Mrs. DiNozzo-Chapter 1

"What are you looking at?" Ziva snapped at Tony. He stared at her with longing before shaking his head. "Nothing," he replied, acting as if nothing was wrong. Before Ziva could respond scathingly, Gibbs entered with his trademark cup of coffee.

"Dead Petty Officer at Quantico?" McGee wondered. Gibbs gave him a sharp stare, which made the ex-Probie gulp uncomfortably. "As usual," Tony commented, which earned him a Gibbs-slap.

At the Crime Scene.

"Petty Officer Jack Fox," Ziva read his identification. Several civilians were behind the yellow police tape, grumbling about how they would be late for work. "Well you wouldn't be if you weren't stopping here," Gibbs shot back at a young brunette who looked like she could be a lawyer or something. She gave him the evil eyes as she walked off.

"22 year-old Caucasian male," Ducky examined the body, "Looks to have multiple bullet wounds to the chest. A pity someone like this should die so young. You have your own life ahead of you, don't you?"

Palmer bent down and picked up the knuckles, "Defensive wounds on the fists, plus red swelling on one his left hand. Possible signs of disease or something similar."

"I wouldn't be surprised," Gibbs pointed out, "But you're a bit off. Trying looking closer, Palmer." The startled MA did as asked. "A tattoo," he tutted at himself.

Snap, snap, snap. Ziva took closer-ups of the victim's face. It was sad- he could probably only just drink. "He's got nothing to live for," Tony read Ziva's thoughts. He studied her face. She usually had a poker-face on at the crime scene. But this time she seemed sad.

"Dime for your thoughts?" she asked as she noticed him watching her. "Penny," Tony corrected, "And no. I was just thinking… looked a little concerned. Are you okay?"

Ziva nodded, "I'm fine." She shrugged him off, like she did with everyone. She was not one to share her emotions at any time.

Suddenly, at the corner of his eye, Gibbs noticed someone watching them. The figure studied his movements for a few seconds, before running off. Before the Boss could even open his mouth, Tony and Ziva had started towards the suspect.

"To your left," Tony yelled as a bullet narrowly missed Ziva's shoulder. She ignored him and ran off. After what seemed like hours, the agent's aching legs had come to a standstill. The suspect backed against the wall, and tried to shoot. Unfortunately, he had run out of bullets.

But he tried to run back. Tony locked his arms around the suspect, but was thrown off. His head hit a pole and his body slipped to the floor.

Ziva ran forward, pulling the guy into a headlock. He kicked her hard, but she ignored the pain. Eventually, after a struggle, the suspect was thrown to the ground by, and promptly cuffed him.

The man wiggled on the floor as the agent rushed over to Tony, whose head was now oozing with tomato-coloured blood. After checking for injuries and putting him in the recovery position, she dialed 911 just as Gibbs and McGee arrived. They were, of course, terrified, but not showing it.

"He's going to be fine," Ducky soothed at the paramedics lifted Tony into a stretcher.

"I know," Ziva lied.

But she didn't.

She genuinely didn't.

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I loved A Desperate Man the other night! I was watching it with my best friend Molly, and when Ziva punched Ray we both looked at each other and yelled "YES!" Tiva fans forever xxx

Peace be with you xxx