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Summery: Sequel to beloved slave. Yugi's little pet fox Fenny shows up but the old man is now where to be found. Yugi gets worried and wants to find out what happened to his grandfather but Atemu can't leave the palace at the moment. He sends Seto and Joey out to help Yugi find his beloved Grandfather. Will Seto and Joey find out what happened to The old man? And what is going on with the twins that Joey predicted? Why is the girl constantly endangering the life of her own brother? Will The couple be able to save them all or will Seto's overprotective nature and fear of loosing the one he loved after nearly loosing him multiple times in the past e too much for Joey to handle?

Warning: The story has a very sad end because Joey is going to die. But no worries, it still has a happy puppy ending.

Beloved sibling

Memories and fire.

Joey's POV

It's still as beautiful as I remember it, my old sanctuary and hide out from my father. This is the place where my first life ended and my second one started. My first life where I walked through darkness until it ended and my second one, that seemed even more strange and difficult then my first one, began. A life where I feared the darkness as well as the light, which I didn't trust at the beginning but started to love and cherish more then anything.

I watch the sun go down and wait for Seto. He's still at the pyramid doing the monthly inspection. I used to fear those since my father, who like me was working here as a slave, was always in a really bad mood after those inspections and I was always the one to feel his anger on my own body. It was such a night about 5 years back when I stood here and ended that life. Like now the Nile was at its peak and the current below this cliff was dangerous, and no one dared to swim in it at such a time. Back on that day I watched the sun die on the western horizon just like I do now. Soon the sun god Ra will battle in the underworld to reach the eastern horizon so he can be reborn there with a beautiful sunrise.

I smile at the thought of all that has happened and can't regret the choice I made five years ago. I look up and see the first star on the darkening sky, one little brave star that prepares itself to light the dark. I remember the prayer I made back then and silently thank all the gods I know that they have granted me so much more than I dared to ask for back then. I had asked for a little light as small as this star. I have that light now, my little sister Serenity who is married and has two wonderful children that can be troublesome at times but I still love them too. But I have so much more. I look at the sun that touches the horizon already and the red sky colored by Ra's flames. I touch the cartouche that I still wear at all times, a black and red one that in its color resembles my shadow monster; a mighty dragon that I can change at will by now as long as I have the cartouche of Anubis with me.

I look at the sun and thank Anubis especially for sending me a light like my Seto. I sing a hymn for Anubis to thank him for everything he has done, and smile since it's the same hymn I sang the last time I stood up here; the day I met Seto. While I sing I feel two arms move around my waist and know that they are Seto's. No one else would ever dare to touch me like this, but not because I'm so unreasonable that I would hurt them. Seto's the unreasonable one that is absolutely overprotective and hardly leaves me out of his sight ever since my father tried to attack and kill me when Seto thought I was in safe company, especially since my mother, who also once tried to kill me, was already dead at the time. My father isn't alive anymore either but Seto is still overprotective and if he leaves me out of his sight then, it's only with at least 10 guards. Like I can't defend myself. I understand perfectly well that he is only worried for mywell being after everything that happened, but it still annoys me greatly.

He waits for me to finish the hymn before he says, "You know that it's pointless to jump since I'm just going to pull you out again right?"

I smile and notice the joking tone he has. He knows that I wouldn't try anything like that again, not with what I have now. "In that case I won't mind jumping. I like seeing you all wet."

I hear him chuckle a little and lean closer against his strong chest. I turn my head a little to have my ear against it and listen to his heartbeat. It always calmed me even at the very start where I was as scared as a shy little fox, which might be the reason he still sometimes calls me his little fox. He also sometimes calls me puppy, but one angry look and he stops again. He knows that it reminds me too much of all the times I've been called a street dog by my father.

I still hold my cartouche and while thinking of father and mother I pray for their souls and that they're safe and happy. I know that I'm the only one praying for them both because even though I forgave them for what they did to me, no one else seems to be capable of doing so too.

Maybe Serenity prays for mother every now and then but she never talks about her to me, afraid to hurt my feelings I assume since mother hated me. Mother told me to never dare and follow her and Serenity when she left me with father during my eighth summer in this world, and she did put that threat into reality soon after I came to the palace where they lived. She tried to stab me with a little knife and if Seto hadn't returned from an inspection at the very last moment, she would have succeeded in killing me. Ever since that day Seto has loathed her, even now that she is dead. I can only imagine how much it must have scared him. Luckily I never had to see him that badly wounded.

But unlike for mother, my sister will never pray for our father, who unlike mother had shown her as little love and affection as me. She didn't grow up with him since mother took her away when she was six years old, but she saw the bruises on our mother and on me back then. She usually slept through the beatings, and I'm still happy that she never felt his strength on her body, but she saw what he had done to me when I arrived at the palace. Bruised, scared and wishing for death… Broken not only in body but also in mind.

"It's getting late," Seto whisperers into my ear. "How about we ride back, I quickly give our dear pharaoh the report he's awaiting, and then we go to bed?"

