Chapter 15

"I remember," Tony walked into the living room.

"Oh." The words echoed in Ziva's brain, attacking her body. Her heart wrenched in half as the thought of Tony no longer loving her was acknowledged. She shook her head, trying not to sound like the annoying heroines in those awful made-for-TV romantic comedies.

"I remember the hospital, the accident," Tony paused, "Everything."

"Oh," Ziva still didn't know how to respond. She'd have to go back to her old apartment with the broken central heating- with no-one to snuggle up to on cold nights.

"But I've remembered for a while now," another voice popped into her head.

"YOU WHAT?" Ziva screeched, returning to her old self.

"I've known for maybe, 3, 4 days," Tony dazed, "Maybe a week."


"Okay, a week."

"But why?" Ziva was lost in confusion. Why would Tony lie to her? He knew that she could kill him some 49 different ways. Each painful, or long. Or maybe both with #17 of the paperclip collection.

He took her hand, and led her to the comfy leather sofa. He sighed, and looked into her eyes. She looked back, softening with every flicker of the lid.

"I love you," Tony spoke with a slight tone of fear, "I've loved you for a while. And I was scared that if I told you the truth, you'd reject me. You're so beautiful and kick ass. I love everything about you, even your none-existent flaws."

Ziva opened her mouth to speak, but Tony put a finger to her pink lips.

"I wanted to pretend to be your husband forever, but I can't keep a secret from you. Anyone, I knew you'd sniff out something eventually," he continued, "You probably learnt tracking and detecting lying instead of your ABC's. So, I just wanted you to know before we go back to normal."

Ziva opened her mouth again, but Tony thought of something.

"One more thing," he whispered, before crushing his lips to hers. She snaked her arms around his neck, responding with more passion than she'd ever had with Ray or Rivkin.

"I love you too," these were words she'd never thought she'd say. Tony nodded, and held her to his chest, rocking her in a loving motion. She closed her eyes as he stroked her hair. It was like some kind of dream that you don't ever want to end.

"Do you fancy going on a date with me?" Tony eventually asked.

Ziva laughed, "Don't you think that it's a little late for that, honey? We are married, aren't we?"

"Yeah," her boyfriend smirked. Suddenly, he bolted out of the room, crashing into the bedroom. Ziva was confused.

After 5 minutes, Tony came back in, holding a sheet of paper.

"I have something to say," the pair said at EXACTLY the same time.

"You first," Tony nodded.

"I'm pregnant," she breathed, her heart pounding against her ribs.

"We're actually married," Tony held up a Marriage Certificate.

And with that, they locked their eyes into each other's. The pregnancy was explainable, but the marriageā€¦

How did that happen?

So they're actually married! Shall I do a sequel, or leaving you hanging? I'm mean, aren't I?

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