stopped her pace, which kinda makes me stop as well and she spoke...

"Isn't it rude for a young boy like you stalking a teacher like me, hm?"

"U-um..." I was stuttered for a moment there before she turns around, walking towards me. I know that there are some questions that I wanted her to answer, which is bothering me for some reason.

And before I could asked her about it, she suddenly leans forward and whispering to my ear, "Remember, young man, if the curiosity gets the best of you, it might ended up getting yourself killed..." she said it with a smirk before turns around and walk away, leaving me dumbfounded on what she just said.

"Curiousity... would ended up killed me?" I said to myself before I realized that she was no longer in front of my view. Why do I have this kind of feeling that she was something that I should be careful with? This is one thing that I shouldn't let my guard down...

(End of Insert Song)

(Normal Point of View)

As the day went on, two new students, a teenage boy with blonde hair that was combed neatly split from the middle with blue eyes, and wearing red shirt with blue jeans and black shoes to match with his attire and a teenage girl with brownish hazelnut hair tied up in a ponystyle with brown eyes, wearing blue blouse and black jeans and white shoes, enters the area of the Hairando University, as they look at the scenery of some of the students walking in and out from the entrance.

"I guess we're arrived a little bit too late to start a new day, huh?" the teen boy asked the girl.

"I guess so. Why is it that you wanted to transfer here in the first place?" she asked.

"It's simple really... I missed her, that's all..." the boy responded before shifting his focus back to the entrance. "C'mon, let's get going already..." he said as both of them walk to the entrance of the University.

(Insert song: Rua and Ruka Battle theme 1 from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds' OST)


Melissa: Good day, everyone! This is Melissa speaking. Joining with me today is... *looks to the side and sweatdrop* Um... Kazuma-san... why are you wearing a helmet on your head?

Kazuma: *knocking the helmet* Oh, this? That's because of that good-for-nothing staff that always getting my nerves up whenever it feels like it wanted to knocked my head but this time, I'm all prepared for the worst! So, c'mon! *look around* C'mon and try to hit me with your best shot, Gaia Staff!

Melissa: ^^" U-um... I don't think that it will appeared in this chapter, Kazuma-san... it took a day off...

(The music stops for a moment, with the sound of a crow caws across the studio, making it an awkward moment for him)

Kazuma: Really?

Melissa: *hesitation nod*

(Before the music continues on, he took off his helmet and throws it away and resume it back to normal)

Kazuma: Oh well, so much for the helmet. Okay, so, what should we do for this chapter?

Melissa: Well, on the last chapter, Storm-san and Aqua-san has explained some of the voices that was involved the E-Scanner.

Kazuma: Oh yeah, the theme song for the transformation, right? Okay, for this one, we'll handle the voices of the speech. Here's the checklist for the pronunciation and how it should be said:

(SCANNED/SLOT IN, TRANSFORM/UPGRADE/NATURAL DISASTER/ Weapon's Name) = Axl's english voice from Megaman X: Command Mission

(Rider's Name) = Kamen Rider W's GaiaMemory Voice

(COMPRESS/JUMP) = A manly's voice as you charged up for an attack from Knights in the Nightmare (PSP).

(CHARGING~) = A girlish voice while you're charging up for an attack from Knights in the Nightmare (PSP).

Melissa: I guess this must be it for now.

Kazuma: And I wonder what will the twins explain on the next chapter?

And before we knew it, Gaia Staff appears out of nowhere and whacks it hard onto his head, knocking him out.

Melissa: *shocked* Eh? Gaia Staff? Where did you come from?

Gaia Staff: I just got a message from the author himself. He said that he would like to apologized for this late chapter. He said something about having a hectic moment and he was trying to get the flow back to the way it was before. he promised that he would try his best of catching up for the next one.

Melissa: I-I see... ^^"

Gaia Staff: Until then, see you guys in the next chapter... later!

(End of Insert song)