I turn in his arm and look into his blue eyes. "Let's go," I whisper and try to sound as seductive as he can. I take his hand and we walk to our horses to ride back to the city; I hardly can wait to be alone with my husband. We married half a year ago even though we were engaged much longer. But first there had to be Mokuba's and Serenity's wedding to ensure that their son could become the next pharaoh of Egypt. Then there was the pharaoh's wedding to Yugi, his former bed slave whom he loved dearly. This wedding was the reason that pharaoh Atem's cousin's child will be the next pharaoh and since Seto is as much in love with a man, namely me, as the pharaoh is, Mokuba's son will be the lucky one...or unlucky one depending on the point of view. After all he's going to have it all. Power, wealth, fame…and lots and lots of work and false friends.

But that wasn't the only reason why Seto and I waited so long to actually get married. The real reasons is that we had a minor disagreement with the wedding arrangements. He wanted a wedding that would outshine the pharaoh's since two high priests were getting married to one another and that was a first, but I rather wanted a wedding that could be outshined by Serenity's rushed and small family wedding. I don't like being the center of attention. I'm still not used to all the mind games at court and all the political games. Without Seto I would run as fast as I can from my responsibilities as a high priest.

Suddenly I stop riding, since I can't see a thing going on around me. The necklace chooses the worst possible timing to show me a vision like always. I see my little niece and my little nephew in the chamber the twins share. I see her take a candle and move it over to her brother's bed with fear. She's putting it down on her brother's bed with a strange evil looking smile like she actually understands the danger she puts him in and then she steps back, watching his bed catch fire. She watches it, not screaming for help or anything, just watches the fire until I hear him scream when the fire gets too close.

The vision stops and I start to ride faster then ever before. Seto is on my heals and asks, "What is going to happen?" He already caught on that a vision must have scared me and urged me to ride faster.

"Our dear nice is playing with fire again!" I say in fear. "I swear if I didn't know better I'd say she's actually trying to kill him."

"She's four; she can't know how dangerous it is," Seto says, but I see that he is starting to doubt his own words. We both told her so often how dangerous flames are and she still plays with them over and over and always it's her brother's life that's endangered. Her shy little brother that hardly ever speaks while she never shuts up, unless of course they're holding each others hands and talk together perfectly like they sometimes do.

Those moments where they are like one still occur but they're getting less often. Maybe they're growing out of it and separate their personalities more, but at times I see them like in the vision I once had on the day I became a high priest. Sometimes I see them take each other's hands and talk in perfect unison, being perfectly like two halves of a whole. It does worry me though that the switch is always so sudden and that sometimes they seem confused a little. They never say that they are and no one else seems to notice it, or at least they don't talk about it anymore then I do.

I see the city ahead and ride faster now after Seto, who is a faster rider then me and riding ahead since he knows that he needs to keep her away from fire. I just hope we're in time. The sun was gone and we took most of the night to reach the city. I don't see a fire in the palace and hope that it hadn't simply already happened and been put out by someone yet. The fire was so big in and around the bed in the corner of the room that I doubt that my dear nephew could have gotten away from the fire without harming himself; even if the nurse maid looked into the room right away. Seto already runs towards the palace and disappears inside when I reach the stables. By the time I enter the bedroom I see that the bed had already caught fire when Seto entered. He has the confused boy in his arms and chides the girl while I take a vase and pour the water over the fire before taking the boy from my husband's arms.

Serenity walks in, obviously hearing her daughter is getting scolded by Seto, checking what happened.

My niece just sits on the bed and looks upset at me. I wonder why she seems to be so angry with me but she's disliked me since she was born. The boy, on the other hand, adores me and doesn't let go even when Serenity tries to take him.

"It's okay sis," I whisper to her. "Help Seto with your daughter and try to keep fire away from her."

She nods and isn't upset that the child is rather with me right now. He loves her just as much at least but never bonded quite as well with his father, who sometimes seems to be jealous that his son likes me more then him. His daughter likes him though, but that isn't surprising since she has him do whatever she wants. He simply can't say no to her adorable, begging look.

"I'm sorry." I hear the boy whisper.

"What are you sorry for?" I whisper back. I used to say that it wasn't his fault when he said sorry after his sister played with fire around him, but he always said that he wasn't sorry for that. I never found out what he was sorry for.

"You won't believe me," he says like always when I try to find out what he apologizes for. "But I love you Joey."

"I love you too." I whisper back. "Both of you."

"You won't when I tell," he says for the first time in his life. I wonder what he could be sorry for that makes him fear that I won't love him anymore.

"I will always love you," I whisper. "Nothing you could ever do will make me stop loving you."

He isn't answering, just crying a little, and I hold him closer, patting his back and make soothing sounds to calm the upset child. He must be confused about suddenly being pulled out of his bed and then seeing the fire in it followed by Seto shouting at his sister.

"I promise to always love you no matter what." And I feel his little arms around my neck and look at his sister, who still looks at me like she would just love to play with fire around me.

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